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Tampons for Menstruation

It is necessary to control menstruation bleeding so as not to stain our underwear and clothing, containing it through hygiene and intimate protection products such as tampons. Tampons are conical-shaped items made of cotton that are placed inside the vagina. They are made of absorbent and innocuous material rolled on itself to achieve a greater degree of absorption that, in most cases, has a plastic applicator to place the tampon inside the neck of the vagina . Always leave a string sticking out to comfortably remove the tampon. It is a method to control the rule very common, since it is invisible, totally discreet. Unlike compresses, which are placed externally and both the tissue and the bleeding itself are always noticeable, the same is not the case with a tampon. In addition, tampons do not move while you play sports or perform physical exercises, nor do they absorb water from the pool or the beach when you are in it, which allows you to swim without discomfort or discomfort. Thus, the tampon offers greater advantages in terms of mobility and sensations, in addition to being able to use them with certain underwear items that with the pad may not be as comfortable or discreet.

Tampons collect blood inside the vagina, so you will not notice the menstrual flow at any time. It is a little more complicated to know with them if you have a heavy flow or not, but over time you will be able to get to know your needs and use the tampon that best suits your menstrual flow. At Farma2Go we have several types at the best price online, so you can choose between some, for example, specially designed to enhance comfort, with an extra soft cotton cover, or others to enhance discretion.

What Types of Tampons Are There?

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of tampons , all of them with an applicator, a generally plastic cylinder that helps position the tampon inside the vagina. Conventional tampons, without an applicator, are inserted with the fingers. In addition, like pads, tampons have different degrees of absorption, so they are divided into several types depending on their ability to retain menstrual flow: Normal for days with light or moderate flow, Normal Plus for days with vaginal discharge . Moderate, Super for heavy flow days, Super Plus for times of heaviest menstrual flow, and Night to ensure optimal protection at night, whatever your sleeping position.

How are Tampons Used?

To use a tampon, the first thing is to have your hands very clean and get into a comfortable position. Next, stretch the applicator with your hands until you hear a click (read the instructions that come in the box carefully). If you do not have an applicator, take the tampon by the base, open your vagina and deposit the tampon at the entrance. Calmly and delicately, slowly introduce the tampon inside you, looking for the inclination and position so that it enters easily and without any difficulty. When your fingers make contact with the outside of the vagina, with the index finger, squeeze gently and without fear so that the tampon is well inside the vagina, leaving only the string outside to extract it. To finish, try to sit down and stand up to check that, indeed, you do not notice or feel it.

A well placed tampon is not noticeable, nor does it bother you when you sit down or anything like that. In case you notice it or it hurts, it means that it is not well placed. Nothing happens, very calmly, remove the tampon you just put on and try a new one. To remove it, it is essential to relax and stretch the cord in the same direction in which you placed it without fear. When extracting it, due to the absorption of blood, you will notice that it has increased in size. Once outside, roll it up in toilet paper and throw it in the trash can or in a hygienic bin.

Are Pads or Tampons Better?

Both Tampons and Pads provide comfort and protection for your period days, so you can choose one or the other depending on the circumstance, the day or, in fact, take both. Pads are external protection products, which collect the menstrual flow when it has already left the body, while tampons collect it inside. Therefore, when doing sports, it may be more comfortable to use tampons. On the other hand, at night, compresses are more comfortable and appropriate since it is never recommended to use tampons for more than 8 hours at a time. Therefore, it is best to take a look at our Farma2Go catalog and choose for yourself what best suits your needs.