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CAUDALIE Natural Cosmetic Products

The CAUDALIE brand is recognized throughout the world for the quality of its beauty and natural care treatments. Focused on providing the most exquisite products for the face, eye contour and body, CAUDALIE has developed top quality cosmetics to combat problems of skin dryness, facial aging, loss of shine and texture or skin spots. . CAUDALIE creams, lotions and serums with the most beneficial properties for your body.

The wine-growing roots of CAUDALIE, a cosmetic laboratory born from the great French vineyards, are present even in its name, since caudalie is an oenological term, of viticultural tradition, which is used as a unit of measurement for the duration and persistence of the aromas of the wine in the mouth after tasting. Thus, this leading brand in the sector manages to convey its essence: the use of all the beneficial and anti-aging properties of vines and grapes, one of the most powerful antioxidants that nature offers us.

CAUDALIE products stand out for their natural composition, the cornerstone of which is grapes and vine extracts, to take advantage of all the antioxidant power that nature puts at our disposal. Thus, this excellent French brand has managed to develop safe, highly tolerant formulations with natural compositions that help the skin combat skin aging. Its commitment to health and beauty has given rise to multiple repairing, moisturizing, rejuvenating and fortifying treatments that soothe the epidermis and stop the harmful action of the daily aggressions it suffers, such as pollution or stress.

At Farma2Go you can find a wide variety of CAUDALIE Offers, to access the highest quality at the best price. CAUDALIE natural cosmetics, based on vine and grape extracts, has a multitude of active ingredients typical of an elixir of youth. For this reason, in our online pharmacy we have opted for it, so that you can have at your fingertips the best brands on the cosmetic and skin care and beauty market. CAUDALIE offers a wide variety of creams, eye contours and serums to prevent wrinkles, provide hydration, eliminate blemishes or firm the skin with natural formulations that are respectful of your skin and the environment.


CAUDALIE Ethical and Natural Commitment

At CAUDALIE they always give priority to natural, creating new cosmetics that are characterized by the balance between effectiveness, nature and sensoriality. To do this, it is very important to select ingredients of natural origin that are full of active ingredients with beneficial properties for our skin. Vine and grape extracts are a great example of this, and have been patented with Harvard Medical School to be able to offer CAUDALIE Products with inexhaustible antioxidant wealth. By adding essential oils, vegetable butters and plant and fruit extracts with various cosmetic properties, the highest quality is achieved for our skin, guaranteeing its effectiveness and with clinically and dermatologically tested results.

To guarantee safety and tolerance, CAUDALIE products never include dubious or harmful ingredients, such as artificial preservatives, parabens, mineral oils of petrochemical origin, petroleum jelly, paraffin or irritating agents and contaminants. Likewise, no ingredients of animal origin are used, so that all CAUDALIE ranges can be used by all people.

The only synthetic ingredients CAUDALIE uses are those proven to be good and safe, developed through its own research. Thus, in the natural formulations of this brand of great prestige and worldwide recognition, we can find biotechnological molecules, due to their anti-aging effectiveness; perfumes, for the sensoriality of the products ; biological preservatives, to optimally preserve the formulas ; and certain sunscreens, to protect your skin. If you are concerned about giving your skin only the best ethically formulated natural cosmetics , at Farma2Go you can find a wide variety of cosmetics with unmatched CAUDALIE offers.

What is CAUDALIE's Ecological Commitment?

CAUDALIE's commitment to nature is also manifested in a firm ecological commitment based on collaboration with associations that protect the planet's fauna and flora, with the aim of giving back to nature what it selflessly gives us. One of those most notable projects in which they are participants is 1% for the Planet, to promote reforestation . This project plants trees in different regions of the world to restore damaged ecosystems.

CAUDALIE donates 1% of its turnover to associations that protect the environment by promoting reforestation, to offset its ecological and carbon footprint through this type of concrete actions.

Furthermore, CAUDALIE takes care of small daily gestures, because every action, no matter how small, can contribute to improving the planet we live on or, at least, to not continue damaging it. Choosing materials for packaging and brochures is an excellent opportunity to put environmental principles into practice.

Thus, the French wine-inspired brand uses recycled paper or wood for its packaging, using vegetable inks that are not harmful to the environment for printing boxes ... Small efforts that can make a difference when it comes to preserving the environment and the planet on which we live and to which we owe so much.

What Ingredients Does the CAUDALIE Brand Use?

Vine and grape extracts, of inexhaustible richness and beneficial properties, are the essence of the natural formulations of CAUDALIE products. The essential and vegetable oils with which this brand complements its cosmetics are the purest and most valuable source of beauty that exists, using exclusively those that have proven effective in clinical and dermatological studies, to obtain CAUDALIE serum and cream that slow aging. and skin dehydration processes. If we add the research and development that bears fruit on various highly tolerant biotechnological active ingredients, the result is a series of CAUDALIE ranges and products that are, in essence, elixirs of youth.

CAUDALIE Polyphenols Antioxidant Shield

CAUDALIE polyphenols come from stabilized grape seeds , and are one of the most powerful antioxidants in the plant world. CAUDALIE has been using them in its cosmetics for more than 20 years, as an antioxidant shield, to defend the skin against the aggressions to which it is subjected daily, such as pollution, stress or an unbalanced diet. These attacks are, in fact, responsible for 80% of the signs of skin aging, so properly protecting yourself from them will be very beneficial for your dermis. CAUDALIE polyphenols protect the skin against oxidation, responsible for 4 out of every 5 wrinkles, and preserve the capital of hyaluronic acid, the greatest natural moisturizing and plumping agent that the skin has. Proven to be effective, these elements from grapes are capable of protecting cells from aging by multiplying the production of antioxidants generated naturally by your own skin.

Resveratrol CAUDALIE Treasure of Youth

CAUDALIE resveratrol is a substance that the vine produces to protect itself from the attacks of cold, wind and rain. This foundation is used by CAUDALIE laboratories to apply its effectiveness to the skin itself. Associated with hyaluronic acid, this vine shoot extract provides firmness and anti-wrinkle action to any cosmetic. Thus, CAUDALIE resveratrol firms, stimulating the activity of the skin's youth proteins, redefines , recovering the structure of the facial oval and promoting the production of elastin and collagen; and smoothes wrinkles, increasing the natural production of hyaluronic acid.

Viniferina CAUDALIE Exceptional Anti-Stain

CAUDALIE viniferine is a natural extract of vine sap, which was once used in French vineyards as an ointment to reduce skin blemishes and brighten the complexion. This ancient tradition encouraged CAUDALIE laboratories to study the vine sap until they found this exclusive ingredient that currently breaks all records for anti-stain effectiveness. Viniferine has many benefits for the skin, preventing the appearance of spots, correcting those that already exist, regulating the production of melanin and illuminating and unifying the complexion to obtain glowing and rejuvenated skin. CAUDALIE studies have confirmed that through this extract of vine sap, the skin achieves illumination and reduces the intensity of spots, with greater effectiveness than Vitamin C or other anti-stain elements, such as kojic acid. Thanks to this, CAUDALIE products have the key to anti-stain action: taking advantage of the beneficial properties that nature offers us.

CAUDALIE Grape Water Gifted Hydration

CAUDALIE grape water is a vegetable water loaded with active substances. Its richness in soothing trace elements provides properties similar to those offered by thermal waters, but with the addition of healthy and hydrating sugars. It energizes the skin's natural irrigation system to promote the fluidity of water throughout the body, limiting skin dehydration. Before its distillation in the CAUDALIE laboratories, the grape water undergoes an extensive process in which the action of nature is the main one involved: from water and minerals, the vine is nourished to produce polyphenols and polysaccharides that carry the grapes of this nutritious water, rich in active ingredients very beneficial for well-being and health. Thus, this organic grape extract intensely hydrates the skin, acting as a vegetable patch that favors the conservation of water within our cells, and calms it, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin and for those that need to reduce skin redness. Thus, the secret of CAUDALIE products, when it comes to providing hydration, is hidden in this exclusive 100% vegetable and natural ingredient.

CAUDALIE offers on Farma2Go

CAUDALIE natural cosmetics, made from vine and grape extracts, are loaded with antioxidant and anti-aging properties, which help hydrate the skin and fade skin spots . CAUDALIE products take great care of their aromas and fragrances, to achieve a magnificent sensory experience that makes the daily care routine a moment of pleasure and calm. The smell of CAUDALIE creams and serum lingers on the skin, intoxicating every pore and stimulating all the senses. At Farma2Go we have all the CAUDALIE ranges, to be able to give your skin what it needs in the most accessible and comfortable way. Take a look at all our CAUDALIE Offers, as well as our Promotions and Discount Coupons, because in our online pharmacy we strive to offer you the highest quality at the best price. CAUDALIE products, intended for different skin and beauty care, are grouped into ranges. Don't hesitate, and buy CAUDALIE Products and CAUDALIE Packs at Farma2Go, which you will receive at your home in just 24 hours*.

What are Vinoperfect CAUDALIE Anti-Stain Remedies?

CAUDALIE Vinoperfect is the anti-stain solution offered by this prestigious brand. It mitigates pigment spots on the skin, whether caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, skin imperfections, hormonal alterations or skin aging. The Vinoperfect CAUDALIE Anti-Stain line helps to regain luminous and homogeneous skin thanks to its star ingredient: viniferine, a natural extract of vine sap.

At Farma2Go we offer you, at unbeatable prices, unparalleled CAUDALIE products , such as the CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Radiance Anti-Stain Serum, which corrects and prevents sun spots on the skin of the face, making the skin look luminous and uniform. One of the most popular anti-blemish treatments in France and around the world, with a very effective and tolerant 98% natural composition. If the place where you have the most spots are your hands, we recommend trying the CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Anti-Stain Hand Cream , which works by visibly blurring dark spots to achieve more beautiful hands with uniform and attractive skin. The rich texture and fruity and fresh fragrance of CAUDALIE Vinoperfect will hook you from the first moment, with CAUDALIE products that, in addition to being very effective, are an unparalleled sensitive experience.

CAUDALIE Vinoperfect

How does CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift Redensify the Skin?

CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift is the range of treatments to naturally tighten and redensify the skin, thanks to the extract of vine shoots, which provides protection and anti-aging action to the skin. CAUDALIE Resveratrol creams and serums act against skin aging to achieve radiant skin. CAUDALIE products in this range are loaded with antioxidant and soothing properties that help soothe sensitive skin and reduce skin redness.

In our catalog you can find many CAUDALIE offers for products from the CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift range, such as the excellent CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift Cashmere Redensifying Day Cream , which mitigates skin defects and smoothes wrinkles, hydrating, correcting and redensifying the skin. Its texture leaves the skin with a cashmere touch, soft and ultra-comfortable , this being one of the reasons why this cosmetic is one of the favorites of the CAUDALIE Resveratrol range. At Farma2Go you can also find the CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift Firmness Serum , with which you can obtain a younger appearance on your face thanks to its cheekbone-lifting effect and its moisturizing and restructuring action.

CAUDALIE Resveratrol Lift

Which CAUDALIE Vinopure Products are Best for Treating Blemishes?

CAUDALIE Vinopure is a range dedicated to anti-blemish action. Imperfections affect the skin as a result of many reasons: pollution, stress, hormonal changes, or even cosmetics that are not of good quality. When the epidermis reacts and loses its balance, it is necessary to use top quality cosmetics , such as CAUDALIE Vinopure products, based on ingredients of natural origin , which is excellent for combination and oily skin, treating imperfections, shine and enlarged pores.

One of the star products of CAUDALIE Vinopure is the CAUDALIE Vinopure Cleansing Foam Gelatin , which, thanks to its refreshing texture, cleans the pores without drying the skin, managing to descale and close the pores while softening the texture of the skin. Its composition, based on grape polyphenols and several organic essential oils , is the ideal tool to combat and reduce imperfections. Another product of similar effectiveness that you can find at Farma2Go , your trusted online pharmacy, is the CAUDALIE Vinopure Anti-Imperfections Serum, with an exfoliating action that reduces imperfections by refining the texture of the skin. Fragranced with 100% natural perfumes, the CAUDALIE Vinopure serums are a breath of freshness in each application that will delight your skin.

Caudalie Vinopure on Offer

How does CAUDALIE Premier Cru Global Anti-Aging Work?

CAUDALIE Premier Cru is the highest quality global anti-aging range from the CAUDALIE brand. Premium cosmetics for a highly effective anti-aging treatment. Unpublished high cosmetic formulas with effectiveness enhancers, to revitalize the skin and correct all signs of age. Thanks to a perfect association of CAUDALIE Resveratrol and the patented Vinergy complex, the CAUDALIE Premier Cru range manages to restore the energy metabolism of the cells to renew their vitality in an incredible way.

At Farma2Go we care about being able to offer you the best products on the cosmetic and beauty care market . For this reason, we have opted for the CAUDALIE Premier Cru Global Anti-Aging range, which includes CAUDALIE products such as the CAUDALIE Premier Cru Anti-Aging Serum , with maximum effectiveness to charge the skin with energy and eliminate the signs and marks of skin aging, the CAUDALIE Cream Premier Cru Anti-Aging , which reduces the signs of aging on the face by combating wrinkles and dryness to achieve a smoother, more uniform and luminous complexion, or the precise CAUDALIE Premier Cru Anti-Aging Eye Contour , ideal for applying to the delicate eye area. around the eyes.

CAUDALIE Premier Cru

What Hydration Does CAUDALIE Vinosource Provide?

CAUDALIE Vinosource is the range that relieves the feeling of tightness, redness and dull skin. Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin that needs an extra dose of hydration. In short, CAUDALIE Vinosource comes to the rescue of sensitive skin, extracting its main active ingredients from organic grape water , so that the skin is hydrated and overflowing with water . This star active ingredient energizes the natural irrigation system of the epidermis, to ensure that water flows continuously and avoid states of skin dehydration. If you are concerned about the hydration of your skin, take a look at our Farma2Go catalog to find the best CAUDALIE Vinosource products and the best CAUDALIE offers .

Hydration is the real key to beautiful and glowing skin , and is a guarantee of elasticity and youth. When it is lacking, and our skin is dehydrated, the processes that make skin aging visible begin to accelerate, deepening wrinkles and deteriorating the good condition of the skin. For sensitive skin that finds itself in these situations, CAUDALIE Vinosource SOS Intense Hydration Cream is ideal, the most moisturizing cream of this line, with a silky and melting texture capable of penetrating and leaving the skin hydrated and juicy, repairing damage. and providing immediate comfort. To complete your hydration routine, at Farma2Go we recommend using, before going to sleep, CAUDALIE Vinosource Nourishing Night Oil , which deeply hydrates and nourishes while you rest, repairing the skin barrier and calming even the most sensitive skin.

CAUDALIE Vinosource

CAUDALIE Chest Gift Pack

The experience and effectiveness of CAUDALIE products are a guarantee of their quality. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving a perfect gift, at Farma2Go we have a wide variety of CAUDALIE Pack with different cosmetics from its different ranges, in CAUDALIE Chest format, so you can give it to whoever you want or even to yourself! ! In our online pharmacy you will find CAUDALIE Chests with the best prices on the market, since we strive to offer you the highest quality of premium cosmetics at the best possible price, so that your beauty care is perfect. Bet on a CAUDALIE Pack and you will not fail with your gifts, because beauty is something that always excites.