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HIPP Organic Baby Food

HIPP Biológico is one of the leading brands in organic baby food that has developed a wide variety of recipes following all the recommendations of scientists, nutritionists and paediatricians. All its products are made with ingredients from organic and biological agriculture, to offer healthy foods with good flavor and top quality that are, at the same time, respectful of nature and BIO environmental requirements. For production, they carefully select the soils, use untreated seeds and allow the fruits and vegetables to mature at their own pace, developing all their flavor, and the meat to be carefully produced.

All this, without adding preservatives, synthetic aromatic substances, or colorings. HIPP Products are a nutritional guarantee so that your baby is fed with the highest quality and in the healthiest way possible, as they have passed exhaustive quality controls to exceed all international legal requirements to obtain the organic farming seal. HIPP experts work diligently in close collaboration with BIO farms to achieve high-quality BIO baby food, which has made HIPP Biológico a brand of international prestige.

At Farma2Go we want your little one to grow and develop strong and healthy, therefore, we always bet on the highest quality in infant food, trying to include in our catalog only those products that pass the most rigorous, exact and reliable controls that guarantee their nutritional values. . In addition, HIPP Products guarantee the highest BIO quality and a food with unaltered flavors.


Why Buy HIPP Products?

Buying HIPP Productos is a fantastic idea if you want to feed your baby with biological, organic and top quality ingredients, to ensure their development. For many mothers, one of the most important aspects when choosing a baby food brand is that it is as natural as possible and that it uses top quality organic and biological ingredients. In this matter, HIPP products stand out notably, since they have been made with ingredients from organic crops with a carefully selected location to keep them away from city smoke, and with manual handling of all raw materials to preserve the maximum biological quality of its production. Likewise, the vegetables and fruits are hand-selected and grown without insecticides or pesticides, which are strictly prohibited in organic farming.

For its part, the livestock used to make HIPP food and milk comes from cattle and calves that live on organic farms, raised outdoors in natural spaces and fed with natural grasses and organic vegetables, without artificial feed, to May they overflow with health. With this, milk is obtained from cows that have grown at their natural pace, grazing happily in natural pastures without artificial fertilizers or chemical fertilizers, to ensure that the quality of HIPP Milk is full of health and is rich in nutritional substances. Furthermore, its laboratories are on par with the best in Europe, thanks to its advanced technology.

If all this has not convinced you, you should also know that at Farma2Go we work hard to be able to offer you in our online pharmacy the best HIPP products and offers at the best price, so that you can have the highest quality in baby food within your reach. Take a look at our catalog and encourage yourself to buy HIPP products, enjoying the best discounts and the most affordable prices in the entire online market.


What is HIPP BIO Quality?

Babies, especially newborns and during their early stages, are very sensitive and will especially notice the effects of a rich and healthy diet. That is why it is so important to choose your diet properly. At HIPP BIO they guarantee the highest quality standards in organic food so that your little one grows strong and healthy , using foods that have a magnificent flavor and do not contain unwanted ingredients. The highest quality HIPP BIO is achieved from carefully selected soils, untreated seeds and cereals, fruits and vegetables that ripen at their own pace to develop all their nutrients and flavor.

What are the HIPP Formula Quality Controls like?

Each HIPP product goes through an assurance system with more than 260 controls, which begin with the analysis of the soil in which the ingredients are grown and go to the verification of the quality of the final food, passing through strict reviews during the development of the products. raw Materials. Thus, it is possible to analyze the entire process and control any failure, no matter how small, to quickly remedy it and guarantee that all HIPP products always have the highest quality. This thoroughness has allowed HIPP to become a brand of great prestige among baby food producers and, of course, among its customers, who are always amazed by the freshness, naturalness and quality of its products.

How does Biological HIPP Contribute to Sustainability?

HIPP Biológico not only produces healthy foods by extracting all the beneficial properties that nature offers us, but also adapts its processes to respect the environment and minimize its ecological impact. To this end, they have developed a systematic sustainability management system that reduces harmful effects to a minimum thanks to the use of environmentally friendly technologies, and the constant analysis and evaluation of their impact, to reduce the environmental burden of their activities to a minimum. . The exquisite care of resources, promoting renewable energies, the use of ecological raw materials and packaging planning to reduce to a minimum the materials used that are not recyclable, have made HIPP one of the baby food brands most committed to the environment. respect for our planet and care for the biosphere.

Buy HIPP Products

For more than 50 years, HIPP has been marketing food for babies and children made with the utmost care and applying organic and biological farming techniques. The guarantee that their products are healthy, with great flavor and of the highest quality is firm. For this reason, all HIPP Product ranges consist of foods from organic agriculture and livestock, and without added preservatives, colorings or synthetic aromatic substances.

One of the main objectives of Farma2Go is to help your baby grow healthy and strong , which is why we closely monitor the baby foods that we sell in our online pharmacy, ensuring that all of them are of the highest quality and safety. In the case of buying HIPP products, it is a success, since in addition to the quality and safety criteria, it meets other qualities such as respect for the environment and the healthy composition of its HIPP BIO milk and cereals.

HIPP Products

What is HIPP Infant Milk like?

HIPP Milk is a perfect alternative for those cases in which the mother cannot satisfy her baby's nutritional needs with breast milk. So that they grow equally healthy and strong, their HIPP Organic Milk contains all the nutrients that children need at their different stages, with a preparation from cows raised in healthy and organic environments and with a rich and healthy composition. For example, you can try HIPP Combiotik 1 Milk , intended for infants from birth to approximately 6 months of age. Subsequently, it will be time to give your baby HIPP Combiotik 2 Milk , Continuation, indicated between 6 and 12 months, with a formula free of genetically modified ingredients to promote healthier and more natural development. Once your little one is one year old, it will be time to give him HIPP Combiotik 3 Growth Milk , equally ecological and natural, but loaded with the nutrients that every baby needs to consolidate his development: Omega 3, DHA, Vitamins C and D ...

Don't wait any longer and go ahead and buy HIPP Combiotik, an infant milk formulated with the best organic ingredients and a lot of nutrients to promote healthy eating. You can buy HIPP products on Farma2Go quickly and easily, searching our catalog for the HIPP Milk you want to buy, adding it to your cart and paying comfortably in the way you prefer. In addition, when purchasing from our online pharmacy you can benefit from incredible HIPP Combiotik offers and many other ranges of HIPP products, which we always try to have at the best prices on the market.


What are HIPP Multicereals like?

In addition to HIPP Milk, this brand offers the delicious and nutritious HIPP Multicereals, a range of porridges made with HIPP Cereals, coming from organic, whole grain crops and carefully selected following organic farming techniques. A HIPP BIO Baby Food helps your baby continue his development while adding new foods to his diet, improving the functioning of the nervous system with HIPP Multicereal formulas that are easy to digest and have a delicious flavor, such as HIPP Multicereals with Fruit . Within this range, you can find tasty HIPP Gluten-Free Cereals based on millet, rice and corn, for those babies with intolerances, such as, for example, the HIPP Multicereals 3 Cereals , which achieve a gluten-free porridge of the highest quality.

Another of HIPP BIO's star products are the organic fruit bags, little jars made with 100% fruit from the highest quality organic crops that are ideal for traveling and giving to your baby to snack on or as dessert. For example, we recommend trying the HIPP Organic Apple, Pear and Banana Bag , which does not contain added sugar and will help you provide your little one with the recommended daily doses of fruit.

HIPP Multigrain