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Aquilea Natural Food Supplements

Aquilea combines the best ingredients from nature with the most innovative science , to create natural and effective solutions that boost your well-being.

In every plant , in every mineral , at the top of a mountain or in the deepest subsoil , there is hidden a natural ingredient that can improve people's quality of life .

At Aquilea they combine the best of nature with the most innovative science to create effective products that promote people's well-being.

The force of nature is the force of Aquilea .

The Aquilea brand of products offers food supplements , created with 100% natural ingredients to improve the quality of life and overcome everyday challenges.

Aquilea Food Supplements and Infusions are an ecological and benevolent alternative for the body and your well-being.

Aquilea extracts the best ingredients from nature and researches nature responsibly in order to fully understand its virtues and take advantage of the active ingredients. To do this , they have a very complete team of pharmacists, nutritionists and biologists , as well as a Scientific Advisory Committee that is made up of doctors who ensure that the products they offer are completely safe for health.

Natural solutions from Aquilea for your well-being


In times of stress our mind needs help to sleep as our sleep can be affected . Aquilea offers you a wide variety of natural sleep products , they will help you fall asleep and make your rest more pleasant.

Aquilea dream compact bilayer tablets

- AQUILEA Sueño Compact 1.95 Mg 60 Bilayer Tablets : Food Supplement that helps you fall asleep . Feeling of Instant Comfort and Relaxation . Promotes Quality Sleep Naturally . With Extracts of Valerian, Passionflower and California Poppy . Without gluten. Without lactose. No Added Sugars . Bilayer Tablet: release its ingredients as they are needed.

- AQUILEA Sleep Drops Rest 20ml : Food Supplement in Drops that Helps You Fall Asleep . Helps Reduce the Time Needed for Sleep Onset . Sensation of Immediate Comfort and Tranquility . With Melatonin, Chamomile and Melissa . Without gluten. Suitable for the whole family . Recommended for children from 6 months . Help to Fall asleep.

Aquilea Melatonin Spray

- AQUILEA Sueño Express Spray Lemon Flavor 12ml : Sublingual Spray to Help You Fall Asleep . Spray with Melatonin . It is absorbed more quickly . Contributes to achieving a Quick Start of Sleep . Without gluten. Without lactose. Suitable for Diabetics. Lemon Flavor . Recommended for Schedule Changes, Jet Lag, Times of Stress ... Convenient Spray format to take anywhere.

- AQUILEA Sueño Instant 25 sachets : Food Supplement for a Peaceful Rest . Helps you fall asleep . Restorative Rest . With Melatonin, Lemon Balm, Passionflower and California Poppy . Pleasant Melissa-Lemon flavor . Without lactose.

- AQUILEA Sueño Forte 30 tablets : Natural Food Supplement to Fall Asleep . Helps You Relax and Maintain Quality Sleep Throughout the Night . Trilayer tablet acts throughout the night. Helps Reduce the time needed to fall asleep . Quality Dream. Relaxation for Restful Sleep . Based on Natural Ingredients : Passionflower, California Poppy, Lemon Balm, Valerian, and Griffonia Extract. Indicated for those people who find it difficult to fall asleep.

Defenses and Immune System

Like every winter , it's time to take care of yourself and take the appropriate measures to try to avoid colds or to relieve your discomfort in case we have already been infected.

The best way to combat cold viruses is your own defenses.

To keep our defenses strong , it is necessary to take foods or food supplements rich in Vitamin C , an antioxidant and necessary for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of our body.

Zinc is also very important, which strengthens our white blood cells, and Echinacea , with properties to improve the immune system and prevent colds, sore throats... caused by the change of season and the arrival of the cold. Aquilea Immune System 30 tablets

- AQUILEA Immune System 30 Tablets : Food Supplement with Wellmune B-glucans, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Contributes to Keeping the Immune System in Good Condition . Strengthening the Natural Defenses of our Body . Increases the Body's Resistance against Pathogenic Microorganisms . Contributes to Protecting Cells against Oxidative Damage . Suitable for Celiacs. Without lactose. Does not contain added sugars. From 12 years of age. Strengthening the Immune System.

- AQUILEA Echinacea 30 Tablets : Food Supplement based on Echinacea . Helps Strengthen Natural Defenses. Contributes to Combating External Factors that attack our Body . Echinacea helps the Immune System . Helps the Organization in times of Greater External Aggressions . With Echinacea Natural plant . No Added Sugar. To Help You in Season Changes and Cold Times.


Do you have joint discomfort or difficulty in mobility ? Discover the wide variety of natural products for the joints of Aquilea . Improve your mobility and help keep your joints and muscles in shape!

- AQUILEA Joints Forte-Dol 30 Tablets : Food Supplement for Bones, Joints and Muscles . Provides Flexibility . Stops Joint Wear. Helps maintain flexibility and well-being of the joints . Contributes to the maintenance of bones and muscles . Acts During the Night. Without gluten. Without lactose. No added sugars. Natural Way to Take Care of Your Mobility.

Aquilea Joints Forte Dol tablets

- AQUILEA Collagen and Magnesium Lemon Flavor 375g + 15% Free : Food Supplement for Joints, Bones, Muscles and Skin. Maintaining Healthy and Strong Joints . Prevents Joint Wear and Regenerates Cartilage . Prevents Injuries and Promotes Recovery . Improves Muscle Function. With Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Magnesium . Without lactose. Suitable for Diabetics. Flavor: Lemon . Especially Recommended for Athletes . Format for 35 Days: 375gr + 15% FREE. To Keep your Muscles and Joints in Shape.

- AQUILEA Duplo Collagen and Magnesium Lemon Flavor 2x375gr : Format: 60-day pack.

- AQUILEA Joints Forte-Dol 280gr : Food Supplement that Helps Improve the Mobility of the Joints . Improves Flexibility and Well-being of the Joints . Maintenance of Bones and Muscles in Normal Conditions. Helps Prevent Wear . Without lactose. Without gluten. Orange Flavor . Joint Mobility and Flexibility.


The discomfort that occurs during digestion can make our daily lives difficult, in addition to affecting our mood. At Aquilea they adapt their products to you so that you feel good, which is why they have effective natural properties to reduce the feeling of bloating and improve digestive functioning . Products for good digestion!

Aquilea Compressed Gases

- AQUILEA Gases 60 tablets : Food Supplement that Promotes the Elimination of Gas. Helps Improve Discomfort caused by Gas . Promotes a Flat Belly. Feeling of Well-being after Heavy Meals and Digestion . Decreases the Effect of Waist Compression . With Anise, Fennel and Caraway . Without gluten. No added sugar. Helps a Flat and Gas-Free Belly.

- AQUILEA Gases Forte Vegetable Charcoal 60 Capsules : Food Supplement that Promotes the Elimination of Gases . Helps Reduce the Feeling of Swelling . Helps Gastrointestinal Well-being . Prevents and Eliminates these Gases Naturally . With Vegetable Active Charcoal . With Anise, Fennel, Caraway, Ginger and Chamomile . Without lactose. Without gluten. Prevention and Natural Elimination of Gases.

- AQUILEA Antacid Mint Flavor 24 Trilayer Tablets : Trilayer Tablet to Dissolve in the Mouth . Helps Fight Acidity . Avoid Reflux . Protects Irritated Gastric Mucosa . Reduces the sensation of Burning, Acid Regurgitation and Stomach Pain . Suitable for Celiacs. Without lactose. Pleasant mint flavor. Digestion.

Energy & Vitality

Aquilea takes care of your energy and vitality levels so that you achieve a positive attitude and enjoy your daily life to the fullest. Therefore, as experts in natural vitamins and minerals, Aquilea offers you a range of products , choose the one that best suits you. Feel naturally good and energetic!

- AQUILEA Vitamin C + Zinc Defenses Orange Flavor 14 Effervescent Tablets : Vitamin Complex that Helps Increase Defenses . Strengthens our Immune System . Extra Energy in your Everyday Life . With Vitamin C. Helps Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue . Protects Cells from Oxidative Damage . Orange Flavor. Format: 14 Effervescent Tablets. Take care of your Natural Defenses.

Aquilea Magnesium and Potassium Orange Flavor

- AQUILEA Magnesium + Potassium Orange Flavor 28 Effervescent Tablets : Food Supplement based on Magnesium and Potassium . Helps Restore Lost Minerals and gives you Energy and Well-being . Helps Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue . Ideal for people who carry out intense physical activities . For people who produce Excessive Sweating and Fluid Loss. Helps Recovery of Muscle Tone Naturally. Contributes to Electrolyte Balance and Normal Energy Metabolism . With Vitamins and Minerals, Magnesium and Potassium . Orange Flavor. Format: 2x14 Effervescent Tablets . Effervescent Energy for your Muscles and Bones .

- AQUILEA Vitamin D+ (30 sublingual tablets) : Food Supplement to Strengthen the Immune System . Bone Maintenance . Muscle Functioning. With Great Antioxidant Properties . Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Resveratrol . Normal Function of the Immune System . Balance of Calcium and Phosphorus . Regulates the Immune System . Suitable for Celiacs. Without lactose. No Added Sugars. Format: 30 sublingual tablets.

- AQUILEA Magnesium Lemon Flavor 28 Effervescent Tablets : Magnesium-based Food Supplement. Helps Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue . Contributes to the Normal Functioning of Muscles and Bones. Contributes to Electrolyte Balance (Avoid Cramps) . For active people, athletes or those who make physical efforts . Suitable for Celiacs. Without lactose. No Added Sugars. With Vitamins, Minerals and Magnesium. Lemon Flavor. Format: 2x14 Effervescent Tablets . Effervescent Energy for your Muscles and Bones.

- AQUILEA Crono-Energía 30 tablets : Natural Food Supplement to Activate your Body . Maintains Energy throughout the day. Contributes to Physical Energy . Helps Mental Activity . Provides Emotional Well-being . With Natural Extracts and Group B Vitamins . Bilayer Tablets: Immediate Effect and Sustained Effect. Activate your Body and Maintain Energy Throughout the Day.

- AQUILEA Vigor Ella for Women 60 capsules : Food Supplement to Increase Vitality and Female Passion . Helps the Physical and Emotional Vitality of Women . It contributes to being More Receptive to Relationships. Helps Improve Fertility and Female Vigor Naturally. Contributes to Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue . Favor your relationships. No added sugar. Format: 60 capsules. Improves Fertility and Female Vigor Naturally.

Aquilea Vigor He for Men

- AQUILEA Vigor Him for Men 60 capsules : Food Supplement for Male Performance . For Men who want to Improve their Desire and Performance . Helps the Vitality of Intimate Relationships . Contributes to maintaining Vigor. Contributes to the maintenance of Normal Testosterone Levels . No added sugar. Format: 60 capsules. Naturally Helps Improve Male Performance and Maintain Vigor.

- AQUILEA Fértil Man Lemon Flavor 30 sachets : Food Supplement for Men of Fertile Age . Andean maca, L-carnitine, vitamin E and Selenium : Contributes to Normal Spermogenesis . Zinc : Contributes to Normal Fertility and Reproduction . Maintenance of Normal Testosterone Levels . Protection of Cells Against Oxidative Damage . Contributes to Increase the Amount of Movable Sperm . Helps Increase Sperm Mobility . Flavor: Lemon . Format: 30 envelopes.

Yarrow Fertile Male

Food supplement for men of childbearing age , based on Andean Maca concentrate, L-carnitine, vitamin E and Selenium, which contributes to normal spermogenesis and Zinc , which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

Lifestyle , stress , tobacco use, alcohol consumption and obesity are potential factors that make it difficult to conceive . And more and more, there are studies that indicate that male fertility decreases drastically . More than half of Spanish men (57.8%) between 18 and 30 years old have semen of lower quality than what the WHO considers normal.

Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction , as well as the maintenance of normal testosterone levels .

Selenium that contributes to normal fertility and reproduction .

Copper and Vitamin E contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative damage .

There are studies that indicate that Andean Maca increases the amount of motile sperm and increases sperm motility.

Other studies indicate that L-carnitine acts in the processes of sperm formation, maturation and regeneration.

Respiratory tract

Fight cold seasons against possible colds or other infections with Aquilea's range of products for the respiratory tract . Always using natural solutions to prevent, treat and relieve respiratory tract discomfort . We help you feel good!

Aquilea Propolis for children

- AQUILEA Kids Propolis 150ml : Syrup for Children helps Strengthen Defenses . Natural Defenses to Combat External Aggressions in Cold Times . Contributes to Strengthening the Immune System . Formulated with Propolis, Echinacea, Plantain, Thyme and Vitamin C. With Properties for the Well-being of the Throat . Suitable for Celiacs. Without lactose. Indicated for Children from 3 years old. Helps Children's Immune System.

Syrup based on propolis, echinacea, plantain, thyme and vitamin C. It helps strengthen defenses , which can be weakened in cold seasons . Suitable for children from 3 years old.

It is a syrup based on Propolis , a substance produced naturally by bees , combined with echinacea, thyme, plantain for the respiratory tract and vitamin C , which helps maintain natural defenses to combat external aggressions in cold times.

Propolis is a resinous substance that bees obtain from the buds of trees and some vegetables with great antibacterial, antiviral, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and slightly analgesic properties.

Echinacea strengthens the immune system .

Thyme helps clear mucus from the respiratory tract.

Plantain is a plant that has excellent properties for the well-being of the throat .

Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system.

Children are more susceptible during the fall and winter months because the cold air and heating of closed environments dry out their nasal membranes , making it easier for microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria to enter . In addition, when it is cold they spend more hours inside buildings , where microorganisms can spread more easily from one person to another .

Most children have, on average, between six and ten colds a year . In families with children who go to daycare or school , the number of colds can reach 12 per year.

Aquilea Kids Propolis is a syrup aimed at children in cold weather when they are more prone to catching colds.

- AQUILEA Propolis Syrup 150ml : Syrup with Propolis and Pine Buds . Helps Strengthen the Body's Natural Defenses . Ideal for cold times or temperature changes . Syrup made with Natural Extracts . Suitable for Celiacs. Without lactose. Syrup Formula for Cold Symptoms.

Yarrow Propolis Syrup

Syrup with propolis and pine buds that helps strengthen the body's natural defenses.

Propolis is a substance that bees obtain from plants and that, after a slight transformation, they use to disinfect the hive and keep it free of microorganisms . Studies of this wonderful "defense" conclude that propolis has more than 50 active ingredients that explain the large number of benefits it provides to health.

Aquilea Propolis Syrup is a natural food supplement based on propolis and a combination of plants traditionally used for their properties in the respiratory tract, ideal for cold seasons or changes in temperature.

- Propolis is a natural substance made by bees .
- Pine buds have traditionally been used for the respiratory tract.
- Echinacea and vitamin C along with trace elements such as zinc, copper and manganese help maintain natural defenses .

Silhouette and Beauty

Are you trying to take care of and maintain your silhouette ? Aquilea helps you achieve it. Start combining a balanced diet with a sports routine and products with natural properties to maintain your figure . It will help you feel lighter . Feel twice as good!

- AQUILEA Detox + Fat Burner 10 Soluble Sticks : Natural Food Supplement to Detoxify the Body. Improves Digestion . Eliminates Toxins . Eliminates Water Retention . Burn Accumulated Fat . 10-day Express Plan . With 6 Natural Plant Extracts . Format: 10 Soluble Sticks. Pineapple Flavor.

Aquilea Detox Fat Burner

Natural food supplement indicated to detoxify the body . 10-day express plan . With 6 natural extracts (green tea, artichoke, boldo, horsetail, birch and wild pansy).

A mixture of specific plants to improve digestion , eliminate toxins , eliminate water retention , burn accumulated fat , etc.

Sometimes the toxins that reach our body or that we produce can exceed those that our body is capable of eliminating through our own detoxification systems . When toxins accumulate in the tissues they can cause discomfort, constipation, tiredness and fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia.

It's time to detoxify the body , with Aquilea Detox Fat Burner , an express plan in 10 days , which also promotes the elimination of toxins from the skin thanks to Wild Thought , helps digestive comfort thanks to Boldo , and helps increase water elimination. by the kidneys and the urinary tract thanks to Horsetail.

- AQUILEA Fat Burners 15 Soluble Sticks Strawberry Flavor : Food Supplement that Helps Eliminate Fat . Combination of 8 Natural Extracts . Helps Eliminate Fat from Buttocks, Thighs and Abdomen . Improve the Silhouette . Helps Control Fat Metabolism . Contributes to Eliminate Liquids and Toxins Accumulated in the Body . Without lactose. Without gluten. No added sugar. Pleasant Strawberry Flavor . Convenient and Practical Soluble Stick format . Helps Burn Fat.

- AQUILEA Draining 15 Soluble Sticks Forest Fruit flavor : Food Supplement that Helps Eliminate Liquids Accumulated in the Body . Helps Fight Cellulite and Reduce Adipose Tissue . Helps Reduce Cellulite in Thighs, Buttocks or Arms . Formulated with 8 Natural Extracts . With Horsetail and Cherry tails . Without gluten. Without lactose. No Added Sugar. Pleasant flavor of Forest Fruits . Convenient 15 Sitcks Soluble format. Draining Yarrow to Eliminate Liquids.


Do your legs feel tired? Aquilea has a range of products and natural relief for circulation . Avoid these uncomfortable discomforts and help reduce them with natural remedies. Improve your circulation!

Some factors such as leading a sedentary lifestyle or genetic predisposition can cause tired legs syndrome . Reduce these discomforts with natural remedies and improve your circulation.

- AQUILEA Light Legs 60 Tablets : Food Supplement to Relieve Tired Legs . Provides a feeling of lightness in the legs . Lighter and Cooler Legs . Improves the Feeling of Tiredness and Heaviness of the Legs . With Rusco, Horse Chestnut, and Vitamin C. No Lactose and No Added Sugars. Without gluten. Format: 60 tablets. Feel your legs light.

Aquilea Tired Legs

Food supplement especially indicated for those people who have tired legs . Provides a feeling of lightness in the legs . Lactose free and no added sugars.

Many hours standing or many hours sitting , a sedentary life , genetic predisposition , age or poor diet ... can end up affecting venous return and causing the well-known feeling of tired legs .

With Aquilea Legs Light you will improve the feeling of tiredness and heaviness . Feel your legs lighter and fresher , thanks to the combination of Bioflavonoids (Diosmin, Rutin, Hesperidin) and plants such as Rusco and Horse Cataño and Vitamin C.

Rusco helps to revitalize, refresh and provides a feeling of lightness in the legs naturally.

Horse Chestnut that helps reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs .

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation.

Wellness Infusions

Stomach, throat or nerve discomfort? Aquilea's wellness infusions are made with natural ingredients and help you. Find in Aquilea a wide variety of natural infusions for health and well-being.

- AQUILEA Drainage Infusion 20 Sachets : Infusion to help Eliminate Liquids and Control Weight . Helps Eliminate Liquids . Reduces the Feeling of Swelling, Heaviness and Weight Gain . Draining Properties . With Green Tea, Horsetail, Dandelion and Ulmaria . Without lactose. Without gluten. No added sugars. Peach Flavor. Format: 20 Infusion Bags. Plant Infusion for the Elimination of Liquids.

Yarrow Drainage Infusion

Aquilea Drainage is a plant infusion that, due to its draining properties , will help you eliminate liquids , reducing the feeling of swelling, heaviness and weight gain . Formulated with green tea, horsetail, dandelion and meadowsweet .

Fluid retention can be caused by different factors , both exogenous and endogenous . However, we can help our body eliminate this accumulation of fluids and toxins naturally , eliminating that feeling of swelling and volume that leads to weight gain .

In addition, to improve our way of life , our diet and increase physical activity , we can help ourselves with the beneficial properties of certain plants offered by Aquilea Infusion Drainage , an infusion of plants that, due to its properties in the elimination of liquids , reducing the sensation of swelling, heaviness and increased volume .

It is the most natural solution in the form of an infusion to eliminate fluids and control weight .


Aquilea has food supplements made from natural ingredients with the aim of helping you feel good inside and out. Discover their natural food supplements!

Urinary Tracts: Aquilea offers you a natural treatment for the urinary tract . With its active ingredients it will help you control and relieve discomfort in the urinary tract naturally .

- AQUILEA Prostate Complex 30 capsules : Food Supplement for the Normal Functioning of the Prostate . With Pumpkin Seeds and Antioxidants . Ideal for Men's Care . Indicated for Men from 40 years of age . No added sugar. Format: 30 capsules. To help in Men's Care.

Aquilea Prostate Complex Normal functioning of the prostate

Food supplement designed for the normal functioning of the prostate . Based on concentrated pumpkin seed oil and antioxidants , such as lycopene and resveratrol , ideal for men's care .

The prostate is a cause of concern for many men over the age of 45 . Difficulties in urination , the urge to urinate frequently or the need to get up at night to urinate are some of the most frequent signs of prostate conditions.

From the age of 40 , it is advisable to perform prostate checkups once a year.

Aquilea Prostate Complex is the food supplement with pumpkin seeds and antioxidants for the normal functioning of the prostate .

Women's cycles: Aquilea food supplements made from natural ingredients help relieve discomfort caused by the female hormonal cycle . Regardless of what type of hormonal cycle you have, Aquilea adapts to you naturally so that you feel good.

- AQUILEA Menopause Plus 30 capsules : Food Supplement indicated for Women in the Menopause Stage. Relieves Hot Flashes and Sweats of Menopause. With Soy Isoflavones. With Vitamin D3 : Calcium Absorption and Regulation . With Vitamin K : maintenance of bones in normal conditions. Contributes to Normal Bone Regeneration . With Zinc, Copper and Manganese : Protection of Cells against Oxidative Damage . No added sugar. Format: 30 Capsules.

Yarrow Menopause Plus

Food supplement indicated for women in the menopause stage. Relieves menopause hot flashes . With aquisoja plus, soy isoflavones, vitamins D and K, manganese, magnesium and zinc. For bone maintenance.

Menopause is a period that sooner or later reaches every woman. Not everyone experiences this stage in the same way, but the majority of women suffer from hot flashes or heat stroke , and in many cases bone density can also experience changes due to this process.

Aquilea Menopause Plus is a supplement to relieve hot flashes caused by menopause, sweating and other symptoms that cause discomfort . In a single capsule it provides the recommended daily amount , that is, 72 mg of soy isoflavones .

Soy isoflavones have traditionally been used during menopause.

It is also enriched with vitamins and trace elements .

Vitamin D3 is related to the absorption and regulation of calcium , and therefore contributes to normal bone regeneration .

Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of bones in normal conditions.

Zinc, copper and manganese also contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative damage.

Aquilea Natural Products