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AUSONIA, Protection and Comfort

AUSONIA is one of the major brands of feminine intimate hygiene products. Thanks to its prestige and effectiveness, it has managed to gain the loyalty of many women with its products and, for this reason, at Farma2Go we have included in our catalog several ranges of its pads and specialized products against urine loss. AUSONIA 's main focus is to create and improve products that respond to the needs of its consumers, improving the quality of life of women.

During menstruation, the vaginal area requires even more attention and care than usual, to avoid excess moisture and alterations in the vaginal flora that cause infections, itching and pain. AUSONIA products guarantee, during your period, maximum protection and safety, providing soft and delicate care that keeps the intimate area clean and hygienic during bleeding days. To this end, AUSONIA makes its products with materials that have been subjected to an exhaustive safety program and have been dermatologically tested, confirming their compatibility with the skin. Data from safety studies provide scientific evidence showing that the materials used in our products are safe.

In addition, this feminine hygiene brand follows strict environmental behavior to improve its energy and water consumption every day, taking advantage of raw materials in manufacturing processes, minimizing waste generation and working only with suppliers that meet legal requirements. and that demonstrate sustainable forestry practices respecting preserved spaces considered of great environmental and/or cultural value.

How does AUSONIA help women have all the information at their fingertips?

AUSONIA is one of the leading brands in the feminine intimate hygiene market on its own merits. Its philosophy is based on women customers always having all the information they need about their health at all stages within their reach, so they can consciously try the products and give their opinion on it. To collect this feedback, they have launched several initiatives, such as the Get Informed section of their website or their Consumer Information service to achieve full consumer satisfaction, both through our products and the attention, information and services we provide. they provide.

What is Urine Loss?

Urinary incontinence or urine leakage is a very common problem that, due to ignorance, often causes embarrassment. Its intensity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when coughing or sneezing to having the urge to urinate so sudden and strong that you cannot hold it. Although it occurs more frequently as we age, losses can also affect young people, and in all cases it can be very upsetting and uncomfortable if not carefully cared for. For this reason, AUSONIA has developed the specialized Discreet range to offer comfort and discretion so that you can walk and move without worrying about loss or altering your pace of life.

What AUSONIA Products do we have at Farma2Go?

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of AUSONIA pads and disposable underwear, so you can choose the format and type of product that best suits your needs. Compresses with wings, without wings, for light or heavy flow, special protection for urine loss... At Farma2Go you will find what you are looking for and, as always, with the best online prices!

Feminine Hygiene at Farma2go

At Farma2Go we care about always being able to satisfy all the needs of our customers. In the field of feminine hygiene, we could not stay on the sidelines. For this reason, we have opted for AUSONIA products, which are guaranteed to take care of you during menstruation and urine loss with maximum discretion and safety , so that you can continue with your life without worrying. If you are a woman, AUSONIA offers you the best pads and disposable underwear so that you can go comfortably, clean and safe anywhere at any time during your period. Furthermore, at Farma2Go we strive to try to have the lowest prices on the market, so that you can enjoy the highest quality at the best price online.


AUSONIA Compresses

AUSONIA Cotton Protection -AUSONIA Cotton Protection: The AUSONIA Cotton Protection Pads with Wings, for better support and lateral protection, provide maximum comfort and softness to women during their period. Its top layer is made with 100% organic cotton for greater softness and comfort, meeting strict certification standards and is obtained responsibly and sustainably. These feminine hygiene pads offer comfort and discretion so you can walk and move without worrying about leaks or altering your pace of life. Their thin and flexible design makes it easy for them to adapt to your body and not be noticeable when worn under clothing. With an ultra-fine absorbent core that transforms the liquid from the losses into gel and maintains it, so that there are no sensations of humidity or discomfort at any time. The packaging is made with ecological material from plant elements, to take care of the environment and ensure the sustainability of the planet.

For days with moderate menstrual flow , at Farma2Go we recommend using the size Normal , while for heavy flow days and to use at night, while you sleep, the Night size.

AUSONIA Discreet -AUSONIA Discreet: AUSONIA Discreet Pads guarantee maximum protection against urine loss, offering security without noticing anything. These feminine hygiene pads offer comfort and discretion so you can walk and move without worrying about leaks or altering your pace of life. These pads are made with anti-leak barriers that help prevent liquid from passing over the edges. Neutralize odor with powerful OdourLock technology, which eliminates odor so you never have to worry.

Urine loss or incontinence affects women of all ages, and can vary from a few drops to more abundant amounts. At Farma2Go you can find AUSONIA Discreet Mini Compresses, ideal for light and occasional losses, Normal , for moderate and frequent losses, Extra , for abundant losses, and Maxi , for very abundant losses.

In addition, we also have AUSONIA Discreet Plus feminine hygiene underwear , which offer maximum comfort and discretion, adjusting even more to your shapes than pads, so you can walk and move without worrying about leaks or altering your pace of life. In size Large or Medium.

What is Disposable Underwear?

AUSONIA disposable underwear are briefs for urinary incontinence that offer discretion and protection against urine leaks and odor. With anti-leak barriers and a design that adapts perfectly to the shapes of each woman, it is the ideal solution for urine leaks. For this reason, at Farma2Go we have chosen to include the AUSONIA Discreet Plus Underwear , made with ultra-absorbent materials that offer maximum security against leaks, odor and humidity, allowing you to continue with your daily life without uncomfortable interruptions.

How does AUSONIA collaborate with the Spanish Association Against Cancer?

AUSONIA, within its global commitment to women, is committed to you through the dissemination of practical information and collaboration with organizations in the field of health. One of the most notable selfless tasks of AUSONIA is the collaboration with the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer), which aims to support breast cancer research and promote awareness in the fight against cancer. of breast.