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Nestlé is a multinational company of recognized prestige that is committed to innovation and the development of new food technologies to create products, services and nutritional solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life of its consumers, whatever their specific nutritional needs.

The brand is present in various food sectors, offering a wide range of products ideal for integrating into our nutritional routines. Baby foods, dairy products, chocolates, coffees, cookies, bottled waters... at Nestlé you can find everything and of the highest quality!

Behind all Nestlé products is a team of scientists, engineers, nutritionists, designers, regulatory specialists and consumer service representatives to offer the best experience to its customers. Thanks to this, Nestlé and all its food ranges can improve their formulas day by day to continue perfecting their recipes and technologies.

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Nestle Baby

Nestlé has a very extensive production line focused exclusively on caring for and promoting the development of babies, with products of the highest quality to guarantee the nutrition, health and well-being of the little ones.

Nestlé's relationship with child care dates back to the time of its founder Henri Nestlé, in 1866, when he created an infant formula called nutritional or milk flour that contributed to combating the precarious situation that existed at the time in child care, helping to reduce the very high infant mortality of those years.

Currently, Nestlé is a benchmark in nutrition and infant food, thanks to its investment in R&D&i to achieve formulas adapted to the specific needs of any baby at any stage of growth. Healthy foods, with soft textures that will protect your baby thanks to their high nutritional performance.

Nestlé Baby product range

Infant Milks

NAN OPTIPRO -NAN OPTIPRO: Milk for infants in its different stages (Initiation, Continuation and Growth) designed to be as similar as possible to the composition of breast milk. Strengthens the baby's immunity and contributes to its healthy development. Contains Opti Pro, a component responsible for the baby's body absorbing the optimal amount of protein for proper growth.

NAN SUPREME -NAN SUPREME: Milk for infants in their different stages (Initiation, Continuation and Growth) that contains all the necessary nutrients for their optimal development. Nutritionally complete and enriched with protective immunonutrients such as iron, zinc or vitamins A and C, specially selected to promote the development of the baby's immune system.

NIDINA -NIDINA: Milk for infants in their different stages (Initiation, Continuation and Growth) with a composition specially formulated to strengthen the baby's immunity and contribute to their healthy development, thanks to the STARTPLUS formula, very suitable for babies born by cesarean section.

Food Complements

NANCARE -NANCARE: Food Supplements for babies and children with specific needs. When added to the routine intake of milk, it provides nutrients and stabilizers to promote healthy and balanced development.


NESTUM -NESTUM: Baby food to start introducing your baby to complementary feeding. Made with cereals specially selected for babies, essential in their diet for a balanced diet.

BIO range

BIO NATURNES -NATURNES BIO: Purees, porridges, dairy and fruit desserts, snacks and water sachets with all the nutrients necessary for the correct development of your baby, made with ingredients from organic farming, carefully selected from their origin, maintaining respect for the environment and biodiversity.