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Chelino, Wellness for your Baby

Chelino, Diapers and Wipes for the Care of your Baby

Chelino is one of the leading ranges of baby care products. We strive to promote and improve the well-being of families and their babies. They have a range of diapers and wipes that will help moms and dads feel safe and be able to enjoy the entire journey of having children much more.

Face each day with your child as a new adventure with the certainty that their basic needs will be covered with expert products in the field.

Chelino has a solid track record in the healthcare environment. Its work reinforces the well-being of families with its presence in pharmacies and hospitals, consolidating itself as an expert and trusted response.

In addition, they make the diapers in their own factory in Spain, thus ensuring absolute quality control. By adapting, with innovation and sustainability, their products to the changing needs of the environment, they always guarantee the highest quality.

This brand dedicates its efforts to listening to families' concerns to transform them into child care solutions.

In fact, they form a community of fathers, mothers and babies that has been built around everyone's satisfaction. Caring for babies is the stimulus that moves them and the beauty that inspires them. Thus, they surround the entire experience that surrounds their brand with a touch of elegance and style.

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Chelino Products

Chelino 1 UP TO 12H DRY: The core of Chelino diapers is made up of cellulose and fantastic super-absorbent pearls, covered by a blue sheet that diffuses and distributes urine so that your baby is protected from humidity, avoiding irritation in specific areas and keeping him dry up to 12 hours .

Both you and the baby will be able to rest easy, since it will not be necessary to change the diaper so often or be so extremely attentive, thanks to this brand's technology, designed to promote your peace of mind and allow you to enjoy taking care of your child without stress.

Chelino 2 CARED FOR SKIN: Chelino diapers are made with the utmost care and safety, with the aim that they do not generate any type of reaction or irritation on your baby's delicate skin.

With formulas free of latex, perfumes and other highly aggressive chemicals, these diapers have been dermatologically tested and analyzed with the strictest requirements for child care. In addition, they are made from natural ingredients that help maintain softness on your baby's skin.

Chelino 3 TOTAL FUN: At Chelino they know that one of the most important parts of a baby's development is to experiment and move freely to discover the world around them.

For this reason, they have manufactured diapers that are designed, following anatomical criteria, with elastic threads on each side that allow a greater fit for excellent freedom of movement. In addition, they incorporate extendable wings so that your baby can feel comfortable moving as much as they want and need.

Chelino 4 NO LEAKS: With so much movement and hustle and bustle, babies, as they develop, need diapers to be resistant and not allow any type of escape. For this reason, Chelino diapers have elastic anti-leak barriers to prevent anything from leaking out while your little one has fun. Maximum comfort for your baby, which will be cleaner and will allow you to take him anywhere and enjoy him in any situation without unpleasant surprises.

Chelino Diapers

Chelino Diapers CHELINO diapers are made with the best technology thanks to research and innovative advancement. They offer greater dryness, better protection and greater comfort for your baby, which represents a substantial reduction in preventing the risk of irritation. Breathable outer coverage. Ergonomic diaper with super elastic side bands that allow a better fit to the baby's body, preventing possible escapes through its double safety system. The diffusion channels work to distribute quickly and efficiently throughout the diaper to avoid the sensation of wetness in a single point. The elastic wings of these diapers are designed to provide maximum fit and comfort by keeping the diaper perfectly positioned and facilitating baby movement. Rapid absorption thanks to a thinner double core for maximum absorption, which provides a double anti-leak barrier. You can find it in various sizes and measurements:

-SIZE 2 (for babies between 3 and 6kg).

-SIZE 3 (for babies between 4 and 10kg).

-SIZE 4 (for babies between 9 and 15kg).

-SIZE 5 (for babies between 13 and 18kg).

-SIZE 6 (for babies between 17 and 28kg).

Chelino Swimsuit In addition, you can also find Swim Diapers, which allow the little one to have quiet fun playing in the pool or on the beach without fear of suffering any type of loss. With anti-escape barrier and easy opening. Its waist is elastic, avoiding irritation. These disposable diapers are designed so that they do not swell in water , maintaining the baby's hygiene. In addition, they have an elastic waist for perfect support to the baby's body and great comfort. They are the only ones that have anti-escape barriers that offer the baby maximum protection and the parents great peace of mind. When it comes to disposal, the easy side opening by tearing makes it very convenient. You can find them in various sizes and measurements:

-SIZE M (for babies between 9 and 15kg).

-SIZE L (for babies over 15kg).

Chelino Wipes

CHELINO Wipes In the Chelino range of products you can also find magnificent wipes, with a soft and creamy touch, thanks to their emulsion formula that contains skin-friendly oils that do not generate foam, avoiding the risk of irritation to the baby's skin. Its composition includes natural elements such as sweet almond oil that provides hydration to the skin and aloe vera that penetrates the skin with regenerating and toning properties for greater skin protection and soothing properties for irritated skin. Alcohol-free, practical and easy to use. These wipes are presented in a film case that has an easy opening and closing system using an adhesive label that maintains moisture and aroma from the first wipe to the last. You can find them in packs of 20 or 60 units .