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Esthederm History

Esthederm: High Technology for your skin

Esthederm: High cosmetic technology for your skin

Institut Esthederm is one of the brands of the company Naos , founded by Jean Noël Thorel, a French pharmacist expert in cell biology. In the seventies, this researcher came up with a new generation of cosmetics based on high technology.

Dermatological treatments capable of interacting with the biology of the skin to achieve long-lasting results.

It is at that moment when he conceives the first solar products that activate melanin, the skin's natural protective pigment.

Milestones in the history of Esthederm

In 1980, the first No Sun protective treatment was launched on the market, a 100% mineral high-tolerance sunscreen. This same year, Osmoclean descaling cream emerges, an exfoliating cleanser to bring out all the radiance from the skin.

In 1986 , Bronz Repair Soin Protecteur appeared, its first anti-wrinkle sun treatment for an impressive tan. In 1999, an antioxidant and energizing mist with unique properties called Eau Cellulaire Brume was released.

In 2005, a new innovation was introduced, the Fundamental Serum Cellular Concentrate , a serum that sublimates the skin, leaving it perfect and uniform.

In 2008, a new product from the solar line appeared, called Bronz Impulse , a milky preparation spray, activator that prolongs the tan.

In 2015, a Photo Reverse Anti-Stain Treatment was released, a high protection cream that lightens stains. In 2016, Intensive Hyaluronic Sérum emerged, an intense redensifying product that combines 3 acids to smooth wrinkles and expression lines.

And in 2019, Excelage Crème is presented, a treatment line from Esthederm that stimulates cellular communication, nourishes, strengthens and smoothes the skin.

New additions of high-tech treatments have been emerging and at Farma2go you can find a wide range of Esthederm cosmetics.

Esthederm products

Esthederm brand philosophy

It is a brand inspired by ecology to better preserve the skin's ecosystem and strengthen its natural mechanisms.

Its principles are:

1. Your skin is alive

It loves sunlight, the freshness of water, and is designed to fit your life.

Since its inception in 1978, Institut Esthederm wants to extract the best from your skin every day, so that it becomes more beautiful, healthier and remains great over time.

2. Your skin can stay young for a long time

The skin has natural resources and biological mechanisms that allow it to be dynamic and strong to adapt to your lifestyle.

And these abilities can be activated at any time, that is, the youth of your skin can not only be preserved but stimulated with the right cosmetics.

3. Your skin is an ecosystem that interacts with your environment

Like cells, the skin is a "biological ecosystem" in constant interaction with the context. It adapts like no one else to your life, your routine, the sunlight and the weather.

Esthederm treatments have a scientific and dynamic approach called ecobiology.

They are designed to make each cell in your skin stronger for a longer period of time, reinforcing its natural protection, repair and oxygenation mechanisms.

Each personalized cosmetic consists of 4 phases that take into account the characteristics of your skin and your lifestyle. In addition, they are precision formulas with clinically proven results and scientifically proven effectiveness.

Esthederm Philosophy

At the forefront of cellular science

Esthederm's approach is clear : the skin has its own natural resources to reactivate and restore the dynamic balance of cellular youth.

Thanks to research, treatment programs have been developed that accompany and optimize the beauty and well-being of the skin in the long term.

Esthederm's extraordinary scientific competence is based on more than 70 international patents , which reflect its know-how and its expertise with unmatched formulas, with high tolerance and prolonged effectiveness .

Patented cellular water with an exclusive formulation

Water is an essential component of any treatment, and its quality is essential.

Hence, Esthederm has come up with a unique formula for water in cosmetics.

A water that reproduces the biological qualities of the water that the body contains by nature: pH or acidity, concentration of salts, resistance to oxidation.

Improves cellular functioning and maintains the balance of healthy skin.

It is an authentic active ingredient that gives Institut Esthederm products an excellent affinity with skin cells.

That is, it recreates a context that fits perfectly, stimulates cellular mechanisms to preserve youth and increases its capabilities to combat the signs of aging and external aggressions.

Repair Technology

It is present in all youth treatments, favors the preservation of the main components of the skin and optimizes its natural production : collagen fibers, elastin, hyaluronic acid.

Lift Technology

Creates an instant tightening effect , thanks to the union of a red algae extract and oat polysaccharides.

Patent Skin Balance System

The diversity of the skin's microbial flora is vital for health. With this patented complex this protective flora is preserved.

Hyaluronique Patent

This patent combines different sizes and shapes of hyaluronic acid that hydrate, smooth, plump and reactivate the skin's production of hyaluronic acid.

Patent aquaporins

Aquaporins are proteins essential for water exchange between cells.

If an imbalance occurs, that is when the dreaded dehydration appears. This patent favors its natural production, to optimize the diffusion of water inside the epidermis.

Discover Esthederm, high cosmetics at the service of your skin.

All the potential for youth and beauty at any age is within your reach.

Take a look now at the Esthederm range that awaits you at the click of a button.

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