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Arkopharma is a laboratory specialized in the development and manufacturing of phytotherapy products and natural plant-based supplements , committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing. All of its products originate from natural components and medicinal plants.

Take care of your joints with Arkoflex

Specially designed for the care of bones and joints, Arkoflex is a range in which Arkopharma experts have selected the ingredients with special care to develop a series of products that contribute to maintaining joint health.

Help prevent collagen loss with Arkoflex

Collagen is an essential protein in our body to keep joint cartilage in perfect condition. The passage of time contributes to the loss of collagen progressively with age, which is why a contribution of glucosamine is recommended, an amino acid that participates in the synthesis of this protein, which can come from food or in some cases from a collagen-rich food supplement such as Arkoflex with collagen .

Arkoflex Collagen can be found in three flavors: Arkoflex Collagen lemon flavor , Arkoflex Collagen vanilla flavor and Arkoflex Collagen neutral flavor .

Relieve joint pain with Arkoflex Doloexpert

Getting older plays tricks on our body's collagen production, since from the age of 35 or 40 this production progressively slows down.

This lack of collagen can often lead to the appearance of joint pain. For these cases Arkopharma has developed Arkoflex Doloexpert . This food supplement combines hydrolyzed collagen and Native type II with active ingredients such as turmeric that helps maintain joint flexibility, promoting mobility. This Arkoflex Collagen Expert Formula contains magnesium that helps maintain muscles and bones, manganese that promotes the formation of connective tissue and vitamins C, D, B1, B2, B6 and B12 that contribute to normal energy metabolism.

Reduce cholesterol levels with Arkosterol

Arkosterol is the Arkopharma range that allows you to control cholesterol levels thanks to its range of products developed from natural plant-based supplements.

Arkopharma has developed an effective food supplement based on red yeast rice that acts by limiting cholesterol production in the liver. The components of Arkosterol 120 Red Yeast Rice Capsules help keep cholesterol levels under control in a way that respects your body.

Weight control and liquid elimination with Arkofluido Arkopharma Artichoke Forte

Continuous research has allowed Arkopharma to develop Ultraextract, a technique that allows the extraction of the best properties of plants, through an innovative and ecological method.

Thanks to this system, it has developed Arkofluido Artichoke Forte BIO , a food supplement based on artichoke, fennel and mate extracts, which promotes weight control and the elimination of liquids. The artichoke helps control weight and eliminates liquids, while the mate helps in the breakdown of fats and the fennel favors the elimination of gases.

Who can take Arkofluido Artichoke Forte BIO?

This food supplement is indicated only for adults who require weight control or need help to maintain their figure.

How to take Arkofluido Artichoke Forte?

It is recommended to take one ampoule a day added to half a glass of water or juice.

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