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Audispray Care and Health for Your Ears

Audispray Ear Care

Audispray: the star ear care brand

Audispray is a brand from Cooper Laboratories with a long history in the field of ear hygiene that has been developed based on microbiologically controlled seawater.

More than 20 years ago , the benefits of sea water on ear health were discovered when examining the ears of divers.

Based on this confirmation, Diepharmex Laboratories created Audispray.

Audispray's "ear hygiene" range is aimed at adults and children , as they have products adapted to the needs of each one.

Audispray range

Audispray: patented nozzle technology

The Audispray solution gently cleans the ears thanks to its innovative nozzle that limits the risk of excess pressure.

The push buttons on the containers facilitate the application for greater user comfort.

It has:

  1. A gasless diffusion system for gentle vaporization
  2. A dosing pump that delivers the optimal amount into the ears
  3. A patented mouthpiece that prevents excess pressure adjusted to the anatomy of the auricle.

Audispray Ear Care

Audispray ear care line

At Farma2Go you will find various solutions for the hygiene of your ears, which act preventively , which dissolve the plugs or which relieve inflammation or pain in the ear canal.

Audispray Ultra to remove earwax plug

An innovative product that allows you to treat a plug already formed or under construction from home. It acts first by dissociating the plug and then by dissolving the fragments.

Audispray Adult Ear Hygiene to prevent wax plugs

Audispray Adult is an ear spray whose function is to prevent the formation of plugs from the age of 12. It cleans gently thanks to its nozzle and is composed of microbiologically controlled seawater.

Audispray Junior Ear Cleaning for children

Audispray Junior is an ear spray designed for children from 3 to 12 years old composed of sea water.

A delicate cleaning for the most sensitive ears thanks to its patented mouthpiece and its glycerol composition that softens the ear canal and respects its fragility.

Audispray Dolo Optic Drops

This Audispray solution has a double function : it promotes the healing of ear inflammation and relieves pain and itching in the external auditory canal.

It can be used when there is discomfort caused by frequent exposure to water or by the habitual use of shampoos, soaps, etc., but as long as an expert has performed a complete otoscopic examination.

Take care of the health of your ears with Audispray and remember that Farma2go has different solutions adapted to your needs: hygiene, prevention, and pain relief.

Audispray Ear Care Line