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Gine-Canestén is a Range of Products intended for the Treatment of Vaginal Candidiasis.

Gine-Canestén Effectively Relieves Itching, Treats Infection and Relieves Stinging.

What is Candidiasis? It is a common Vaginal Fungal Infection , that is, an inflammation of your vagina . Both bacteria and fungi live in the vagina, but when the population of the fungus Candida albicans increases, candidiasis can occur.

This fungus can increase when your immune system is weakened or when the beneficial bacteria (called lactobacilli) are not able to keep the fungus under control.

There are situations in which candidiasis can occur more easily:

- If you are pregnant.

- If you have completed antibiotic treatment.

- If you have diabetes.

- If you have menstruation.

- If you take contraceptives.

- If you are HIV+

Who can have Candidiasis? Having candidiasis is normal : around 75% of women suffer from it at least once in their lives, and in addition, 50% of these suffer from recurrent candidiasis.

Candidiasis does not take long to disappear once treatment has started. FYI, candidiasis is not a sexually transmitted infection. But it can be transmitted to your sexual partner, if you suffer from the infection.

Gine-Canestén offers you a Wide Range of Products to treat Vaginal Candidiasis and Products that help Prevent Vaginal Candidiasis.

- Gine-Canestén 500MG Soft Vaginal Capsule with Applicator

- Gine-Canestén 500 mg Vaginal Tablet

- Ginecanesflor 10 Vaginal Capsules

- Ginecanesflor Duplo 2x10 Vaginal Capsules

- Gine-Canestén 20 mg/g Vaginal Cream 20G

- Gine-Canestén 100 mg/g Vaginal Cream 5G

- Ginecanescalm Gel-Cream 15ML

- Ginecanescalm DUPLO Gel-Cream 2X15ML

- Ginecanescalm Intimate Discomfort Calm 200ML

- Ginecanescalm Duplo Intimate discomfort Duplo Calm 2x200ML

- GinecanesFresh Daily Intimate Hygiene 200ML

- GinecanesFresh Duplo Daily Intimate Hygiene 2x200ML

- GineCanesfresh Intimate Hygiene 200ML + 100ML