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Kukident Pro Plus Adhesive Fixation Prosthesis

KUKIDENT, the best adhesive

KUKIDENT Banner KUKIDENT: it has never been so easy

Kukident belongs to the Procter and Gamble company and is a world leader in dental prosthetic solutions such as dental cleaners and adhesives .

Kukident is also the #1 brand recommended by dentists in the UK, Germany and the USA.

Millions of consumers rely on Kukident dental adhesives for their daily denture needs. Whether you are using partial or complete dentures, using them for the first time, or simply wanting information to improve your experience.

Thanks to their deep understanding of consumers and working with denture wearers of all ages, from 18 to 90, we know what it means to feel good in them, regardless of age.

Therefore, they constantly use their experience and leadership to develop new products to better meet your needs, in addition to helping you forget about your prosthesis and continue with your normal life.

Our Kukident laboratory has invested decades in perfecting and improving our products.

With advanced technology, these dental adhesives have been proven to solve common problems such as irritated gums, shifting dentures, bacteria buildup and the introduction of food particles, to ensure that the use of dentures does not have to limit one's safety in the day to day or prevent you from enjoying small pleasures, such as eating or laughing.

As leaders in dental adhesives and research, their ability to make you enjoy life and forget about dentures is guaranteed.

KUKIDENT, new prosthesis, new life KUKIDENT-Tips

Big changes are difficult to face, and dentures are one of them. The thought of having to wear dentures may make you feel nervous and wonder what this new experience will be like. Get used to living with your new partial or complete denture.

Kukident is here to help you with its adhesive strength that ensures your denture stays in place and also offers a few tips to help you navigate this uncharted territory.

-Talk. You may need practice pronouncing certain words at first, so reading aloud and repeating problem words is helpful. If you notice that your denture clicks when you speak, try speaking more slowly.

-Adjustment. You may feel strange for a few weeks until you get used to wearing your new dentures. It may also feel loose until your tongue and cheek muscles learn to hold it in place. This sensation will go away as your mouth gets used to it.

-Glide. You may find that your dentures slip out from time to time when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. To solve this problem, just bite and swallow a couple of times to put it back in its place.

Now that you know these secrets, why not try Kukident, the ideal companion for those who wear partial or complete dentures? The added security and improved fit that Kukident provides will make it easier for you to speak clearly and regain the confidence you need to laugh and smile naturally.

KUKIDENT, Partial or complete dental prostheses KUKIDENT application

What is the difference between partial and complete dentures?

The loss of teeth during adult life does not have to affect eating habits or social life, nor reduce self-confidence.

At KUKIDENT, thanks to advances in dentistry, dentures, both complete and partial, can look as natural as natural teeth.

At the consultation, the dentist will take precise measurements of your mouth and gums to ensure that your partial or complete denture fits your facial profile.

Partial dentures:

Partial dentures or removable bridges are used when there are one or more natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures are tooth replacements designed to fit between the remaining natural teeth, as if they were pieces of a puzzle.

The replacement teeth are attached to a gum-colored plastic base , which in turn is anchored to the remaining natural teeth using a small metal clasp, so that the partial denture is secured to the mouth.

Complete prosthetics:

Complete dentures are designed for those people who do not have healthy remaining teeth. Traditional complete dentures rest on the gum and are fixed by natural suction force or with the help of an adhesive.

The adhesive will prevent the denture from slipping or moving, increasing overall security and allowing you to do everything you would do with your natural teeth. The adhesive is applied and removed daily.

KUKIDENT Clinical Studies Kukident Fixation

How does denture comfort vary with the use of a denture adhesive?

A scientific study evaluated how patients, with and without adhesive, eat food and compared the results with those of a sample of patients with natural teeth.

Jaw Movement of Patients With Dentures Without Denture Adhesive

The irregular movement and separation of the denture from the jaw during the eating process is clearly shown in the graph:

  1. Lateral movement: possibility of generating discomfort and tissue trauma.
  2. Slower chewing pace .
  3. Vertical movement can vary on average more than 6mm. by bite during the chewing cycle.

Jaw movement of patients with adhesively fixed dentures

The chewing pattern of a patient using Kukident adhesive is virtually identical to the chewing pattern with natural teeth, with only slight movement and separation of the denture from the jaw.

KUKIDENT Product Range

KUKIDENT Neutral -KUKIDENT Pro Complete Neutral Flavor: Adhesive cream for dental prostheses that provides strong fixation , ensuring that the prosthesis remains well held at all times.

It has a Neutral Flavor, so it is free of flavors that may affect the taste of food. This way, you can enjoy the authentic taste of your favorite dishes, even when you use a dental prosthesis.

You can find it in a standard 40g format , in a 70g savings format or in an exclusive Duplo offer pack.

KUKIDENT Pro Double -KUKIDENT Pro Double Action: Greater fixation than Kukident Original, keeps the prosthesis in place throughout the day. Greater comfort, cushions between the gums and the prosthesis for a perfect fit.

You can find it in a standard 40g format or a large 60g format.

KUKIDENT Sealing -KUKIDENT Pro Sealing Effect: 10 times stronger fixation than adhesive-free dental prostheses.

Kukident's best seal: greater protection against the filtration of food particles, compared to Kukident Original.

You can find it in a standard 40g format or a large 57g size.

KUKIDENT Unbeatable -KUKIDENT Pro Plus Unbeatable Fixation: It is an adhesive cream for dental prostheses that provides the best fixation, ensuring that the prosthesis remains well held at all times, allowing you to enjoy even the hardest foods.

Unbeatable fixation thanks to its concentrated formula that activates quickly after application, creating a solid fixation between the dental prosthesis and the gums.

You can find it in a standard 40g format or in an exclusive Duplo pack with two units on offer.

KUKIDENT Menthol -KUKIDENT Pro Dual Protection: Kukident Pro Dual Protection is an adhesive cream that helps keep the denture fixed to your gums. Thanks to its high adhesive power, your teeth will remain fixed for much longer.

The sealing action of Kukident Pro Dual Protection will act by forming a barrier between the prosthesis and the gums, preventing the accumulation of food debris and bacteria.

Its menthol flavor will leave you with fresh and pleasant breath!

Kukident Pro Plus Prosthesis Fixation