Antiseptics and Sanitizers

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Antiseptics and Sanitizers

Antiseptics are chemical substances that prevent infections, since they prevent the development of microorganisms found on the surface of the skin and on mucous membranes, without causing irritation or damage. For this reason, to maintain proper health and protect ourselves properly, we must clean and disinfect the main entrances of germs to our body, such as our hands, with them.

To prevent infections, it is also important to use antiseptic and sanitizing products such as hand sanitizing gel , which also reinforces the skin's natural defenses. Keeping your hands clean can prevent the spread of diseases in all areas of daily life. Hand washing can prevent the transmission of microorganisms. Especially indicated to avoid involuntary and unwanted infections.

These types of products and gels clean and disinfect quickly and effectively without the need for rinsing, denaturing the virus proteins, protecting, purifying and sanitizing in depth without drying out the skin.

Its formulas are usually made with a large percentage of alcohol (usually more than 70% of its total composition), with some addition, such as Provitamin B5 (panthenol), which enhances the hydration and softness of the epidermis, or the Lactoferrin, which reinforces the skin's natural defenses to enhance protection.

Quick-drying solutions, very useful on a day-to-day basis, thanks to their versatility of use. Designed to be used daily as many times as necessary in all kinds of people. The hydroalcoholic gel is ideal for keeping your hands clean effectively when you don't have soap and water nearby, achieving quick and easy hand hygiene wherever you are, be it work, public transport...

For the little ones, it is recommended that they carry their hydroalcoholic gel in comfortable carriers that will help them always have it with them and not lose it, being able to use it at any time without inconvenience or forgetfulness.

How is the sanitizing hydroalcoholic gel used?

Apply a small amount of the disinfectant gel in the palm of the hand (about 2ml) and rub for 30-60 seconds until completely dry in the open air.