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Vaginal suppositories

Vaginal suppositories are solid, small-sized preparations that are inserted into the vagina and, when exposed to body temperature, melt and allow their components to act on different health problems. They restore and maintain the physiological conditions of the vaginal environment to help fight and prevent vaginal infections. Developed for a quick and effective release of components, allowing the recovery and subsequent maintenance of normal pH and vaginal physiological conditions. They have a great lubricating action for the vaginal mucosa and have a coadjuvant effect in the re-epithelialization processes.

At Farma2Go you will find this type of product, especially indicated for women who frequently suffer from alterations in the balance of the vaginal microbiota and who suffer recurrences after vaginal infection treatments, also useful for relieving and reversing dryness in the intimate area.

Use and Employment of Vaginal Ovules

Before starting its application, it is very important to wash your hands, since, having to introduce the ovules inside the vagina, it is not recommended that they come into contact with bacteria or dirt at any time. Generally, these eggs are packaged in special packages from which they must be extracted with great care. Some of these wrappers, in fact, are specially designed to also serve as an applicator, in which case, you simply have to place the ovule in the hole at the end of the container.

When introducing it, it is important to adopt a comfortable position, sitting or lying down with the legs bent or semi-bent and separated to facilitate dilation. In the event that the container does not have an applicator, you will have to use your fingers to insert the ovule as deeply as possible. Once inside the vagina, simply release the suppository and withdraw your fingers (in the case of the applicator, simply press the plunger to release the suppository and then remove the applicator). Remember to do this process as smoothly and calmly as possible, so as not to damage the intimate area or cause unnecessary discomfort.

To finish the process, wash your hands properly and, if necessary, also clean the area of ​​your vagina with a wet wipe.