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Mustela. For baby and moms' skin

Mustela, security and commitment Mustela Commitment

Since 1950, the Mustela brand has been a specialist in skin care for babies and future mothers. Nothing is more valuable than your baby, therefore, safety is Mustela's first commitment. All Mustela products, developed in collaboration with health professionals, are hypoallergenic* and high tolerance.

As a result of the dermatological expertise of Expanscience Laboratories, all Mustela products have been evaluated through clinical studies or use tests under dermatological and pediatric control to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Mustela and its ingredients of natural origin Mustela Natural

The plant world has infinite resources for the care of delicate skin. In all its products, Mustela prioritizes natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Their products for babies and children are made with an average of 95% natural ingredients, reaching 98% in their products for the most sensitive skin and in their diaper exchange products.

The remaining percentage are texture, stability and preservative ingredients that are guaranteed high tolerance and safe and effective natural equivalents.

The benefits of Avocado Perséose: Present in all products in the range for Normal Skin, it is a biomimetic, patented and natural active ingredient that hydrates and helps the development of the fragile and delicate skin barrier of the baby's skin.

The richness of Beeswax: Present in all Cold Cream products in the Dry Skin range, it deeply nourishes the skin and protects its hydrolipid film.

Schizandra: Present in all products in the range for Very Sensitive Skin, it is a patented natural ingredient that relieves redness and feelings of discomfort.

Sunflower Oil Distillate: Present in all products in the Stelatopia range, it is a patented natural active ingredient that hydrates, relipidizes and calms the itchy sensations in Atopic Skin.

Mustela's commitments Mustela Care

Mustela is proud to be part of the B Corp community since May 2018 and to be the first French dermo-cosmetics brand to have a B Certificate.

Certificate B is a pioneering and demanding international label awarded to brands that demonstrate three-way economic, social and environmental performance as part of a periodic evaluation and that carry out their activities with a positive impact on society and the environment.

Certificate B is also a community of more than 2,000 companies around the world that share the same humanistic vision of the economy and that integrate the general interest at the heart of their economic model, thus combining economic performance with social, social and economic requirements. environmental.

With the B Certificate, Mustela reinforces its 4 pillars of commitment:

-The guarantee of naturalness and safety of its products, which currently contain an average of 95% ingredients of natural origin and exclude questionable ingredients.

-Respect for the environment with 100% ecologically designed products and 100% responsible plant supply chains.

-Investment in dermatological research for more than 60 years, to better meet the needs of the most fragile skin of pregnant women and children from birth.

-Proximity and support for new parents contribute to the correct development of the child and the relationship with their parents.

Mustela Maternity product range

Mustela Stretch Marks -Prevention of Stretch Marks: Range of products specifically formulated for future and new mothers, helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks thanks to its unique formula of ingredients of Natural Origin. In it you can find, for example, MUSTELA Stretch Mark Prevention Oil 105ml .

Firming Mustela -Body Firming: Products especially indicated to help you recover the firmness of your skin after giving birth. Muscle restructuring that restores firmness and allows you to recover the silhouette you had before childbirth. Among these products, you can find, for example, MUSTELA Body Firming Gel 200ml

Mustela Baby-Child product range

Mustela Normal Skin -Normal Skin: Creams, shampoos, gels and other products for babies with normal skin. They repair and hydrate the skin of the little ones, leaving it flexible and silky. In this range you can find, for example, MUSTELA Hydra Baby Body Milk 500ml.

Mustela Dry Skin -Dry Skin: Products especially indicated for your baby's dry skin. It immediately and lastingly nourishes and hydrates the skin, restoring the skin barrier and protecting it from external aggressions. Among the wide variety of creams, oils and gels, you can find, for example, Mustela Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream 40ml

Mustela Very Sensitive Skin -Very Sensitive Skin: Range of products for babies with very sensitive skin. Creams, gels and others that relieve small visible redness and the sensation of itching and tightness of very sensitive skin. You can find, for example, MUSTELA Comfort Moisturizing Body Milk for Very Sensitive Skin 200m l

Mustela Atopic Skin -Atopic Skin: Creams, gels and other products specifically focused on treating atopic skin. Relieves itching and sensation of irritation. It soothes the skin and stimulates the production of lipids that restructure its protective barrier. In this range you can find, for example, MUSTELA STELATOPIA Emollient Cream 300ml

Other Mustela products

Mustela Photoprotectors -Photoprotectors: Mustela also has among its products a varied range of photoprotectors to protect your baby from the harmful effects of solar radiation, allowing them to enjoy the sun without any problem. Among its catalogue, you can find, for example, Mustela Facial Sun Cream SPF 50+ 40ml

Mustela Others -Others: There are many Mustela products that can help your baby and its well-being, as well as postpartum recovery. It also has hygiene products such as wipes, or other ranges, such as colognes. For example, you can find MUSTELA Alcohol-Free Cologne Water 200ml