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Nestlé Native Milk so your baby grows healthy and happy

Native milk for babies is an ideal food as a substitute and complement to breast milk to provide effective nutrition in the first months of life.

This Nestlé baby milk has been with mothers for a long time, so much so that it has practically become a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Nativa leche is presented in four formulas -starter, growth, continuation and junior continuation-, and in two formats -liquid and powder-, with the aim of providing nutrition adapted to each stage in the most comfortable way.

At Farma2Go you find the most complete catalog of Nestlé Native milk , even in packs and savings format, accompanying each stage so that your baby grows healthy and happy.

How to choose Native milk for my baby?

There are few times in life when selecting the right, quality product is so important.

Choosing Nativa milk is already selecting quality, but you have to pay attention to some aspects to choose the right formula and format for your baby.

Native Initial milk , from 0 to 6 months , is a liquid or powdered milk for infants that brings together the necessary components for complete nutrition in healthy babies. Pediatricians only recommend this type of supplement when breastfeeding is not possible or is insufficient, and that is why it is appropriate for this stage of development.

Native milk Continued , from 6 to 12 months , also comes in liquid or powder format for babies who still have specific nutritional needs for this stage, with essential nutrients for visual and cognitive development, and for normal growth of the bones in these first 12 months.

Native Growth milk , from 1 to 3 years , is designed to accompany growth with the energy appropriate to the baby's increasing physical activity and the nutrients necessary for the development of bones, teeth and the immune system. In addition to being available in powder form to prepare, it comes in a 1 liter brick.

Nativa Crecimiento Junior milk , for children aged 3 years and older , on the other hand, is designed to continue providing energy and nutrients at this stage in which, in addition, they are committed to flavor without added sugars.

Both Nativa Crecimiento milk (from 12 to 36 months), and Nativa Crecimiento Junior milk (from 36 months), are available in liter brick format and three flavors: original, cereals and María cookies.

Buy Native milk for babies online

At Farma2Go we know that motherhood can become overwhelming and every minute counts, which is why we offer the most convenient and reliable option.

Buying Nativa milk online is the most convenient because, in addition to saving the hassle of carrying products from the store, you don't worry about having to leave the house on difficult days and spending time shopping.

At Farma2Go you pay with any digital means, receive your order at your doorstep and enjoy unbeatable promotions, all from the comfort of your home and without interrupting your daily routine.

Select from our extensive catalog of Nestlé Native milk the one that best suits your daily life so that your baby grows healthy and happy enjoying the best nutrients even beyond the age of 3.