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BabyBio Organic Products for Babies

BabyBio Ecological and BIO Products for Babies

BabyBio is a brand of ecological, natural and BIO products for babies from the first month to 3 years. It is the leading brand in the ECO food sector for babies and newborns .

BabyBio was born more than 20 years ago as the first French brand focused on BIO products for babies , with total transparency, always indicating the origin of its recipes.

At BabyBio they grow their own vegetables to produce increasingly elaborate recipes.

They use BIO milk that comes from calves that are raised on a family farm at the foot of the Massif Central in France and are fed organic cereals (wheat, corn, peas, oats), which are produced directly on the farm.

BabyBio , a 100% Organic diet that your baby will love as it uses homemade recipes, without unnecessary additives.

What ingredients does BabyBio use to make its products?

BabyBio uses organic ingredients produced on their farm. Its organic baby food products contain plums, carrots, zucchini, apples, milk , etc., all of which are subject to double regulation. On the one hand, the regulation that affects children's nutrition and, on the other, that of organic farming .

BabyBio products contain organic ingredients such as Agen plums , which are produced by drying them. They are grown in organic gardens in southwestern France; They are harvested at maturity, washed, classified and left to dry.

Organic carrots that grow in nature, between the regions of Adur and the French Médoc.

Zucchini come from the fields of French Provence and Aquitaine apples grow in an optimal climate for their development: the French southwest. Throughout the year, producers take care of their entire production plant based on organic farming.

Poultry meat , such as chicken , duck or turkey , comes from the Poitú region (France), an area with an oceanic climate that allows birds to live for much longer and more importantly: live in complete freedom. .

To make its BIO infant milk , both cow and goat , BabyBio uses milk that comes from animals that have been raised on their farms, feeding on organic cereals .

What products does the BabyBio brand have?

The BabyBio brand offers us BIO Milk , Organic Cereals and Cookies , BIO Baby Foods , etc.

Within BabyBio's Infant Milks you can find infant formula milk made from 100% BIO goat's milk ( the Caprea range ) or BIO cow's milk ( the Primea range ) made without palm oil and with milk from animals. with an organic diet.

BabyBio also offers you Organic Cereals and Cookies , with cereals and ingredients from organic farming .

Or if what you are looking for is a contribution of fruit, vegetables or meat for your baby, what you are looking for are the BabyBio Organic Baby Foods

In addition to organic baby feeding products , BabyBio offers a range of children's cosmetic products with ingredients of natural origin , such as Bath Gel, Moisturizing Cream, Diaper Cream, Massage Oil , etc., all of them with ingredients of natural origin to care for and pamper the baby's delicate skin.

All BabyBio products are organically controlled and certified by Ecocert . The European BIO certification guarantees that products are 100% organic or contain at least 95% organic ingredients.