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STARCH, Formula, Cereals, Baby Foods and Cookies

Almirón has been researching and developing products for children's nutrition for more than 40 years that combine nutrients in a balanced way, helping the normal functioning and development of the immune system .

Advanced nutrition that adapts to each stage of your baby's growth.

In the stage from birth to toddlerhood, nutrition is very important.

For this reason, Almirón offers milk adapted to their growth (Almirón 1, 2, 3 and 4) and special needs (lactose-free milk, anti-reflux, anti-constipation...).

At Farma2go we offer you the entire range of Almirón products , to feed your baby in a healthy and natural way.

In our store you can buy Almirón easily, from your home and with the best prices and offers on Almirón Infant Continuation Milks, Baby Foods and Cereals.

What Almirón ranges are there?

The Almirón brand is divided into several ranges of baby food products , baby milk , cereals and porridge, cookies and infusions.

Within Almirón Baby Milk there are 2 large ranges: Almirón Profutura , Almirón Advance , Almirón Prosyneo and it also has special formulas for children with food intolerances (Digest, Lactose Free, Almirón AR).

As for Cereals, Cookies and Infusions for babies, Almirón offers you a wide range of products that adapt to each baby's needs. Almirón Gluten-Free Cookies, Organic Cereals, Infusions to improve the Baby's Digestion and rest , etc.

Almirón 's range is focused on baby and child feeding products and is characterized by being very varied.

Almirón products cover the nutritional needs of babies to provide well-being and health to the little ones.

Almirón Profutura DuoBiotik : one of the most innovative formulas with HMOs1 also present in breast milk and which has been developed to help the baby's immune system, and which also contains vitamins C and D that contribute to the normal functioning of the defenses.

From this line you will find in Farma2go: Almirón Profutura 1, 2 and 3.

Almirón Advance : is the nutritionally adapted formula formulated by experts in immunology , which contains nutrients and vitamins that adapt to the different ages of the baby up to 3 years of age.

At Farma2go you also have the range: Almirón 1, 2, and 3.

Almirón advance

Almirón Nature: a unique formula based on a unique combination of plant-based ingredients and dairy ingredients developed to help the baby's immune system.

With 60% vegetable protein, DHA from algae and the unique mixture of GOS/FOS, oligosaccharides present in breast milk.

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Almirón Special Formulas : Lactose-Free Almirón, Almirón Digest 1, Almirón Digest 2, Almirón AR 1, Almirón AR 2

Almiron Organic Cereals : A complete range of organic cereals from Almirón made with love to help babies have a healthy diet.

These cereals contain 99% organic ingredients , and 0% added sugars.

It has an easy-open zip, perfect for pouring into the bottle.

At Farma2go you will find the 4 baby food options from the Almirón brand.

Other Almirón products: Almirón Infusion Digest, Almirón Infusion Rest, Almirón Gluten-Free Cookies and Almirón Cookies 6 Cereals.

What Almirón products make up the ranges?

Depending on the moment in which the baby is in the growth stage , Almirón products can be divided into:

Almirón Profutura, the most advanced formula

Almirón Profutura milk with components identical to those of breast milk and specially developed to help your baby's immune system . This line is divided into:

Almirón Profutura 1: starter milk for infants from 0 to 6 months . This milk is characterized by its DHA content and does not contain palm oil . Lipid profile very similar to Breast Milk . Provides Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals .

Almirón Profutura 2: follow-on milk from 6 months. Without Palm Oil. Its composition stands out for its DHA content , which helps the baby's brain development and strengthens its nervous tissues . Vitamin C and D , which allow the baby's immune system to develop normally. Oligosaccharides also present in breast milk . And Vitamin B2 that ensures that the baby's energy metabolism develops normally.

Contributes to Visual, Brain and Nervous Tissue Development . With specific nutrients to support their Growth and Development up to 2 years old.

Almirón Profutura 3: growth milk from 12 months. Contains GOS/FOS and dairy fat, Vitamin C and D that allow the normal functioning of the baby's immune system , vitamin B2 for the development of energy metabolism , calcium for bone development, oligosaccharides and finally iron , which contributes to development baby's cognitive

Almirón Advance with Pronutra

The Almirón Advance range with Pronutra has been developed by experts to cover the nutritional needs of babies up to 3 years old.

These are the only formulas with Pronutra-ADVANCE , a unique combination of ingredients and an advanced process to develop infant milk formulas.

The Almirón Advance line can be classified into 4 types of milk depending on the moment in which the baby is in its growth stage:

Almirón 1 Advance with Pronutra : Milk for Infants from 0 to 6 months of age . Almirón Advance 1 is formulated with a unique and balanced combination of nutrients . All the nutrients necessary for the baby to grow Healthy and Strong . With properties similar to Breastfeeding . Protect your baby's immune system .

Almirón 2 Advance with Pronutra : Follow-on Milk from your baby's 6 months to 12 months of age. Almirón Advance 2 contains a combination of nutrients that helps maintain a healthy diet , helps normal cognitive and intellectual development thanks to its iron content and helps the immune system thanks to its content of vitamins A, C and D. Contributes to the Normal Cognitive Development of children. Helps the Normal Functioning of the Immune System.

Almirón 3 Advance with Pronutra : Growth Milk from 12 months to 24 months of age. It contains a unique and balanced combination of nutrients , which helps the immune system thanks to its content of vitamins C and D and intellectual development due to its iron content. Helps the Immune System , Intellectual Development . Contributes to the Normal Growth and Development of Bones .

Almirón 4 Advance with Pronutra : Growth Milk from 24 months to 3 years of age. Almirón Advance 4 is adapted to the needs of children up to 36 months within a diverse and varied diet . Helps the immune system , intellectual development and normal growth and development of bones. With Calcium, Iron, Fiber and Vitamins C and D. Helps the Immune System , Intellectual Development . Contributes to the Normal Growth and Development of Bones.

Almirón Digest, Colic and Constipation

Almirón Digest is a milk for nursing babies who suffer from constipation and/or colic , typically caused by the immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract. Relieves Constipation and Colic. Relieves Digestive discomfort due to its Reduced Lactose content.

Almirón Digest 1 : Anti-Colic Anti-Constipation Starter Milk for babies from day one.

Almirón Digest 2: Anti-Colic Anti-Constipation Follow -on Milk for babies from 6 months of age.

Almiron Digest 1, 2 Constipation and Colic

Almirón Organic Cereals Without Added Sugars

Almirón has been based on nature to develop Almirón Organic Cereals , its unique range of cereals , in which it has created the best recipes for babies with 0% added sugars .

They have no added sugars and no palm oil. It can be prepared either as porridge or to be taken in a bottle.

Almirón Organic Gluten-Free Cereals 200g : gluten-free cereal formula from 4 months . 0% added sugars. Without Palm Oil.

Almirón Organic Cereals Cream of Rice 200g : Cereals Almirón Cream of Rice from 4 months. Helps reduce the number of bowel movements and increase consistency.

Starch Organic Multicereal Cereals 200g : formula indicated from 6 months. Cereals with High Fiber Content.

Almirón Organic Multigrain Cereals with Quinoa 200g : Organic Multigrain Starch Cereals with Quinoa from 6 months. With Quinoa, Source of Proteins and Dietary Fibers

Almiron Organic Cereals

Other Almirón Products

At Farma2go we have a wide variety of Almirón products such as cookies and infusions .

Almirón Gluten-Free Cookies: Almirón Gluten-Free Cookies Almirón are made with corn, a very nutritious cereal that by its nature does not contain gluten . They contain complex carbohydrates that help provide energy and are ideal for introducing cereals into the baby's diet . With Iron that contributes to the normal cognitive development of children . Calcium , necessary for the normal growth and development of bones and Vitamins .

Almirón 6 Cereal Cookies : Almirón 6 Cereal Cookies are made with cereals with carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed and easily assimilated , and provide your baby with a large number of vitamins and minerals . Iron contributes to the normal cognitive development of children. Calcium , necessary for normal growth and development of bones.

Starch Digest Infusion : Fennel, chamomile and anise are plants that stand out for their digestive properties and help relieve gas and other stomach discomforts.

Almirón infusions have been made from rigorously controlled plant extracts that provide natural solutions to the baby's minor discomforts. In addition, they can be used by the whole family.

Almirón Rest Infusion : Chamomile, lemon balm and lime blossom are plants that stand out for their calming and digestive properties , which help you rest, reducing restlessness and nervousness.

Almirón infusions have been made from rigorously controlled plant extracts that provide natural solutions to the baby's minor discomforts. In addition, they can be used by the whole family.

Almirón Cookies Almirón Infusions

How to prepare a bottle correctly with Almirón?

1. Before handling any food for children and babies, it is important to practice proper hygiene, wash your hands well with soap and sterilize all utensils.

2. Pour the amount of mineral water indicated in the dosage table that comes with all Almirón products into the bottle. It is advisable that it be warm for better dissolution of the powder. If you use tap water, it is advisable to boil a sufficient amount for 1 to 2 minutes and let it cool to 40ºC.

3. Use the attached dispenser inside all Almirón products, add the exact amount indicated in each intake, in level and uncompressed measurements.

4. Use only the scoop that is inside the container, using a leveler to measure each dose exactly.

5. Add the corresponding number of level, uncompressed measures to the bottle.

6. Cover the bottle and shake it until the chosen Almirón product is completely dissolved. Incorporates the previously sterilized teat.

7. Test the temperature of the food before giving it to the baby. Once the feeding is finished, throw away the leftover food and clean all the utensils used again.

Almirón Bottle Preparation