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Bio-Oil Oil or Bio-Oil Gel for skin care

World leading product in the treatment of Scars, Stretch Marks and Dry Skin

Bio-Oil, Care and Renew your skin

At Bio‑Oil they are specialists in skin care. Within its range of products is the Bio-Oil Oil , light and non-greasy , which improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks and blemishes and can be a great ally for dehydrated or aging skin. And the new Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin , a formula with 97% active ingredients and only 3% water, which hydrates the skin deeply and for longer.

In this space we want to share with you information and the best tips to take care of your skin. It is the largest organ in the body, but do we really know it well? Come with us to discover it!

What benefits do Bio-Oil Oil, for life, and Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin provide?

Both one and the other:

- They have a formulation based mainly on mineral oil , the most effective agent as a carrier of active ingredients that protect and hydrate the skin.
- They are absorbed in a few minutes and are very easy to apply.
- They provide immediate and long-lasting hydration , significantly improving the appearance of the epidermis.
- They are very light products that do not leave a greasy or oily sensation after application.
- They can be used all over the body and face .
- They are non-comedogenic, that is, they do not clog pores , so they do not cause acne , comedones or pimples, and they never worsen this skin condition.
- They are indicated and suitable for all skin types , even the most sensitive since both have been dermatologically tested.
- They do not contain parabens or preservatives, so they are totally safe and harmless.
- None of its ingredients have been tested on animals.

How are Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil and Bio-Oil Gel for Dry Skin different?

- As for its texture , we find two very different textures that, however, have in common their easy application and rapid absorption. As its name suggests, Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin has a delicious gel texture . And, on the other hand, Bio-Oil Oil for skin care is a light oil that, thanks to the innovative PurCellin Oil™ component, is also very easy to apply and is absorbed in a very short time .

- Regarding its function, the new member of the Bio-Oil Gel family for dry skin , treats dry dermis (characterized by a feeling of roughness, tightness, peeling, itching, etc.), and helps soothe derived conditions. of it such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, ichthyosis ...

On the other hand, Bio-Oil Light Oil is the skin care all-rounder especially indicated for improving the appearance of the dermis in alterations such as stretch marks, blemishes or scars .

- Regarding its composition, Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin is so innovative because it has a unique formula in which 97% are active ingredients and only 3% is water . Combines 3 essential substances to achieve exceptional hydration :

- Occlusive : they form a protective layer and prevent the evaporation of water (such as mineral oil).

- Moisturizers : they attract water from inside the skin (such as urea, hyaluronic acid or glycerin).

- Repairing : they comfort the skin and improve its appearance (such as linoleic acid, bisalobol or vitamins A and E).

Bio-Oil Gel causes an instant and long-lasting feeling of hydration on the skin. With a small amount you have enough to obtain maximum effectiveness and the best results.

Instead, Bio-Oil Oil for skin care, the best oil for stretch marks , spots and scars :

- Reduces stretch marks , both recent and old, and prevents the appearance of new ones.

- Diffuses skin blemishes , unifying your own natural tone.

- Improves the thickness and color of scars , making them fade as much as possible over time.

- Provides elasticity , softness and hydration, which also combats dehydration.

The Bio-Oil Oil formulation is based on a combination of Natural oils (lavender, rosemary, calendula and chamomile) and vitamins A and E , suspended in a base of mineral oil , the innovative component Purcellin, in which the components and that contributes to the fact that, despite being an oil, its texture is light , it can spread better and it is quickly absorbed .

Who are they indicated for?

Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin is the best solution for people with dry skin , which is characterized by a dull or reddish color , a feeling of roughness , stiffness, the presence of fine lines or cracks, scaly texture… among other symptoms.

It is also a great complement in the treatment of dermatoses that cause disorders such as dermatitis , psoriasis, etc. (although it does not offer a cure for these conditions).

Bio-Oil Oil for skin care, the usual one, is, however, a great ally for people who want to hide or soften small skin imperfections such as spots on the face or hands; new or old stretch marks , whatever color they are; and also scars (whether atrophic, such as those caused by acne , hypertrophic or keloids). For example, it is an essential basic before, during and after pregnancy , to prevent the dreaded stretch marks , since the skin undergoes numerous changes at this stage and the dermis requires special care.

How are Bio-Oil Gel and Bio-Oil Oil applied?

Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin spreads easily by massaging in small circular movements until completely absorbed. You can use it daily on your entire body and also your face , depending on the amount you need in each area, as many times as necessary. It is important that you keep in mind that it goes a long way and with very little amount you will have enough to hydrate the skin (it is recommended to use 1/3 less than what would be necessary if you applied a conventional cream).

Bio-Oil Skin care oil is applied to the area to be treated, both to eliminate or improve the appearance of spots, scars and stretch marks and to prevent their appearance. The skin must be clean and dry and we must use our oil twice a day for a minimum of 3 months to see results. To facilitate its absorption, you can do a light massage with your fingertips . Keep in mind that they do not protect from the sun's rays, so if you plan to go outside, don't forget to apply sunscreen once Bio-Oil has been well absorbed.

Now that you know the main similarities and differences between Bio-Oil Oil and the new Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin, you already know that you have a solution for everything.

To improve the appearance of scars, spots or stretch marks : follow with your effective Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil .

To provide extra hydration to your skin and combat dryness : try Bio-Oil Gel for dry skin and you will be surprised by the results.

Which one do you prefer? With both, for sure! You can click on each of the following links to see the different types of formats we have for each of them. At Farma2go you will find Bio-Oil Oil and Bio-Oil Gel at the best price online.


- Bio-Oil Oil 60ml

- Bio-Oil Oil 125ml

- Bio-Oil Oil 200ml


- Bio-Oil Gel for Dry Skin 50ml

- Bio-Oil Gel for Dry Skin 100ml

- Bio-Oil Gel for Dry skin 200ml

Bio-Oil Oil Stretch Marks, Scars and Blemishes