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Fisiocrem Gel Activ Muscles and Joints

Fisiocrem, exquisite care for joints and muscles

Fisiocrem Care Fisiocrem Care

Fisiocrem offers the best products when it comes to taking care of our joints and muscles , both to combat the ailments caused by daily physical efforts and to alleviate the consequences of intense physical activity or sports.

An effective solution for the preparation and recovery of muscles and ligaments, avoiding and treating minor injuries.

Its active ingredients help the recovery of soft tissue injuries , calming nerves damaged and irritated by the activity carried out.

Another of the great benefits of these products is the rapid relief of the feeling of tiredness, facilitating the athlete's recovery.

This solution to treat bumps and ailments resulting from physical exertion is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Likewise, it can be used in children from 3 years old.

Prolonged physical activity and even performing certain specific muscle movements can cause certain pain and wear in the muscle tissue and joints. Given this, the best option is to buy Fisiocrem , which is an effective and quick solution that can be easily applied.

Fisiocrem, unbeatable Quality/Price Fisiocrem Sport

Are you going to play sports? Maybe a quieter outing with the family? Or is it just another day at the office? Whatever you do, prepare properly to avoid discomfort.

Fisiocrem is a cream with an unbeatable quality/price ratio, as you can easily see, which will help you take care of your body and recover better after physical exertion.

Take care of your muscles in a personalized and individualized way, since each muscle has a unique treatment and specific recovery.

Fisiocrem natural formula Fisiocrem Ingredients

The entire range of Fisiocrem products is made with natural ingredients, which ensure absolute skin care and high effectiveness. Its formula allows manual massages to be performed very easily and is ideal for muscle and ligament preparation, as well as injury prevention.

Arnica Montana extracts, applied topically, help in the recovery of bruises and the treatment of soft tissue injuries .

Extracts of Hypericum, also known as St. John's Wort, are used in physical therapy to soothe damaged and irritated nerves commonly found in whiplash, lower back pain, sciatica or sprains.

Calendula is a plant that relaxes shocks, helping to disperse swelling and providing relief.

Melaleuca is an oil obtained from the Australian tea tree. It is used to relieve local pain.

You can find all of these active ingredients in Fisiocrem products, providing the best nutrients for your skin and ensuring a quick and effective effect.

Fisiocrem Product Range

Fisiocrem Gel Active -Fisiocrem Gel Active: Fisiocrem Gel Active is a gel for muscle massages that will help quickly and effectively prepare muscles and ligaments with the aim of avoiding injuries or ailments after carrying out efforts in daily life, physical exercise or sports.

Helps treat and relieve muscle, joint pain or bruises that cause discomfort caused by intense physical exercise.

You can find Fisiocrem Gel Active also in large format, for regular use, 250ml.

Fisiocrem Gel Sport -Fisiocrem Gel Sport: Fisiocrem Gel Sport is a gel for muscle massages that will help quickly and effectively prepare muscles and ligaments with the aim of avoiding injuries or ailments after performing high-intensity physical exercise or sports.

Relaxes the muscles with its Anti-Fatigue effect , which makes days of physical effort or sports activity lighter, providing a more agile physical recovery to return to the ideal state as soon as possible.

Fisiocrem Spray -Fisiocrem Spray Active Ice: Fisiocrem Spray Active Ice is an effective solution indicated to relieve the discomfort of small ailments by providing an immediate cold effect.

Its cold effect reduces the temperature by 14% immediately after application and its action lasts approximately 20 minutes, during which it will gradually relax and calm the pain at the point of application.

Fisiocrem Supplement -Fisiocrem Active Muscles and Joints: Fisiocrem Active Muscles and Joints is a food supplement with proven efficacy that helps take care of the joints and contributes to muscle recovery day by day.

An active life or continued physical exercise can affect the behavior of joints, muscles and ligaments in the long term. Thanks to Fisiocrem, you can protect your body from these effects, relieving the feeling of fatigue and reducing joint pain.

Fisiocrem Supplement -Fisiocrem Gel Active 600ml with Dispenser: Relieves muscle , joint pain or bruises . Relaxes the muscles.

Fisiocrem Gel Active is a massage solution to prepare muscles and ligaments to avoid injuries from everyday life or physical exercise. Helps avoid injuries and for everyday efforts.

Fisiocrem Supplement -Fisiocrem Golpix Roll-On 15ml : Roll-On for Blows with Natural Extracts . Soothes and refreshes the skin after blows. Reduces inflammation caused by blows. Relieves Pain and Inflammation after a Fall. Formulated with Arnica, Harpagofito and Ginkgo .

Suitable for All Skin Types, even Babies.

Format: Roll-On 15ml up to 200 applications.

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