List of products by brand Lierac

Created in 1975 by a doctor specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Lierac Paris Laboratories offers women and men Effective Dermocosmetic Treatments to Correct Aesthetic Disorders that appear over time on the Face and Body.

With advanced Dermocosmetics, LIERAC Laboratories reinvent the Beauty of tomorrow.

By formulating increasingly Effective Treatments , the brand overcomes the limits of Age and frees women and men from the pressure of Youth.

They can build their lives with optimism and without complexes, confident that their physical appearance and their face will always reflect their inner energy and personality.

Lierac has an extensive and varied range of products, among which you can find:


- Wrinkles and Anti-Aging: Lierac Products for Anti-Aging Wrinkle Filling Treatment , Masks with Tightening Effect , Illuminating Lifting Effect, Firmness-Boosting Day Creams, Immediate Filling Effect Eye Contours, Anti-Fatigue Vitamin Injection Serum. Immediate "Good face" effect . All the Lierac Anti-Aging Products you need to reduce Wrinkles and Blemishes on your Face.

- Lierac Lift Integral Eyes and Eyelids 15ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Nutri 50ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Flash Effect Mask 75ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Neck and Décolleté Gel-Cream 50ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Remodeling Cream 50ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Restructuring Night Cream 50ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Serum 30ML

- Lierac Lift Integral Lip Balm 15ML

- Lierac Déridium Nourishing Cream 50ML

- Lierac Déridium Moisturizing Cream 50ML

- Lierac Dioptiride Eye Contour Filling Cream 15ML

- Lierac Hydragenist Eye Gel 15ML

- Lierac Mesolift Serum 30ML

- Lierac Radiance Mask 75ML

- Lierac Supra Radiance Serum 30ML

- Lierac Supra Radiance Gel-Cream 50ML

- Lierac Supra Radiance Night Cream 50ML

- Lierac Supra Radiance Cream 50ML

- Spots, Redness and Acne: Lierac Products to Reduce Sebum and Pimples on the skin. Day creams that reduce shine and keep pores closed and clean. Intensive Anti-Stain Concentrate. 24-hour spot correction that provides a more uniform tone and complexion. Anti-redness treatments. Cream that Corrects Redness. All the Lierac products you need to Correct Redness and Blemishes on the face. Lierac Sebum Regulating Treatments for skin with Acne.

- Lierac Sébologie Biphasic Concentrate Stop Pimples 15ML

- Lierac Sébologie Keratolytic Solution 100ML

- Lierac Lumilogie Spot Correction 30ML

- Lierac Sébologie Double Concentrate 30ML

- Lierac Sébologie Regulating Gel 40ML

- Lierac Sébologie Purifying Exfoliating Mask 50ML

- Lierac Rosilogie Double Concentrate 30ML

- Lierac Rosilogie Neutralizing Redness Correction Cream 40ML

- Makeup Removers: Lierac Products Makeup Removers that Gently Remove Makeup , Moisturize and Soften the facial skin. Lierac makeup removers for all skin types .

- Lierac Eye Makeup Remover 100ML

- Lierac Makeup Remover Gel Lotion 200ML

- Lierac Micellar Milk Makeup Remover 200ML

- Lierac Foaming Cream Makeup Remover 150ML

- Lierac Makeup Remover Balm in Oil 120Gr

-Lierac Anti-Aging Micellar Water Makeup Remover 400ML

LIERAC PRODUCTS FOR THE BODY : Lireac Firming Products such as Flat Belly Effect Cream Gel, Creams that Reduce the Waist and Firm the Skin , Anti-Cellulite Concentrate, Beautifying and Filling , Firming Concentrate and Tighten Flaccid Skin . All the Lierac products you need to Firm and Plump the skin. Lierac Anti-Cellulite Treatments.

- Lierac Body-Slim Belly and Waist 100ML

- Lierac Body-Slim Cryoactive 150ML

- Lierac Body-Slim Global Anti-Cellulite 200ML

- Lierac Body-Hydra + Relipidizing Milk 400ML

- Lierac Body Lift Expert Concentrate 100ML

LIERAC SOLAR: Lierac Sun Protection Products with Anti-Aging Effect. Global Anti-Aging Sunscreen. Protects from Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness and Blemishes. Invisible finish on the skin.

- Lierac Duo Sunissime Protective Fluid SPF 50+

PREMIUM LIERAC RANGE : Lierac products from the Premium range for skin care with Regenerative, Anti-Wrinkle action, Lierac Creams to combat skin aging , facial spots and wrinkles. Lierac Eye Contour Reduces Bags and Dark Circles with Immediate Tightening Effect Action..

- Lierac Premium Regenerating Serum 30ML

- Lierac Premium Supreme Mask 75ML

- Lierac Premium Le Cure Youth Injection 30ML

- Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ML

- Lierac Premium Silky Light Cream 50ML

- Lierac Premium Eye Contour 15ml

LIERAC MEN'S RANGE : Lierac products for skin care after shaving, anti-wrinkle treatments and creams for men , refreshing and energizing shower gel, anti-parasitic deodorant for men with an ultra-fresh sensation, Lierac anti-fatigue and anti-puffiness gel for men, Wrinkle Smoothing Repair Fluid, Refreshing Shaving Foam that Eliminates Redness and Itching ..

- Lierac Homme Ultra Moisturizing 50ML

- Lierac Homme Premium Comprehensive Anti-Aging Lotion 40ML

- Lierac Homme Shower Gel 3in1 200ML

- Lierac Homme Deodorant 24h Roll-On 50ML

- Lierac Homme Eye Contour 15ML

- Lierac Homme Anti-Wrinkle Repairing Fluid 50ML

- Lierac Anti-irritation Moisturizing Shaving Foam 150ML

Lierac Premium