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AfterBite: the brand that relieves the itch of all types of bites

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After Bite is one of the product lines of Laboratorios Esteve, a company with a long history of more than 90 years in the health sector, present in more than 50 countries and with a range of 90 products in its catalog, one one of them is After Bite.

The leading brand to immediately relieve any insect bite (mosquitoes, wasps, bees or horseflies), jellyfish and plants.

I know that being outdoors is the best thing in the world, terrace with friends, outdoor sports, traveling, walking in the mountains, but one of the drawbacks of doing this in the summer (or with hot temperatures) is the risk of bites. of insects of all kinds .

It is recommended that you always have a good insect repellent such as Repel Bite, so that you can enjoy life, without worrying about bites, but if it is too late...

Now what you need is a product that gives you immediate relief : After Bite is your faithful companion no matter what itches.

AfterBite: the cure for itching for the whole family

After Bite is a very easy-to-use range of products to immediately relieve and soothe itching for the whole family, including children from 2 years old .

They are dermatologically tested, do not stain or dry out the skin. Additionally, you can use After Bite while pregnant.

This brand instantly soothes the itching caused by mosquito, jellyfish and plant bites.

In addition, there are different presentations for adults and children. Your skin and that of your family will forget about itching with After Bite wherever you are.

In Farma2go you can find:

After Bite Pediatric for children

The Pediatric After Bite is suitable for the most sensitive skin . Provides instant relief from itching caused by insects, jellyfish and plants in this type of skin, thanks to natural ingredients. After Bite for babies from 0 years old is 100% recommended.

After Bite Original

The usual AfterBite , the best known, which provides immediate improvement in itching caused by jellyfish, plants and all kinds of insects.

After Bite Gel Extreme Long Lasting

This After Bite gel offers long-lasting relief from itching. Thanks to its gel formula, it is ideal for refreshing the skin if the affected area is large . It can be used by the whole family, including babies.

Tips to prevent insects from biting you

Apart from the fact that you must take extreme protection using Repel Bite , it is advisable to be cautious and take these guidelines into account:

1. Wear clothing that covers almost the entire body . It is true that summer makes this difficult due to the heat, but you can always wear cool cotton clothes that allow you to be safe from mosquitoes, remember that any insect can bite you in the least expected place, up to your ankles.

2. Do not wear dark, bright or bright colors in areas where there are usually mosquitoes, because you will attract them.

3. Avoid spending time outdoors when the presence of mosquitoes is greater . During dawn and dusk and in places with high humidity or stagnant water (gardens, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, etc.) they tend to concentrate more easily.

4. Sleep with a mosquito net whenever you can and if you dine outdoors, put candles that smell like lemon or citronella as they find it very unpleasant.

Complement your anti-mosquito protection

At farma2go you also have bracelets and patches that will come in handy to optimize your protection, but yes, combine it with Repel Bite Biocides, such as the Familiar 100 ml format, Xtreme Spray 100 ml or Herbal Spray 100 ml .

And here are a series of products to use together with biocides :

Repelbite Natural Bracelet with citronella

An adjustable nylon bracelet with citronella ideal for any outdoor activity and also waterproof. It only contains natural citronella essences to repel insects.

RepelBite Kids Bracelet

RepelBite children's bracelet with citronella is recommended for children from 3 years old, since fun is guaranteed with its beautiful and entertaining format. It is silicone with click clack.

Repelbite Patches

They are adhesive patches with citronella, the most natural alternative to protect you from insect bites.

Combine your AfterBite biocide spray with RepelBite mosquito repellents and you will be impenetrable to insects!