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Fixation of Dental Prostheses in Farma2Go

Dentures are substitutes for teeth when they are missing, so they are of great help to continue habits in which teeth were essential. They help in chewing and swallowing food, in speech and improve the aesthetics of the mouth.

Dental prostheses or dentures require specific care to ensure their correct functioning. Each dental prosthesis requires specific care , since it adapts to the needs and characteristics of each person's mouth, although cleaning and fixing products are suitable for everyone.

There are a number of products that can help secure a denture, including:

  1. Denture Glue: Denture glue is a product that is applied to dentures to help keep them in place. The glue is available in a variety of formulations, including liquids, gels and powders.
  2. Denture Fixtures: Denture fixtures are small pieces of metal or plastic that attach to the denture and teeth. Fixings help keep the denture in place and prevent it from loosening.
  3. Adhesive denture attachments: Adhesive denture attachments are small pieces of adhesive material that are applied to the teeth to help keep the denture in place. Adhesive fixations are a good option for people who have trouble using denture glue.

In addition to products for securing dentures, there are a number of products that can help keep dentures clean and in good condition. These products include:

  1. Denture Toothpastes: Denture toothpastes are specially formulated to clean dentures without damaging them.
  2. Cleaning Tablets: Denture tablets are designed to clean dentures without damaging them.
  3. Ultrasonic Denture Cleaners: Ultrasonic denture cleaners use ultrasonic waves to clean dentures quickly and effectively.

Denture hygiene products can help keep your dentures clean and free of plaque, bacteria, and debris. This can help prevent problems such as bad breath, gum inflammation, and bone loss.