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Cumlaude Lab: the intimate well-being brand for women

In 1998, Cumlaude Lab was born by medical and pharmaceutical specialists, an innovative brand that offers gynecological solutions dedicated to enhancing the genital, sexual and emotional health of women at all stages of their lives: childhood, adulthood, pregnancy, breastfeeding. and puerperium, and climacteric.​

Cumlaude Lab 's entire range of gynecological care has been created using scientific rigor, offering effective and innovative solutions to increase women's most intimate well-being.

Cumlaude is part of the Dermofarm pharmaceutical laboratory , a company that was born in 1979 in Barcelona.

The origin of Dermofarm dates back to more than 40 years dedicated to the research and development of products under the strictest parameters of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dermofarm has its own large research and development team , an automated logistics center and constantly invests in innovation .

Intimate care for all women at all stages of their life

But almost 20 years later, Cumlaude Lab was born , a brand destined to fulfill the objective of improving the intimate well-being of women throughout the different life phases and here it had an important goal.

Cumlaude Lab is the brand created by gynecologists and the entire range of gynecological care has been created working with professionals in the sector, listening and understanding the needs that are encountered daily in consultation.

All to improve the quality of life of patients and improve adherence to prescribed treatments.

Intimate care for all women at all stages of their life

This collaborative work is also possible thanks to the pharmacist's recommendation.

Thanks to the advice received, it is possible to offer personalized intimate care to each woman, in order to prevent discomfort and, more importantly, improve her quality of life and intimate well-being.

Here at Farma2go you will find products for intimate hygiene, hydration, lubrication, to treat inflammation and discomfort and even food supplements.

For childhood, adulthood, pregnancy and menopause.

Some of Cumlaude Lab's star products are:

Cumlaude Lab Vulvar Moisturizing Mist Spray 75 ml

Cumlaude Lab Daily Intimate Hygiene Cleansing Gel 500ml

Cumlaude Lab External Moisturizer CLX 30ml

Cumlaude Lab Values

Cumlaude Lab Values

  1. Laboratory with a pharmaceutical vocation and extensive experience in gynecological health.
  2. Gynecologically tested, non-hormonal and paraben-free formulas.
  3. With intimate science and awareness for the planet, manufactured with renewable energy.
  4. Committed to dissemination and education in gynecological health.

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