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Eryplast Pasta to Water Relieves Baby's Butt

What is Lutsine?

Lutsine Dermatological Laboratories is a brand known for years for the quality of its Skin Care products.

For specific skin problems such as Redness , Acne , Atopic Skin , etc. Lutsine Products are the solution.

Lutsine Dermatological Laboratories pursue one goal: Improve the Quality of Life of Patients.

At Lutsine Dermatological Laboratories they develop Effective, Safe and Well Tolerated Products. All their products have been tested under Dermatological Control. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.

Lutsine Laboratorios Dermatologicos markets in our country a complete range of solutions adapted to the needs of each person's skin, which includes products for daily care ( Hygiene , Hydration , Protection and Makeup), as well as treatments for the most common skin pathologies. ( Acne , Atopic Dermatitis , Diaper Dermatitis, etc.).

Clear proof that its evolution in our country has been excellent is that in just six years it has managed to position itself as the seventh Dermocosmetics laboratory in Spain.

What kind of products does Lutsine have?

Within the Lutsine Product Range you can find:

- Specific Cleansing Gels for Skin with Acne : Bactopur limits the production of Sebum and Carefully Cleanses to Avoid Skin Infections.

One of the most demanded products and one of the best Creams is:

- Lutsine Eryplast Water Pasta : you can find it in different formats. Lutsine E45 Eryplast Water Paste is a Cream specially developed to Prevent and Treat Irritation and Redness and protect the baby's skin against Rashes Caused by the Diaper. Reduces and Relieves Irritation by creating a protective barrier to isolate enzymes that accumulate in the diaper.

- Lutsine Xeramance Restructuring Emulsion : Fragrance-free Lutsine Reduces the symptoms of Atopic Eczema .

- Lutsine Intima Preventive Intimate Hygiene Gel : Lutsine E45 Intima Preventive Gel maintains adequate daily intimate hygiene. Helps prevent infections produced in the genital area due to involuntary loss of urine , menstruation and various microorganisms.

- Lutsine Intimate Gentle Intimate Hygiene Gel : Lutsine E45 Intimate Gentle Gel helps to recover the Natural Comfort of the Vaginal and Urethral Area. Its application provides protection and softness , respecting the most sensitive mucous membranes in your intimate area.

All Lutsine Products are tailored to individuals, based on age, gender, and also the specific problems they may encounter at certain stages of life.

The Lutsine Brand belongs to Reckitt Benckiser Laboratories.

Lutsine Erylast, Lutsine Xeramance, Lutsine E45, Lutsine water-based paste