List of products by brand Nuggela&Sulé


Nuggela & Sulé is a Company dedicated to skin and hair care, it stands out in the world of cosmetics for the recovery of traditional remedies that have been most successful throughout history for the production of high quality and effective products. .

It does not test its formulas on animals, aligning itself with the "Cruelty Free" policy.

All Nuggela & Sulé products are tested under Dermatological Control.

High performance

Thousands of people use Nuggela & Sulé every day, since its active ingredients strengthen the hair with each wash. Nuggela & Sulé finalist for the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards, Best Hair Product by Esquire Magazine and success story in Spain

Benefits of using the Nuggela & Sulé brand

Hair is one of the most delicate parts of our body and needs maximum cleanliness and attention to stay healthy. 80% of the population suffers from some hair problem and Nuggela & Sulé helps both men and women solve them.

Nuggela & Sulé Shampoos are High Performance products. It is recommended to follow the following instructions for use :

1. Drop a small amount onto the palm of your hand.

2. Rub in the palms of your hands until emulsified.

3. Apply to the scalp and hair evenly.

4. Massage with the foam generated.

5. Rinse and repeat the operation to enhance its effects.

6. If you need a mask or conditioner, the use of Nuggela & Sulé's Imperial SuprAcondiconador is recommended.

In this way we will prepare the active ingredients, helping to generate more foam.

Do Nuggela & Sulé Shampoos leave onion smells on your hair or clothes?

No, the formula is created so that once the hair is dry it does not leave any onion smell. It leaves a pleasant smell of hay and lemon, transmitting sensations of cleanliness and nature.

The more foam a shampoo leaves, the more effective it is?

No, the amount of foam does not mean effectiveness. What's more, when going from a conventional shampoo to a quality shampoo, the first thing we will notice is the lack of foam. Most of the time, the foam in a shampoo means a greater amount of surfactant agents (chemical agents), damaging this chemical overexposure to the hair and leaving it drier. Even sometimes, when changing to a quality shampoo, we will notice in the first few days that the hair is not as soft due to the lack of paraffins and silicones. But after about two weeks the hair manages to balance its natural action, improving shine and volume.

Can I use Nuggela & Sulé Shampoos every day?

Yes, you can use them every day and their daily use is also highly recommended due to the continued action on the hair. In this way we will benefit from its hair-strengthening action.

Is Nuggela & Sulé Premium No. 1 Shampoo suitable for all hair types?

Yes, for normal, dry and oily hair.

Can Nuggela & Sulé shampoos be used by children?

Yes, anyone at any age can use it, although it is recommended to use them from 3 years old.

What is the best way to wash my hair?

- First of all, we must wet the hair well with warm water, removing dust and remains from other hairstyles such as hairspray, hair gels, etc. on this first occasion.

- Secondly, we place a measure of Nuggela & Sulé Shampoo on the palm of our hand and dilute it with a little water and rub our hands together until emulsified. We should not apply the shampoo directly to the hair since this way most of it will be applied to a single area of ​​the hair.

- Next, with the shampoo emulsified in the palm of the hand, we apply it in equal parts to the hair, creating a little foam.

- Next we will massage the scalp with the fingertips for a few minutes. Once the massage is done, we rinse with plenty of water and repeat the operation. And if possible, we will do the second rinse with cold water so that we have shinier hair.

What is the best way to massage hair when washing it?

Massage on the scalp stimulates blood circulation, helping to nourish it to keep it healthy and vital. The best way to do this is with the help of the Nuggela & Sulé Shampoo foam on the scalp, since the Quercetin content benefits the reduction of scalp inflammation and enhances blood stimulation for its nutrition. We should give the massage from the nape of the neck to the forehead and from the ears to the center of the head, squeezing lightly with the fingertips. It is advisable to do it for several minutes.

What is the difference between Nuggela & Sulé and the rest of the shampoos on the market?

The biggest difference is the quality compared to the rest of the products and the beneficial treatment for the hair when used. From the first wash we will notice that it is a high quality product, and an indicator is the lack of foam compared to other products on the market. Nuggela & Sulé Shampoos use natural active ingredients such as Allium cepa bulb and Marine Glycogen to improve the quality and appearance of our hair.

Why do Nuggela & Sulé Shampoos use onion in their formula?

Nuggela & Sulé wanted to recover the tradition of onion as a hair remedy. One of the greatest indications of guarantee or that something works is its continued use between generations and the use of onion in hair has been used for more than 2,500 years. Because of its guarantee indicator, because of all the properties that onion has as a hair remedy and because of the company's commitment to the search for beauty in a natural way, it was decided to include the active ingredient of onion in the formulas.

Why is onion good for hair?

Onion is highly beneficial for hair, especially because of Quercetin and Sulfur, called the mineral of beauty. Quercetin is a flavonoid that has the ability to reduce inflammation of the scalp, and in turn stimulate blood flow to the hair roots. Therefore, greater hair nutrition is achieved. And at the same time, Sulfur, which is called the mineral of beauty, exerts its high cleaning power by effectively eliminating dirt, bacteria, fungi or excess sebum from the hair, obtaining greater oxygenation of the hair and giving it a greater clean appearance. . So the secret of onion as a hair remedy is its powerful action in nourishing and cleansing the hair, giving it that healthy and shiny appearance that we all seek.