Pelvic Floor Care

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Pelvic Floor Care

The pelvic floor is the set of muscles, tissues and ligaments that are located in the lower part of your abdominal cavity. It has vitally important functions, as it holds your pelvic organs (bladder, urethra, uterus, vagina and rectum) in the proper position, facilitating their normal functioning and good condition. In addition, it gives stability to your spine and pelvis.

During a woman's life, there are three determining moments in the state of our pelvic floor to which we must pay close attention and care: pregnancy (during which the pelvic floor must support the weight gain due to the baby and the changes hormones that generate laxity in these muscles), childbirth (moment in which the muscles must stretch like never before and if the process is intervened with instruments and/or episiotomy, the damage will be even greater) and menopause (stage of life that all women go through in which the physical changes we experience can also affect the pelvic floor and be aggravated by other causes).

Products to Strengthen the Pelvic Muscles

At Farma2Go we have several types of products that can help strengthen your pelvic floor to improve your state of health and be able to better cope with the stages of pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, as well as many other daily efforts. All of them can be complemented with Kegel exercise, which significantly helps strengthen the pelvic muscles that support the uterus, bladder and intestines, reducing the symptoms of urinary incontinence or avoiding prolapses.

A very interesting option for pelvic floor care are exercisers, which offer the perfect solution to prevent or overcome pelvic floor problems by providing effective help to strengthen your pelvic muscles in a comfortable, easy and discreet way. Made with the highest quality materials, which includes 100% body-friendly coverage to train with greater safety and hygiene. Various shapes and designs, with the possibility of vibration for routines that adapt to your needs.

To maintain the hygiene and good condition of these exercisers, it is important to clean them properly, a task for which there are specific cleaning sprays with qualities balanced with the feminine pH to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria without damaging the intimate area in the slightest.