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Aderma: pioneer in plant dermatology to care for fragile skin

A-Derma invented plant dermatology almost 40 years ago , as an alternative to treat delicate skin.

When A-Derma began its journey, they considered whether plants would be the key to caring for all types of fragile skin.

They asked themselves this question at a time when the concept of “natural cosmetics” was not on anyone's lips.

Today, the answer is more than clear and it was research that ensured that this was possible.

A-Derma offers a unique experience in terms of plants and hence, the soul of the products is an exclusive asset: Rhealba® white oats.

It is the first dermo-cosmetic brand with a plant component of natural origin that soothes, cares for and protects irritated, fragile, damaged and atopic-prone skin.

This pioneering and innovative A-Derma approach, based on plants and committed to people and nature, makes weakened skin regain its balance and natural beauty.

A-Derma experts in fragile skin

A-Derma is a dermocosmetics brand 100% committed to caring for this type of skin.

Therefore, all products are rigorously formulated and designed to meet the needs of fragile skin of all ages, and of course, tested to ensure optimal efficacy and tolerance.

But what is fragile skin according to A-Derma?

After years of research, he has come to the conclusion that it is a vulnerable skin type with a weakened barrier . And when this happens, the skin surface is more permeable, more sensitive, more prone to irritation and, in general, causes considerable physical and psychological discomfort.

A-Derma has gone further, defining 4 types of fragile skin according to the origin of the problem:

1. Constitutional fragile skin , related to age (children or elderly people), or location (eyelids, neck, neckline or forehead).

2. Environmental fragile skin, normal skin weakened by stress, weather or pollution.

3. Iatrogenic fragile skin , damaged by pharmacological or surgical treatments.

4. Pathological fragile skin (atopic dermatitis, rosacea, acne and reactive skin), where the skin reflects less resistance to aggression.

A-derma experts in weakened skin

Thanks to this extraordinary knowledge of the fragility of the skin, A-DERMA offers specific solutions with hygiene and care products adapted to the specific needs of each skin type.

History of A-Derma: discover the most important milestones of its journey

In the 70s, a pharmacist from Castes named Mr Pierre Fabre , who was passionate about botany, chose oats for dermocosmetic use.

A plant that had been used for medicinal purposes for 3 millennia, but was not used at that time.

The history of this brand begins here, and more specifically, in the southwest of France.

The A-Derma brand name was inspired by this DERMATological oatmeal , and in 1982 it gave rise to the brand's first product, the dermatological cleansing bread with oat milk, which, in fact, was the first soap-free bread in pharmacies. With this product, plant dermocosmetics was born .

A-Derma was born as a brand marked by innovation and development , and its professional career has been conditioned by this, and hence, its products have been among the most recommended and sold by doctors.

Double success with the launch of Dermalibour and Epitheliale

In 1993, Dermalibour was launched on the market, the first industrial formula based on copper and zinc, purifying for fragile and irritated skin, the best solution to care for skin with burning, itching and redness.

In Farma2Go you can see this line of products:

A-DERMA Dermalibour+ Repair Cream 50 ml

A-DERMA Dermalibour+ Repair Cream 100 ml

A-DERMA Dermalibour+ Cica Cream 15 ml

A-DERMA Dermalibour+ Barrier Protective Cream 100 ml

At the same time, Epitheliale emerges, the expert repairing and soothing range for weakened, irritated skin, with scars and stretch marks.

Here at Farma2go you will find:

A-DERMA Epitheliale AH Ultra Protective Repair Cream SPF 50+ (40 ml)

A-Derma Epitheliale AH Ultra Repair Cream 15 ml

Another innovation is the joint work of A-Derma with ETFAD (European Task Force on Atopic Dermatitis), which results in the publication of SCORAD, the first monitoring tool to see the evolution of Atopic Dermatitis.

Currently, it is the reference scale to verify the effectiveness of treatments for atopic dermatitis. Years later, in 2009, the patient-oriented version of this publication was launched: PO-SCORAD.

A-Derma with its concept of plant dermocosmetics leads the way to take consumers into account for the development of its solutions, tools and products to improve their well-being.

The successful Exomega line goes on the market

In 1994, the Exomega range went on sale, cosmetics designed for very dry skin prone to atopic eczema, biodegradable formulas with anti-itch action that can be used from birth.

The Exomega line became a bestseller around the world and has in fact expanded to offer a complete solution for this type of skin.

Some of the Exomega products on Farma2go:

A-DERMA EXOMEGA Emollient Cleansing Gel 500 ml

A-DERMA Exomega Control Emollient Balm 400 ml

A-DERMA Exomega Cleansing Gel 2 in 1 (500 ml)

Rhealba Oats: house brand

In 1998, after 16 exhaustive years of research on Avena Sativa, one of its 300 species was chosen to be the best ally for the skin, due to its softness and richness in active ingredients: the Rhea variety, a pure white oat that A-Derma called Rhealba, and which became its patented and exclusive ingredient, the hallmark of A-Derma.

Following this decision and under the leadership of Pierre Fabre, researchers continue to explore new assets from Rhealba® Oat sprouts called SEEDLINGS .

Oat Seedling Extract: the new innovation from A-Derma

In 2009, the laboratories created a new active component: Rhealba® oat seedling extract , fresh, young oat sprouts harvested at 10 and 12 weeks, when they reach their maximum concentration of active molecules: soothing flavonoids and rebalancing saponins.

This natural active ingredient is a plant treasure for the skin. Being rich in saponins, which rebalances the skin , and flavonoids, it has a powerful potential to calm the skin.

******This extract is present in the entire A-Derma range for the care of fragile skin.

A-Derma takes the reins of its dermatological brand

At the beginning of 2010, A-Derma became independent, left the Ducray brand and focused on its path, a journey based on a perfect balance between plants and science and from there, it set out to conquer new markets and countries.

The first crucial decision at this time was that all Rhealba® oats were grown organically.

The second was to find a place to cultivate this asset that will also represent the values ​​of A-Derma.

And after a long search, the brand's emblematic location was found: The Land of Oats, in the heart of the Tarn region, which opened its doors in 2013.

Aderma plant laboratory

Fragile skin becomes a scientific reality

In 2014, what was an intuition for A-Derma becomes a reality. The brand had always targeted the most fragile skin, but after years of studies, surveys, work groups and remodeling work, fragile skin becomes a scientific reality, thanks to the publication of its definition and classifications in the prestigious JEADV magazine (Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology)

A-DERMA ends up becoming the emblematic brand of Dermatological Oatmeal for fragile skin and thus establishes its scope of action.

Launch of Phys-AC care for acneic skin

In 2014 , the Phys-AC line was launched , a range of care and hygiene formulated expressly for acne-prone skin , to act effectively on pimples, blackheads and scars.

Thus, A-Derma entered the global dermatological sector through the front door with this product for adolescents with acne, which acts on the skin's microbiome to restore its natural balance.

In 2023, this line changed its image and name, becoming known as Biology-AC.

You will find some of the products in Farma2Go:

A-Derma Biology-AC Perfect Anti-blemish Fluid 40 ml

A-Derma Biology-AC Global Anti-Imperfections 40 ml

A-Derma Biology-AC Hydra Compensating Moisturizing Cream 40 ml

A-Derma Biology-AC Purifying Micellar Water 400 ml

A-Derma Biology-AC Purifying Cleansing Gel 400 ml

A-Derma launches its sun protection line

The Pierre Fabre catalog continues to grow and in 2016, the A-Derma Protect range goes on sale.

The first sun protection with a specific dermatological approach for fragile skin and with a patented plant active ingredient: Barriestolide®, derived from Rhealba oat vegetable oil.

a-derma sun protection

This solar innovation reinforces the skin barrier , and thanks to its patented filter system, it protects and preserves sensitive skin from UV rays.

Discover below some products from the A-Derma sun protection range on Farma2go:

A-Derma Protect Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ 40 ml

A-Derma Protect AC Mattifying Fluid for Oily Skin SPF50+ 40 ml

A-Derma Protect Photoprotective Cream SPF 50+ Unscented 40 ml

A-Derma Protect Adults Spray SPF50+ 200 ml

A-Derma Protect X-Trem Invisible Solar Stick SPF50+ 8 gr

More successes from A-Derma as experts in plant dermocosmetics

In 2017, the brand receives recognition in Germany, the main European dermocosmetics market: and Rhealba Oatmeal is selected as the best medicinal plant of the year.

In 2018, A-Derma created a charter of values ​​and commitments , called "Clean & Green", with the requirement to use only the ingredients necessary for the effectiveness of the product and a maximum of ingredients of natural origin.

Everything to offer minimalist natural cosmetics, but of extraordinary quality.

This has given rise to some of its products such as: A-DERMA Epitheliale AH Massage Gel-Oil 40ml , A-DERMA Cutalgan Ultra-Calming Spray o A-DERMA Exomega Control Emollient Spray 200 ml.

Leave the care and beauty of your fragile, sensitive, atopic or acne-prone skin in the hands of A-Derma and enjoy the experience of Rhealba Oatmeal on your skin.

Aderma natural cosmetic experience