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The Mepiform line of soft silicone dressings is indicated for the treatment and improvement of hypertrophic or keloid scars, as a result of wounds, surgeries or burns.

Mepiform silicone dressings for scar treatment

Mepiform dressings are self-adhesive sheets for the treatment of scars, with a silicone layer that allows the patches to be removed easily and without damaging the skin, without losing effectiveness or adhesion.

These silicone dressings are indicated for both new scars and old hypertrophic and keloid type scars , as well as closed wounds to prevent the appearance of these types of scars.

What are hypertrophic scars?

This type of scar frequently appears as a result of surgical interventions or deep burns. Reddish in color and raised in appearance, they can sting, itch and cause pain.

What are keloid scars?

Similar in appearance to a hypertrophic scar, keloid scars are much more raised and extend beyond the wound area, causing intense itching and burning.

It has been proven that the continuous application of these dressings reduces pain and accelerates the natural healing process . In old scars, a reduction in pigmentation and improvement in appearance has been proven in 90% of cases after 5 weeks of continuous application of the dressings. Furthermore, its fine, flexible and discreet texture allows these silicone dressings to be used on a daily basis, allowing you to comfortably carry out any type of activity.

Mepiform, the most complete range of silicone patches

You can find Mepiform silicone patches in various sizes that adapt to all types of wounds and scars. You also have the possibility of cutting them to adapt them to the necessary size or shape.

Mepiform 5x7 5. Includes 5 Mepiform dressings of 5x7cm.

Mepiform 4x30 5. Elongated silicone bands of 4x30cm. The box includes 5 dressings.

Mepiform 10x18 5. Includes 5 large 10x18cm Mepiform dressings.

How are Mepiform patches applied?

Mepiform silicone patches come prepared so that they can be used easily by anyone.

Step 1: Remove the protective paper. If necessary, cut according to the desired shape.

Step 2: Apply Mepiform to the scar making sure the skin is clean, dry and free of creams.

Step 3: Remove the dressing and clean daily, then reapply the Mepiform patches to the scar.

It is advisable to wear it throughout the day and change the Mepiform dressings every 24 hours , a suggestion is to do it during the shower or bath to facilitate its removal. The results are seen more visibly after a period of 2 to 4 months of continuous treatment.

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