AMEDIAL Plus 5G 20 Envelopes

  • Care of Bones, Cartilage and Joints.
  • Helps prevent bone wear.
  • Helps reduce the wear of Cartilage and Joints.
  • Orange flavor
  • Care of Bones, Cartilage and Joints.
  • Helps prevent bone wear.
  • Helps reduce the wear of Cartilage and Joints.
  • Orange flavor

What is Amedial Plus?

It is a Food Supplement that helps care for bones and joints .

Amedial Plus has components that help the normal functioning of joints, bones and cartilage .

The joint is the union between two or more bones that facilitates the movement of the skeleton by providing elasticity .

The bones , at their articular end, are covered by very elastic and pressure-resistant cartilage . These help cushion the shocks that occur when walking, going up and down stairs, playing sports, etc., preventing bone wear due to friction and promoting joint movements.

Cartilage loses elasticity and becomes fragile due to other factors such as: age, menopause and/or performing exercises without adequate breaks, etc.

A varied and balanced diet, regular exercise with good training habits (warming up, hydration, rest and appropriate equipment) will promote good joint care .

Amedial Plus helps you reduce this wear and tear of elasticity of Cartilage, Joints and Bones .

The Vitamin C contained in Amedial Plus contributes to the normal formation of Collagen for the normal functioning of bones and cartilage .

When the Joints complain, Amedial Plus and Move!

What Benefits does taking Amedial Plus provide?

  • More Elasticity in Cartilage and Joints.
  • Helps prevent bone wear .
  • Easy to dissolve.
  • Does not contain salt .
  • Orange Flavor .
  • With Vitamin C.

Who can take Amedial Plus?

  • In sports : It is important that athletes take care of their joints with correct training and stretching , good hydration and nutrition and adequate rest, as well as food supplements that intervene in the formation and regeneration of cartilage . Joint injuries are a common factor among athletes. Therefore, it is important to know and apply joint protection techniques to guarantee optimal performance and better joint mobility.
  • Injury prevention : A routine of constant and controlled physical activity helps keep joints healthy . Always taking into account the physical conditions and age of the person. In care and prevention, diet plays a very important role. We must take into account good hydration , nutrient intake, minerals such as calcium and vitamins such as Vitamin C. Along with a balanced diet, Amedial Plus is recommended for people who want to keep their joints in shape , athletes, elderly people who need reinforcement for their bones and joints , contributing to improving quality of life.
  • From 50 : From a certain age, metabolic processes slow down, decreasing hormonal levels , so for the correct care of the joints , an extra supply of collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C begins to be necessary. magnesium. Some of the signs of aging are decreased bone mass , loss of calcium and other minerals. These changes directly affect the joints , which tend to become stiffer and less flexible , and the cartilage can wear out. Joint deterioration can lead to inflammation, pain and stiffness . To prevent it , exercise is one of the best ways to delay or avoid muscle, joint and bone problems. A moderate exercise program can maintain strength, balance, and flexibility . Exercise helps bones stay strong. A complete food supplement such as Amedial Plus contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of bones and cartilage.

How to take Amedial Plus?

Amedial Plus comes in a container of 20 sachets.

It is recommended to take 1 sachet a day dissolved in water for three months to strengthen bones and joints .

Easy to dissolve and pleasant orange flavor , 1 sachet a day and Move!

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