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Perio-Aid-Gum Care

Perio-Aid-Gum Care

In the oral cavity we can find more than 1000 different species of bacteria. Although most of these bacteria are beneficial for the oral environment, some of them are considered pathogenic, and are the cause of certain oral diseases and problems such as cavities, periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), halitosis, etc.

PERIO·AID®, the oral antiseptic formulated without alcohol and scientifically supported by multiple studies.

PERIO·AID®, more than a chlorhexidine:

- The formulation of PERIO·AID® mouthwashes is a combination of two antiseptics chlorhexidine (CHX) + cetylpyridine chloride (CPC) that act synergistically.

- PERIO·AID® bioadhesive gel contains chlorhexidine, 0.20% hyaluronic acid and panthenol to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged oral mucosa, in addition to promoting healing. Antiseptic protection post surgery, post dental extractions and after implant placement.

- PERIO·AID® is a range that provides different solutions with different CHX concentrations and different presentations.