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ANTHELIOS: pioneers in sun care for sensitive skin

Anthelios is La Roche Posay 's broad-spectrum sun protection brand for sensitive skin , recognized worldwide for its unparalleled quality and commitment to skin health and well-being.

Anthelios designs ultra-safe sunscreens against UVA radiation (with a level of protection even stricter than the European recommendation), with minimalist formulas without parabens and tested under dermatological control.

Their formulations follow the highest safety standards and the result is hypoallergenic sun protection creams that generate zero allergic reactions.

Anthelios achieves this thanks to the constant process of testing, testing and reformulation in the laboratory; with packaging that protects the products perfectly to avoid adding more preservatives than strictly necessary to your cosmetics, thus guaranteeing their tolerance and long-lasting effectiveness.

This sun care range has been developed by toxicologists and dermatologists to contain the necessary ingredients in the active dosage .

***No more no less.


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Anthelios: hypoallergenic sun protection

Anthelios has developed a wide variety of sunscreens with proven tolerance even in the most sensitive skin : reactive, allergic , acne-prone , atopic , damaged or weakened by cancer treatments.

ANTHELIOS' unrivaled line of sunscreens is characterized by its very high and broad-spectrum protection, the result of more than 25 years of advanced clinical research in sun care and sensitive skin.

Anthelios, due to its long experience, has established itself as one of the leading brands in the sun care cosmetic market.


For its extraordinary formulas made with exceptional photostable ingredients and the latest technology, such as Mexoryl XL, to guarantee the greatest protection against UVA, UVB rays, and damage caused by infrared and pollution with innovative textures , designed to adapt to different skin types and needs.

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Anthelios: 4 golden rules to protect your skin from the sun

The La Roche Posay photoprotection line is designed to care for the skin , keep it healthy and away from the symptoms and signs of premature aging.

To protect your skin from the sun, it is vital to acquire a series of habits that, combined with the daily use of Anthelios creams, will preserve your dermis in the best possible condition, thus avoiding the damage caused by UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation.

Dermatological experts advise strictly following these 4 guidelines to protect your skin from sun exposure.

1. Avoid sun exposure during peak hours

During peak intensity hours, UV radiation is much more dangerous. Although the sun has multiple health benefits, it is preferable not to be in the sun between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

In these heat peaks when the radiation is especially harmful, it is advisable to be in the shade. Find a place without sun under an umbrella, an awning, a tree, whatever you find, but protect yourself.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that ultraviolet radiation not only comes from the sky, the reflection of the sun's rays intensifies its effects even more.

Water reflects sunlight, and sand, white paint, concrete and, in general, any shiny or light surface . Snow is an extreme reflector, as it doubles exposure to UV rays and also at high altitudes, such as in the mountains or in areas close to the equator.

It is important that you keep this in mind because the reflection of sunlight can reach your skin and make its harmful effects more damaging.

That is why it is vital to always use sunscreen and other Anthelios sunscreens, even when you are in the shade or it is cloudy and you think that the UV rays do not have an excessive impact.

Anthelios: 4 golden rules to protect your skin from the sun

2. Cover the body with clothing, hat and sunglasses with UV filter

Your skin's first line of defense is the clothes you wear. The higher the quality of the fabrics of the garments, especially their firmness, the more UV rays they can block and as a result, the more protected you will be.

However, fabrics such as silk and chiffon muslin, although beautiful, offer very little protection from solar radiation and its harmful effects.

There are manufacturers that have created anti-UV clothing with built-in Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). A garment with a 50+ blocker is very safe, as it allows 1 in every 50 rays to reach the skin.

Additionally , if you have sensitive skin, it is important to know that dark, rich tones, such as black, navy blue, red or emerald green, provide greater UV protection than pastel and white tones.

Don't forget to protect your face and neck from sun exposure with hats, but ones that have a wide brim diameter of at least 7.5 cm and a crown.

Another aspect that you cannot ignore to protect yourself from sun exposure is the use of sunglasses. For optimal protection against the most intense sunlight, you should choose glasses that have the CE marking of categories III or IV.

Make sure they are well adjusted to the contour of your head , so that they do not slip down your nose and expose your eyes to radiation.

3. Find out how to choose the right sunscreen

Before choosing your Anthelios sunscreen you must be clear about several concepts.

It is normal that with so many different ingredients, SPFs, products and formulations , choosing and applying sun care well can be a bit complicated.

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Difference between sunscreen and sunblock

Sunscreens absorb the sun's radiation before it reaches your skin, and blockers create a barrier that blocks and deflects UV rays.

Many broad-spectrum sunscreens contain both types of ingredients, but so that you have no doubts , all Anthelios creams or lotions are sunscreens.

Sunscreens for UVA and UVB rays

The reason why different sunscreen ingredients are needed is because there are different types of ultraviolet radiation.

** UVB rays provide a visible tan and can cause sunburn.

** UVA rays are an invisible danger, since their effects are not immediately noticeable, but in the long term, they are what cause skin aging.

Both are mainly responsible for many skin cancers, so to protect your skin properly, you must opt ​​for broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect you from UVA and UVB radiation.

The La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS laboratories produce only high and very high protection sunscreens, so by choosing one of their photoprotective cosmetics, you will be complying with this golden rule of sun protection perfectly.

Sun Protection Factor: key to achieving efficient sun protection

SPF is a fundamental aspect to take care of your skin from the sun. It is a concept that rates the effectiveness of a sunscreen in blocking UVB rays.

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***Dermatologists advise using sun creams or lotions with an SPF 30+ or ​​50+ for optimal protection.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens approved by the European Union provide effective protection against UVA rays and the term “UVA” must always appear within a circle on the packaging.

At Anthelios, you will find products to protect yourself from the sun in various formats with SPF 30+ and 50+.

Apply enough sunscreen and don't skimp

This advice from Anthelios never hurts to remember, since the reality is that people do not put on the appropriate amount of sunscreen.

If you are wondering what the recommended amount of cream is to protect yourself from the sun , I can guarantee that it is more than you imagine.

An average-sized woman needs about 36 grams to cover and protect the skin of her entire body, and this translates into approximately two tablespoons of product.

Also remember to apply the sunscreen between 20 and 30 minutes before each sun exposure. Don't forget the back of the neck, ears, backs of hands, feet and ankles.

And reapply sunscreen every two hours or more frequently if you are sweating a lot or swimming, even if you have used a waterproof formula.

Choose sun care adapted to your needs

If you don't have the right product for each situation, you most likely won't use sunscreen regularly. That is why it is so important to choose different formulas to suit your tastes and needs.

***There is no single multipurpose protector that works for everything, I'll tell you that.

There will be times when you need special care because your skin is sensitive , on other occasions, you will need another if you have been playing sports or swimming , or you may even need a small format that is practical to carry with you daily , and without enter into the different skin types that require different care.

The ANTHELIOS range from La Roche Posay is a high and very high protection sun care line.

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Anthelios products come in different formats such as cream, gel, fluid, mist, oil and stick that complete your lifestyle and adapt to different skin types: sensitive, oily and prone to acne or pigmentation, for babies, children, etc.

You will find all kinds of products, from tinted sunscreens to facial sunscreens for daily use , to textures for "wet skin" that can be applied directly from the pool.

Pay close attention to the expiration date of your sunscreen.

If you are one of those people who keep the bottles and forget about them until next summer, or perhaps longer, you are going to have to pay special attention to the expiration dates , since it is most likely that it has lost its protective properties.

When you start using a sunscreen, write down the date on it with a permanent marker and after time, you will be able to see the PAO (shelf life) symbol on the container.

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4. Learn how to protect young children from UV rays

If there is skin that is especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun, it is that of children.

In fact, dermatologists and pediatricians always recommend that babies and children under 3 years old should not be directly exposed to the sun.

Protect children from the negative consequences of solar radiation with these simple habits:

** Avoid peak hours when the sun shines brightest.

** Cover your skin with clothing , wear a hat and also anti-UV sunglasses.

** Use a broad-spectrum, very high-protection UVA and UVB sunscreen formulated expressly for babies.

And what is vitally important, teach your children good sunbathing practices that they can apply throughout their lives.

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Be that as it may, if children are going to be exposed to the sun , apart from making sure you have clothing on hand to cover their skin, make sure to dry them well after taking a bath and remember to reapply sunscreen cream specifically formulated for the little ones and that is resistant to water and sand.

When you apply the cream, make sure that no part of the body is left uncovered.

La Roche-Posay's ANTHELIOS DERMO-PEDIATRICS SPF 50+ product range is designed especially for babies and toddlers, and includes "wet skin" formulas that can be applied directly from the pool to maintain consistent protection.

Here you will find the range for children, among others:

Dermo-Pediatrics Protective Fluid Invisible Spray SPF 50+ 200 ml.

Dermo-Pediatrics Wet Skin Gel SPF 50+ 250 ml.

La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS: photoprotection to preserve the health of your skin

At Farma2Go you will discover the best care to protect your skin from the sun for the summer, and in general, for the rest of the year.

Thanks to ANTHELIOS La Roche Posay , you can enjoy the sun and get a beautiful tan in complete safety, without the risk of burns and dehydration resulting from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Find the sunscreen that best suits your needs in our catalog, where you will also find them at unbeatable prices, with the best offers and promos.

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ANTHELIOS: take care of your skin by providing maximum protection

La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS sunscreens offer maximum sun protection with compositions suitable for sensitive skin of the whole family.

Minimalist formulas without parabens and tested under strict dermatological control that also provide a wide variety of textures that adapt to the needs of all skin types.

ANTHELIOS are safe and highly effective sunscreens against UVA and UVB radiation that provide broad-spectrum protection thanks to XL-PROTECT filtering technology.

It is a powerful combination of filters and antioxidants that helps protect the skin against damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, pollution and infrared.

They have smart polymer technology that provides greater coverage, a non-greasy finish and high resistance.

These ingredients block the fat in the formulation thanks to their microcrystals and also group together to create a homogeneous, stable and very resistant protective network.

The formula is completed with an antioxidant complex that helps fight free radicals that UVA and UVB rays can generate and has soothing properties.

For example, you can try ANTHELIOS XL Dry Touch Gel Cream SPF 50+ with anti-shine action and a mattifying effect for sensitive and combination skin; or the ANTHELIOS XL Invisible Mist SPF 50+, with a fresh texture that is quickly absorbed and a dry, invisible finish, to apply maximum sun protection in a pleasant and light way.

ANTHELIOS Mineral One: sun care with color

ANTHELIOS Mineral One SPF 50+ is a facial sun cream with mineral filters for the protection and care of sensitive skin.

It guarantees extensive UVA, UVB, IR-A and visible and blue light coverage.

It provides natural coverage that hydrates the skin for 24 hours and protects it against pollution.


By acting only through mineral UV filters, it offers great high-spectrum photoprotection to prevent photoaging and hyperpigmentation with a formula suitable for the most sensitive skin.

This sun care line includes color pigments that leave a natural matte finish with a very natural result.

You can find this SPF 50+ sun cream from La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS with different color tones: Light, Medium, Bronze and Brown, so you can choose the one you like best or that fits your skin.

ANTHELIOS Shaka Fluid: novelty in photoprotection

This new sun care , in addition to providing maximum protection for the skin, cares for and protects it from the harmful action of solar radiation and has a unique feature: you must shake before using!

In this way, this innovative sunscreen achieves a perfect texture that offers ultra-resistant, uniform sun protection with an invisible, practically imperceptible finish.

La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS Shaka Fluid also has a minimalist formula that uses the ANTHELIOS XL Protect system to ensure defense against UVA, UVB and IR-A radiation, with a composition enriched with thermal water and Vitamin E, which provides a great antioxidant and anti-pollution effect.

Try ANTHELIOS Shaka Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ with a light, non-sticky texture in cream format or, if you prefer, in spray format, for an ultra-light application with a velvety finish: ANTHELIOS Shaka Invisible Fluid Ultra Light Spray SPF 50+.

Anthelios Age Correct: anti-aging photoprotection

This new generation of daily anti-aging sun protection protects and corrects the signs of aging in 4 weeks.

It has broad spectrum protection and dermatological corrective active ingredients , such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Phe Resorcinol.

At Farma2go you will find the Anthelios Age Correct sunscreen with SPF50+ color , among other great alternatives to protect your skin.

Take a virtual walk and choose your sun care from ANTHELIOS LA ROCHE POSAY, your skin should always come first.

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