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The highest quality of organic production in each HiPP Bio milk

To guarantee the best quality of life for our children from day one, it is important to carefully select the most appropriate food formula.

HiPP is a brand focused on organic food production for more than 120 years, with an unwavering commitment to organic quality, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals from the field to the table.

This commitment to quality is what keeps its reputation intact and the trust of several generations of parents who prefer, in addition to a diet that respects nature, a more natural and conscious nutrition.

At Farma2Go we offer the complete range of HiPP Organic milk with the commitment to bring the best of nature to your home when your baby needs it.

The keys to knowing which is the right HiPP milk

In the search for the best powdered milk to complement or replace breast milk, HiPP offers three unique formulas with maximum nutritional quality from organically grown ingredients.

- HiPP Combiotik 1 Milk : it is the organic milk formula indicated, under medical prescription, for the initial stage, from the first day to 6 months. It is a food produced with milk from organically farmed cows, free of genetically modified ingredients (Non GMO) and with DHA.

- HiPP Combiotik 2 Milk : being the continuity formula for babies from 6 to 12 months, it is also an organic milk indicated as a complement to a healthy and complete diet that provides vitamins A, C and D for the development of the immune system.

- HiPP Combiotik 3 Milk : this is the formula indicated for the growth stage in babies and children from 12 months of age and, like the other two formulas, is made with ingredients from organic and sustainable agriculture.

Although the best food for the baby is to breastfeed, when breastfeeding is not enough or not possible, the pediatrician will indicate the best formula for complete and effective nutrition for the baby.

Why choose a HiPP organic milk for your child's nutrition

Breastfeeding is the most important moment in development, which is why HiPP has been devoting so much importance to the quality of BIO foods and research into formulas that offer the greatest nutritional efficiency for more than a century.

HiPP's BIO dairy foods are developed by specialists under the strictest quality controls and with the experience of professionals in infant formulas.

The brand's own special BIO quality seal guarantees that HiPP milk exceeds organic requirements from the organic cultivation of each of its ingredients, to efficient production that meets all the requirements for organic production.

Buy HiPP milk online at the best price

Finding quality products for the little ones at the best price will no longer be a complex path, since HiPP milks become the best option with accredited Bio quality from the philosophy of the brand itself.

At Farma2Go you will find the best offers to have the HiPP milk that your baby needs within the reach of a click, buying from the comfort of your home.

We also offer the advice you need to make the purchase safely and receive the product quickly at the door of your house.

Choosing HiPP milk for healthy eating for the little ones means obtaining all the benefits of organic production for each stage of healthy and happy development.