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Gynea is Kern Pharma's line specialized in women's care and a reference in gynecology at all ages and stages, with products that cover the needs of motherhood, fertility, pregnancy, contraceptives, menopause, intimate hygiene, cystitis treatment ...

Melagyn, the intimate care line for women from Gynea

Adequate hygiene and intimate protection are essential for women's health at any stage of their lives.

Melagyn has developed a complete range of daily intimate hygiene dermoprotective gels specially formulated for sensitive skin, which repair and protect the skin of the intimate area, maintaining the pH within the physiological values ​​recommended by gynecology experts.

If you are traveling, or when you are away from home, Melagyn wipes allow you to maintain your intimate hygiene with total comfort.

The most complete range of pregnancy supplements with Gestagyn

During pregnancy, the woman's body undergoes changes that require reinforcement during the different stages.

Gestagyn offers women at this time a complete range of food supplements for each of the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, specially formulated to meet the needs of mother and baby.

Within this line Gynea does not forget about men and has developed Gynea Gestagyn Men 60 capsules , a food supplement specially formulated for male fertility, which acts by combating sperm damage.

Combat the effects of menopause with the specific Gynea line

Menopause is one of the stages in which women should most pamper themselves and worry about their well-being. The symptoms of menopause vary from one woman to another, and include hot flashes, weakening of bones that can lead to osteoporosis, changes in mood and reduced libido, among others.

You have a Gynea product for each of these needs:

Gynea Serelys: is a natural supplement based on cytoplasmic extract of pollen and vitamin E, which helps control hot flashes during menopause and night sweats . Gynea Serelys Osteo also helps maintain bones thanks to its contribution of vitamin D and vitamin K.

Gynea Longyvit: is a supplement based on microalgae, vitamins and minerals that completes the nutritional needs of women over 40 , providing a feeling of well-being, reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, and protects cells against damage. oxidative.

Gynea GynFeel : is Gynea's food supplement to increase libido , formulated with natural extracts and vitamins that improves women's sexual health.

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