List of products by brand Trofolastin

Tofolastin Reduces Stretch Marks and Scars

TROFOLASTIN, Treatment for skin care throughout pregnancy

Are you worried about stretch marks?

Trofolastin® is a brand of Dermatological Products that is specialized in offering Skin Care Treatments throughout Pregnancy.

In addition, it also offers products for general skin care and Scar Reduction .

Trofolastin® has a wide range of products that help you take care of your skin whether you are pregnant or not and at all stages of your pregnancy.

Its products include Anti-stretch marks , Nipple Care , Breasts and Postpartum Firming .

It also has specialized products for men.

Stretch marks and cracks on the skin of pregnant women are one of the most common problems during the pregnancy process.

If you are expecting a child, taking care of your skin with Trofolastin® throughout your pregnancy will help you keep your skin in perfect condition.

What is Trofolastin®?

It is a brand of Dermatological Products that is specialized in offering Skin Care Treatments throughout Pregnancy.

What type of products does the Trofolastin® range contain?

Within the Trofolastin® Product Range you can find Pregnancy Treatments that include Creams to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks and Cracks in the Nipple , as well as to Firm the skin and make it more Elastic after giving birth.

The Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Marks range has been tested on Pregnant Women, with a successful result of 90% Reduction of Stretch Marks . Its contribution of Vitamin E and Centella Asiatica helps to Regenerate the skin and Prevent Oxidation.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are linear skin lesions that are grouped in parallel bands. Collagen and Elastin Fibers break due to Stretching of the skin and also endocrine factors.

At first, Stretch Marks are reddish in color and over time they evolve to a pearly white color.

Stretch Marks of Pregnancy are called Striae Gravidarum. They usually measure between 2 and 10 mm and are located on the Chest, Buttocks, Abdomen, Hips, Thighs and sides. Stretch marks can appear at any age, both in men and women. They can arise due to weight gain, hormonal changes such as puberty; but, above all, they appear during pregnancy

Trofolastin® also has a Scar Reducing Line , in the form of Patches and Dressings. It can be used on Recent and Old Scars , as long as they are already completely closed.

This brand, Trofolastin® , is designed to fight against sagging skin and skin aging , both on the body and face.

The formulas of its Body Line contain Healing, Moisturizing and Firming Active Ingredients , which Regenerate the skin so that it regains more Volume , Firmness and Freshness .

Will my body go back to how it was before?

If you have been pregnant , you will have been able to see how much your body changes in 9 months. There are many physical and hormonal changes , especially related to weight gain .

Therefore, after childbirth it is logical and normal that your body shapes do not recover quickly. In addition, the skin is left with a flaccid and toneless appearance. To help your body regain its shape, we recommend using specific creams that provide elasticity to your skin.

Now you can Fight Sagging and Recover the Elasticity of your skin with Trofolastín® Post-Partum Firming Cream . It is a skin treatment, designed especially for after childbirth. Significantly improves Abdominal Elasticity .

In short, Trofolastin® is a line of products designed to provide comprehensive skin care for all types of people and, especially, for Pregnant Women.

Moisturizing and Helping Cellular Regeneration of the Epidermis is one of the essential steps to avoid long-term dermatological problems.

Beauty and skin health go hand in hand at all times.

The Trofolastin® Brand comes from Novartis Laboratories.