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SingulaDerm molecular cosmetics

Singuladerm Molecular cosmetics for skin well-being

SingulaDerm is a brand that develops skin products based on molecular cosmetics.

Molecular cosmetics is responsible for investigating the different metabolic processes of the skin surface to imitate the functioning of skin cells and reactivate functions that have deteriorated due to chronological aging .

What is molecular cosmetics?

Singuladerm products are based on molecular cosmetics to create formulas with cutting-edge active ingredients that penetrate beyond the skin's surface and restore it from the inside.

Its active ingredients are configured to act on the root of the problem that manifests itself and provide the skin with everything necessary to restore it to a perfect state.

Within the extensive range of Singuladerm products there are different treatments that contain a high concentration of these active ingredients and a selection of peptides , organic molecules and glycoproteins beneficial for skin health . Among them, peptides stand out, a series of molecules whose structure is identical to those present in the skin and that are transported through a release system that is introduced inside the cells and reactivates their normal metabolism .

The beauty and health of the skin go hand in hand with the use of peptides and growth factors in your cosmetics.

Both peptides and growth factors are cosmetic active ingredients that are classified as optimizers of any facial cosmetic routine.

What are peptides and what are they for?

Peptides are a key ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids . Naturally in our body we find peptides involved in the regulation of different metabolic processes. At a cosmetic level , peptides can imitate parts of proteins present in the body, such as some peptides with Botox-like action , or they can be designed computationally to interact with a specific receptor and perform an action.

We find peptides that modulate muscle contraction by relaxing expression wrinkles, peptides that modulate the synthesis of melanin and dark pigments or peptides that induce the synthesis of structural components of the dermis such as collagen and elastin .

At Singuladerm they include this active ingredient in their products with the intention of reactivating natural components of the skin that are essential for it to look more beautiful.

What are growth factors and what are they for?

Growth factors are whole proteins that we find naturally in our skin , formed by long chains of amino acids and with a specific three-dimensional structure. Growth factors are molecular messengers that activate certain functions of the cells with which they interact.

At a cosmetic level, those that act on keratinocytes and fibroblasts are interesting, inducing an increase in the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans that provide strength and elasticity to our skin.

It is important to choose those growth factors that have been synthesized by imitating the three-dimensional structure of our own growth factors.

Both peptides and growth factors are characterized by being highly pure active ingredients with a very high safety profile. This allows them to be better tolerated , even by sensitive skin.

Singuladerm is the pioneer and leading brand in peptides and growth factors . The high concentration of its formulas and the innovative release systems make Singuladerm the reference cosmetic brand for this type of active ingredients.

Benefits of peptides

At Singuladerm they include peptides in the formulation of their products with the intention of reactivating natural components of the skin that are essential for it to look more beautiful.

Peptides are molecules formed by the union of two or more amino acids .

Amino acids are the basic units of proteins and are linked by peptide bonds, which are chemical bonds formed between the carboxyl group of one amino acid and the amino group of another amino acid.

Peptides can have different sizes and structures , and can perform a wide variety of functions in the human body. For example, some peptides are hormones , such as insulin and oxytocin, that regulate various functions in the body . Other peptides are antibodies , which help the immune system fight infections and diseases. There are also peptides that act as neurotransmitters , which are chemical messengers that transmit signals between nerve cells.

In summary, peptides are important molecules that perform a wide variety of functions in the human body and are essential for its proper functioning.

What type of products does the Singuladerm range include?

Singuladerm offers different types of products, all of them related to molecular cosmetics.

At Farma2go we offer you a complete range of Singualderm brand products, among which the following stand out:

Facial cleansing products.
Creams to firm the skin and blur wrinkles.
Immediate and long-lasting lifting effect products.
Intensive anti-aging boosters
Specific products for stains
Sensitivity and Redness.
Bust firmness
Solar protection
Anti-cellulite and draining
Body reducers and firming
Hydration and repair
Intimate care.
Capillary care.
Hydration and repair

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