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Heliocare Sunscreen

Heliocare, 360º sun protection

Heliocare is the leading dermatological photoprotection brand in medical prescription and pharmaceutical recommendation.

Heliocare products are the only ones with the patented Fernblock technology, endorsed by Harvard Medical School, the only one that protects us against all the adverse effects caused by the sun in a comprehensive way: those visible immediately, such as burns, and those visible at night. long term, such as skin aging, allergies, loss of defenses or even skin cancer.

Heliocare has developed a complete range of photoimmunoprotection with products for both topical protection and protection for oral use.

Photoprotection for topical use

Heliocare 360's topical sun protection line adapts to each skin type and activity. Its innovative high-tech gel textures offer rapid absorption and an excellent finish for a greater sensation of lightness with greater protection.

Heliocare facial protection line

The entire range of Heliocare facial products offers optimal protection for facial skin as it combines the highest quality filters with a super antioxidant complex that neutralizes free radicals and repairs damage caused by solar radiation.

Thinking about the most demanding skin, the firm has created Heliocare 360 ​​Gel Oil Free . A formula that offers you complete photoprotection against UVB, UVA, visible and infrared rays with a light texture, oil-free, sebum-regulating and matte finish.

Sometimes there are people who, due to their work, place of residence or special sensitivity to the sun, need very high sun protection on their facial skin. Specialized in developing this type of special protectors, they have created Heliocare Ultra Cream SPF 90 for the most sensitive skin, with very high photoprotection and a very soft cream texture, without white residue and without the mask effect that we find so unsightly.

And why not combine your corrective makeup with the benefits of a sunscreen? The Heliocare color line guarantees optimal sun protection combined with makeup with textures and shades that adapt to all skin types, covering blemishes, redness and imperfections.

Heliocare body protection

The brand has developed a complete range of textured body protectors for all needs and tastes.

Within the Heliocare 360 ​​range, they have created a unique texture in the body line: Heliocare 360 ​​Airgel , an ultra-light and very fresh air-textured gel. You can buy Heliocare Airgel on our page with a great discount at a very affordable price.

Heliocare for children, the pediatric photoprotector from Heliocare 360º

Thinking about the specific needs of children's skin, the entire Heliocare Pediatrics range has been developed, dermatologically tested and under pediatric control, with formulas for sensitive skin and atopic skin.

Heliocare oral photoprotection

The oral line of Heliocare capsules completes and covers the inadequacies of the use of creams: insufficient quantity, carelessness with the frequency of applications, unprotected areas such as the neck and ears, insufficient protection factor... its use is recommended by experts, not as a substitution but as a complement to topical products.

Heliocare 360 ​​capsules incorporates Fernblock technology in its formula that guarantees photoimmunoprotective effectiveness. That protects you from the effects of the sun working from within, with an antioxidant and repairing effect. It is especially indicated to complete your topical sunscreen at times of greater intensity or exposure to the sun, combating skin aging, spots, hyperpigmentation and sun sensitivity.

Heliocare Ultra D capsules also combine all the photoimmunoprotective effectiveness with vitamin D, which reinforces its antioxidant power.

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