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Bepanthol Soothing Cream

Bepanthol® was created and launched on the market in 1944, and has been part of Bayer since 2005.

Bepanthol® has developed a wide range of pioneering Skin Care products. Among its "Star Products" is Bepanthol® Protective Ointment using Panthenol, also known as Pro-vitamin B , as a Key Ingredient.

Panthenol is also called "The Skin Vitamin" and helps keep skin healthy and participates in numerous metabolic processes in the body.

In cells, Panthenol is rapidly converted to Pantothenic Acid. This plays a key role in coenzyme A, which in turn drives the Cellular Repair process and promotes Regeneration of the Skin Epithelium.

Pro-Vitamin B5 also:

- Promotes cell division and migration.

- Promotes Lipid Production in the skin.

- Accelerates tissue growth .

- Increases the skin's Moisture Retention capacity.

Pro-Vitamin B5 contributes in a non-aggressive way to the Natural Regeneration of the skin , also keeping it Soft, Smooth and Hydrated.

What is Bepanthol®?

The Bepanthol® range covers all your needs and those of your family: from the Regeneration of damaged Skin in situations such as: Tattoos , Irritations, Scars , Chafing, Cracks or Burns , to the protection and care of the baby's bottom , to the treatment and daily care of Atopic skin.

Bepanthol ® fights itching, redness and irritation of the skin, eczema and atopic dermatitis.

The Skin is the largest organ in the human body and extremely versatile. Among other things, it protects us from environmental aggression, participates in metabolism and allows us to communicate with our environment. If the skin suffers alterations, it can have an impact on our daily lives. Therefore, it is important to protect our skin and keep it healthy.

Bepanthol® It has been created to take care of your skin. Within its range of products you can find:

*Bepanthol® Tattoo Protective Ointment:

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo 30gr

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo DUPLO Tattoo Cream 2x30gr

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo Tattoo Cream 10x30gr TATTOO PACK

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo Tattoo Cream 20x30gr TATTOO PACK

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo 100gr

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo DUPLO Tattoo Cream 2x100gr

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo Tattoo Cream 10x100gr TATTOO PACK

- BEPANTHOL Tattoo Tattoo Cream 20x100gr TATTOO PACK

Why is Bepanthol® Protective Ointment good for tattoo care?

Whether it's your first or tenth time getting a tattoo, tattoo aftercare is key. This is what will protect your tattooed skin for the next few weeks; and that's where we come in. For decades, the tattoo industry has used Bepanthol® protective ointment to:

- Keep the skin hydrated , essential for a polished tattoo.

- Help regenerate the skin after the tattoo.

- Protects the skin with a transparent layer that allows the skin to breathe.

What care does a Tattoo entail?

Tattoo care begins immediately after finishing the tattoo and helps protect the tattooed skin for weeks afterward. So follow these steps, along with your tattoo artist's recommendations:

1. Don't touch it. Don't peek under the bandage. Leave it on for as long as your tattoo artist tells you – at least two hours is typical.

2. Remove the bandage. Be careful. If the bandage sticks to your skin, try soaking it with warm water to make it come off more easily.

3. Wash your skin. Carefully clean your skin with your hand using Mild Soap.

4. Dry well and disinfect it. Dry your skin with a sterile dressing or gauze little by little, without rubbing, and disinfect it as instructed by the tattoo artist. Otherwise, you can irritate your skin or even draw blood.

5. Hydrate yourself with Bepanthol®. It is important to keep your skin protected. Just use a small amount of protective tattoo ointment, just enough to cover the tattoo area.

6. Clean yourself regularly. Wash and moisturize the tattoo at least twice a day for a period of three to six weeks.

*Bepanthol® Baby Protective Ointment:

- BEPANTHOL Baby Protective Ointment 100G

- BEPANTHOL Baby Protective Ointment 50G

- BEPANTHOL Duplo Baby Protective Ointment 2x100G

- BEPANTHOL Baby Protective Ointment 100G + 30G FREE

- BEPANTHOL Baby Protective Ointment 2x30gr Duplo

- BEPANTHOL Baby Protective Ointment 100G + Pacifier Holder Gift

- BEPANTHOL Extra Protection Baby Ointment - 30 gr

- BEPANTHOL Extra Protection Baby Ointment 100 gr

Why is Bepanthol® Protective Ointment for Babies good?

Babies ' skin is soft and delicate , especially in the butt area.

That is why it is essential to have a good ally for baby skin care.

At Bepanthol® we know that there is nothing more important than the Well-being of your Baby, and that is why we have been taking care of their beautiful and delicate skin for more than 50 years. Baby's skin is Thinner and Softer than that of an adult, and also much more Sensitive. In addition, it has a higher pH, which makes it more vulnerable to irritating agents.

In the diaper area this condition is even more relevant. Because the skin is so sensitive and thin, an irritated and red bottom (known as diaper rash ) is an extremely common condition but at the same time easy to treat.

Bepanthol® has formulated a product Without Perfume, Without Dyes and Without Preservatives to protect and care for the delicate skin of your baby's bottom.

Diaper rash is extremely common and in most cases it can be prevented or cared for by applying a specific protective cream for the baby's skin such as Bepanthol® Baby Protective Ointment . If a few days pass and the irritation and redness of the baby's skin worsens, you should see a doctor.

In addition to these 2 main ranges of Bepanthol ® Products you can also find:

*Moisturizing Facial Cream:

- BEPANTHOL SensiDaily Cream 150ML

*Body Moisturizers:

- BEPANTHOL Pack Calm 50 G +Bepanthol SensiDaily Cream 150ML Pack Offer

- BEPANTHOL Intensive Moisturizing Lotion Daily Care for Dry Skin 400ML

- BEPANTHOL Moisturizing Lotion Daily Skin Care 200ML

- BEPANTHOL Calm Cream 20G

- BEPANTHOL Moisturizing Lotion Daily Skin Care 400ML

*Regenerative and Healing:

- BEPANTHOL Nasal Gel 10G

- BEPANTHOL Ultra Protect Moisturizing Lotion 400ML

- BEPANTHOL Plus spray 30ml

- BEPANTHOL Dry Skin Care Cream 100G

- BEPANTHOL Dry Skin Care Cream 30G

- BEPANTHEN Burn Foam Spray 75ML

*Atopic Skin & Xerosis:

- BEPANTHOL Calm Cream 50G

- BEPANTHOL SensiControl Daily Emollient Cream 400ml

*Eye drops:

- BEPANTHOL Eye Drops 10x0.5ML

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