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EVAX, Compresses and Panty Liners

EVAX is one of the leading brands in feminine care and hygiene. Their products and services are based on the opinions of women like you and the experience of the best health professionals. Thanks to innovation and effort, EVAX has managed to design Compresses and Salvalsips of the highest quality and safety, guaranteeing total compatibility with the skin of all its products. In addition to dermatological tests and clinical studies, EVAX carries out a toxicological profile of the raw materials they work with to check their safety and compatibility with the skin, in addition to carrying out environmental evaluations to generate the least possible damage to our environment. Finally, they permanently monitor their products, collecting observations and reactions from their consumers in order to improve day by day.

Pioneering brand together with TAMPAX in its way of seeing and experiencing menstruation, always focusing its work on making periods less dramatic, breaking myths and taboos around menstruation and offering top quality products that help women enjoy every day with maximum enthusiasm, with total security and discretion. Since the late 60s, EVAX has been working on feminine hygiene, carrying out valuable normalization work to be able to experience periods normally, being the first brand that dared to call periods by their name. Her work is made by and for women, with the purpose of helping them feel better and experience menstruation in a more positive way.

How to Control Menstruation with EVAX?

EVAX offers women top quality pads and panty liners that guarantee control of flow and menstruation , as well as odors, in a comfortable, healthy and hygienic way. Within its extensive catalog, every woman will be able to find the product that best suits her feminine hygiene needs. Aware that no woman is the same, EVAX has different ranges for the different amounts of flow and day of the period in which each woman is, making it easy for you to always be comfortable and safe, wherever you go.

According to this, you can choose between the Normal, Super, Super Plus or Night varieties, according to your requirements , being able to use some pads for days of light or moderate flow, and others for the moments of greater flow of menstruation. All of them offer long-lasting protection and maximum discretion so you can enjoy your life and daily rhythm without interruptions.

What are the Myths and Truths about the Rule?

EVAX helps you differentiate what is true and what is science fiction about everything that is said, commented and discussed about the rule. For example, you may frequently hear that you cannot get pregnant during your period. This, although not common, is possible, so you always have to be careful with contraceptive methods. About the multiple limitations that are heard, such as not being able to swim at the beach or pool, not being able to play sports or similar things... all myths! Having your period is part of being a woman. It is something natural and healthy, it is not mysterious, unpleasant or dirty. Of course, when you are menstruating it is more important than ever to stay clean and fresh and use pads, panty liners or tampons appropriate for each moment and need.

What EVAX Products do we have at Farma2Go?

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of EVAX Compresses and Panty Liners, so you can choose the format and type of product that best suits your needs. Compresses with wings, without wings, for light or heavy flow, special protection for the night... At Farma2Go you will find what you are looking for and, as always, with the best online prices!

Feminine Hygiene at Farma2Go

At Farma2Go we care about always being able to satisfy all the needs of our customers. In the field of feminine hygiene, we could not stay on the sidelines. For this reason, we have opted for EVAX products, which are guaranteed to take care of you during menstruation with maximum discretion and safety , so that you can continue with your life without worrying. If you are a woman, EVAX offers you the best pads and panty liners so that you can go anywhere comfortably, cleanly and safely at any time during your period. Furthermore, at Farma2Go we strive to try to have the lowest prices on the market, so that you can enjoy the highest quality at the best price online.

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EVAX Compresses

EVAX Fine and Safe -EVAX Fine and Safe: EVAX Fine and Safe Normal Wingless Pads provide maximum comfort and softness to women during their period. This range is the best quality solution, at the lowest price, for flow control during menstruation. With a thin design to offer greater comfort and discretion, which adapts to the body perfectly so you don't notice anything. Dermatologically tested compresses, which makes them suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate.

You can find the EVAX Thin and Safe Wingless Compresses in the Farma2Go catalog at extraordinary prices. And don't forget to check out our Offers, Discount Coupons and Promotional Codes !

Evax Cottonlike -EVAX Cottonlike: The EVAX Cottonlike Super Plus Pads with Wings , for better support and lateral protection, provide maximum comfort and softness to women during their period. This range guarantees to be 100% clean and odorless, to control the flow of menstruation. Their Cottonlike coverage with a cotton touch makes them especially extremely soft, providing long-lasting and intense comfort.

At Farma2Go we have Cottonlike Compresses for different flows and times of the period: Normal for days of light or moderate flow, Super for days of heavy flow, Super Plus for the moments of greatest flow of menstruation, and Night to guarantee a Optimal protection at night, whatever your sleeping position.

How does EVAX manage to be so absorbent?

EVAX always guarantees maximum absorption thanks to its super absorbent core, which makes you feel protected throughout the day, offering long-lasting protection to continue your daily rhythm without interruptions.

How Does EVAX Neutralize Odor?

All EVAX Compresses are formulated with a No Odor System that effectively combats the formation of unwanted odors. Innovation and development has managed to incorporate active pearls into the product that neutralize odor, acting together with the instant absorption core to capture menstrual flow without delays.

EVAX Panty Liners

EVAX Panty Liner -EVAX Pantyhose: Like the EVAX Pads, the EVAX Pantyhose will keep you clean and protected throughout the day, providing a feeling of intense and long-lasting freshness. Panty liners for vaginal hygiene ideal for absorbing vaginal fluid. Its super absorbent core ensures that you feel protected all day long. Flexible design to offer greater comfort and discretion, which adapts to the body perfectly so you don't notice anything. Made with a cotton-touch coverage, to guarantee maximum softness and delicacy. With side protection bands to prevent leaks and have no worries. Formulated with a No Odor System that effectively combats the formation of unwanted odors. Dermatologically tested, which makes them suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate.

At Farma2Go we have EVAX Salvaslip Normal , for normal absorption of mild vaginal discharge, or Salvaslip Maxi , with 50% greater absorption, ideal for when you need greater security.