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SUAVINEX is a brand specialized in the care, hygiene and feeding of babies that has been accompanying thousands of homes since 1983 in the stages of pregnancy, birth and raising a child.

Years of learning, work and effort support them and have made SUAVINEX a reference brand in the child care sector today.

In its extensive catalog we can see its constant evolution and innovation, adapting to modern times and updating its products so that, in addition to being useful and delicate, they are beautiful and stimulating for mothers and babies.

Thus, we can find Suavinex Pacifiers or Suavinex Baby Bottles , with their respective accessories, specific items for breastfeeding such as Suavinex Breast Pumps, children's cosmetic products such as Suavinex Cologne or Suavinex Shampoo Gel, as well as a wide range of body treatments for hygiene. moms, dads and babies.

All of these wonderful products, which you can find at Farma2Go at the best prices, are of the highest quality and are specially designed for baby care, placing SUAVINEX at the forefront in terms of care for families.

For this leading brand in the light childcare sector, thanks to its Suavinex pacifiers, Suavinex bottles and Suavinex teats, commitment to society and the sustainability of the planet and our environment are fundamental values ​​from which they focus all their work.

Thus, SUAVINEX creates products for the care and well-being of babies and mothers, combining quality, delicacy and the latest trend designs, with proportions of increasingly organic and natural, healthy and sustainable materials, perfectly adapted to needs and preferences. of each baby.

Its commitment, in short, is to offer options for everyone, giving the baby the possibility of choosing what he likes and suits best. For this reason, at Farma2Go we have included a great variety of SUAVINEX products, so that you can enjoy the highest quality at the best price without leaving home.

With a couple of clicks, they will have the best of baby care in your home, taking advantage of the best offers and discount coupons.

SUAVINEX baby bottles

For those families who opt for bottle-feeding, SUAVINEX offers a wide variety of products to meet the nutritional needs and preferences of each baby.

Suavinex Baby Bottles perfectly combine quality, design and innovation, made in different materials and with different sizes and flows. Furthermore, whatever your tastes and those of your baby, you will surely find a Suavinex Baby Bottle that you love and that makes feeding and drinking moments easier, with simple, colorful, elegant or fun designs , depending on the occasion.

Don't hesitate and search the Farma2Go catalog for the SUAVINEX bottle that you like the most, you will find it at an unbeatable price!

SUAVINEX baby bottle

What is the SUAVINEX Zero Zero Anti-Colic Baby Bottle?

To prevent babies from suffering from colic during their daily feedings, SUAVINEX has designed the SUAVINEX Zero Zero Baby Bottle, with anti-colic nipples based on a system that prevents air intake during the baby's feedings. This SUAVINEX anti-colic bottle and its teats are one of the best options so that your baby does not suffer discomfort from swallowing air during feedings.

Thus, the little ones, especially those premature babies with weak suction strength, will not have problems and you will be able to sleep through the night perfectly.

You can find this SUAVINEX Zero Zero Baby Bottle , designed with an ultra-soft silicone nipple and a bag that works in the same way as the mammary glands that contract at the rate that the baby sucks without the need for outside air, in 270ml format with medium flow (allows all types of medium-density liquids to pass through, such as milk, juices or very liquid porridge), or in a smaller format, 180ml , with various types of flow: slow (which allows a small amount of liquid to pass through, indicated for the first days of life) or adaptable to the suction force (it allows more or less liquid to pass depending on the force with which the baby sucks, highly recommended for combining breast and bottle).

What to do if the SUAVINEX Zero Zero Baby Bottle Teat deteriorates?

Silicone has many benefits, however, although it is very resistant, it can tear or deteriorate over time, especially when children already have their first teeth.

In these cases, it is enough to purchase other Suavinex Teats as a replacement. At Farma2Go you can find them with Slow , Medium or Adaptive Flow, so you can use the one that best suits your baby's needs. All of them are interchangeable and perfect for the SUAVINEX Zero Zero Baby Bottle.

SUAVINEX Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

What are SUAVINEX Baby Bottles like?

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of SUAVINEX Baby Bottles: different sizes, suction flows, materials, functions and original designs to respond to the needs and preferences of each baby.

Its teats, which are endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry (SEOP) to guarantee the care of the little ones, can be anatomically shaped, imitating the shape of the mother's nipple, allowing the baby to use it comfortably, and be made of silicone or latex.

Any Suavinex Baby Bottle guarantees correct suction for the different stages of the baby. In addition, there is a wide variety of ranges, designs and colors.

For example, you can find the elegant New Classic range , with various colors and flows, in 150ml , 270ml or 360ml sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits you and the most appropriate for feeding your baby.

SUAVINEX Pacifiers

During the growth of a baby, the pacifier is a vitally important element thanks to its extraordinary ability to relax a restless child, calming crying, helping to fall asleep and reducing stress and pain in the face of unpleasant procedures.

At SUAVINEX, aware of the fundamental role of the pacifier in the development of the little ones, they have developed a wide catalog of Suavinex Pacifiers with different materials, sizes and designs adapted to the needs of each baby. Thanks to the work on the finish and the aesthetic section, Suavinex pacifiers are a perfect complement to help children and babies relax while always showing off their trendiest side.


What types of SUAVINEX Pacifiers are there in Farma2Go?

The different ranges of pacifiers, which must be appropriate for the baby's age (there are 0 to 6 months, 6 to 18 months...), are very fun and stimulating, with floral, animal, Christmas or colorful and festive. Many of the Suavinex pacifiers are sold in packs of 2, so you can exchange them or always have one on hand to calm your baby. Take a look at Farma2Go to find the ideal Suavinex pacifier for your baby at the best price and with maximum comfort. We send it to your home in just 24 hours*!

How to keep SUAVINEX Pacifiers always clean?

The perfect complement to keep a Suavinex pacifier always clean until it is used, or to prevent it from being lost and falling to the floor, are the Suavinex Pacifier Holders, a practical and stylish accessory to complete the most original looks.

Designed with a lot of style and a flexible handle to hang from the car or bag, and avoid losing sight of them, so you can always have a Suavinex pacifier on hand with which to calm your baby. With discreet, harmonious and elegant tones, Suavinex Pacifier Holders are as useful as they are ideal for your baby to set trends.

What can I do so that my Baby does not drop the SUAVINEX Pacifier on the floor?

An ideal solution so that your baby does not constantly lose the pacifier or drop it on the floor and get dirty when you let go of it, are the Suavinex Clips . Perfect pieces to gain comfort and add a touch of style.

For example, The New Classic Jewel range are very elegant brooches that resemble small badges or jewels, in silver and gold tones, to give a touch of supreme elegance to your baby. Available in several colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your baby's style.

How to calm my Baby when the SUAVINEX Pacifier is not enough?

When a Suavinex Pacifier is not enough to calm the crying and discomfort suffered by a baby, it is time to look for other types of solutions. During the teething process , the stage in which the little ones' teeth begin to emerge, many oral discomforts occur. To relieve the pain of this stage, Suavinex Teethers are ideal.

Thanks to the combination of materials and textures, these teethers help alleviate discomfort. In addition, Suavinex always pays attention to design , so that your baby enjoys more with the teethers, which can have fun shapes and colors that stimulate their senses and motor skills. Change tears for a smile with Suavinex Teethers!


SUAVINEX Children's Cosmetics

The baby's skin, soft and delicate, requires a series of special care from the first days of life. For this reason, at SUAVINEX , a lot of effort and work is put into developing and improving formulas to offer a line of high-quality pediatric cosmetics for babies, which allows exquisite care of their skin, respecting its softness and acting effectively .

To achieve this, the innovation and development that characterizes this leading brand in the sector uses ingredients of natural origin, respectful of babies' skin and little or not at all aggressive, avoiding chemical products that may cause irritation or discomfort.

SUAVINEX Children's Cosmetics is a proposal for babies clinically tested under pediatric and dermatological control, using delicate aromas and fragrances and achieving soft and enveloping textures to stimulate the senses of the little ones and delight moms and dads.

The SUAVINEX Cosmetics product ranges range from cleaning or bathing products, colognes and perfumes, sanitizing products or skin care, both for babies and mothers, whose epidermis also suffers, as a result of the alterations. post pregnancy. At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of SUAVINEX products , guaranteeing the highest quality and greatest effectiveness, at the best online price. Also, remember that you can subscribe to our newsletter to find out about our specific offers, our promotions and our discount codes , to get even better prices for your purchase.

What aroma does SUAVINEX Children's Cologne have?

SUAVINEX Cologne has a pleasant fresh and delicate aroma that combines the best notes of citrus fruits, white flowers and musks. It is designed to be used after the baby's bath or at any other time of the day, and can be shared by the whole family, making it ideal for babies, mothers and fathers. Its low alcohol formula allows you to care for the skin of the little ones.

Scent and the sense of smell are very important during the first months of a baby's life. For this reason, SUAVINEX Cologne helps newborns begin to develop their olfactory memory, essential to create a pleasant bond with their environment. SUAVINEX fragrances, like this SUAVINEX Children's Cologne , are designed to create and encourage these sweet moments.

What is SUAVINEX Hydroalcoholic Gel like?

To disinfect and denature viruses and bacteria, this brand has devised a SUAVINEX Hydroalcoholic Gel in the form of a Sanitizing Spray , which cleans and disinfects quickly and effectively without the need for rinsing . This hydroalcoholic solution protects, purifies and deeply cleanses without drying out the skin. Its formula is made with 70% alcohol enriched with Provitamin B5 (panthenol), which enhances the hydration and softness of the epidermis.

Quick-drying solution, very useful on a daily basis, thanks to its versatility of use. Designed to be used daily as many times as necessary for all types of people. In addition, SUAVINEX Hydroalcoholic Gel is flavored with marine floral notes and citrus, fruity and woody nuances. In a comfortable sprayer that is very easy to use anywhere.

Can I bathe my Baby with SUAVINEX Gel Shampoo?

SUAVINEX Syndet Shampoo Gel gently cleanses your baby's skin and hair, does not sting the eyes and is soap-free, making it suitable for sensitive and fragile skin. This SUAVINEX Shampoo Gel maintains the natural balance of the skin and provides softness, hydration and shine, accompanied by a pleasant calming effect. Its formula has 88% ingredients of natural origin, giving priority in its production to sustainability and the impact they may have on the environment, and consists of fatty acids derived from Olives, which maintain the natural balance of the skin and its pH, Mild Surfactants that gently cleanse, Chamomile, with its active ingredients known for its powerful calming effect, and Provitamin B5 (panthenol), which gives hair the softness, hydration and shine it needs.

Additionally, at Farma2Go you can purchase the SUAVINEX Foaming Shampoo Gel version, which, to the fabulous properties of the aforementioned Syndet Shampoo Gel, is added a foamy texture flavored with the SUAVINEX Cologne fragrance, to make a foam bath that promotes stimulation. of the baby's senses and turn bathing into a pleasant and fun experience.


How to care for and keep a baby's bottom soft?

The best way to care for and keep a baby's bottom soft is to use cosmetic products that are non-irritating and specially formulated for babies' delicate skin. For this reason, SUAVINEX has developed Suavinex Wipes, moist and soft, that easily clean your baby's body, hands and face. They have a great calming effect and are respectful of the skin's pH, caring for and protecting the natural defenses of the epidermis and preventing the appearance of irritations. Its formula contains Aloe Vera, which hydrates and softens the baby's skin, Chamomile, an active ingredient that provides a calming effect, and Vegetable Oils and Waxes of natural origin, which nourish and calm the epidermis of the little ones, giving them a pleasant and soft sensation. . They are 100% biodegradable and are not disposable through the toilet , so they must be thrown into the organic waste container. You can find SUAVINEX Wipes in a format of 25 or in a large format, of 72 Suavinex wipes , which thanks to its special double closure system of the container, preserves the properties of the wipes and allows them to be extracted one by one, preserving the smell and texture of the first day while using its use.

When changing the diaper, to effectively protect the baby's skin against irritations and redness, it is important, in addition to cleaning the baby's bottom well with Suavinex Wipes, to spread a little Suavinex Intensive Diaper Ointment , which effectively protects against irritations and redness in the diaper area caused by humidity, friction, urine and feces. It is indicated for the daily care of babies with normal skin and moderate tendency to irritation. This Suavinex Diaper Cream contains 90% ingredients of natural origin, which provides more beneficial properties that help soothe and protect our baby's bottom.

How to eliminate and prevent Stretch Marks after Pregnancy?

To prevent and eliminate stretch marks during pregnancy, it is best to use SUAVINEX Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, which improves skin tone, providing greater elasticity in risk situations such as pregnancy and weight loss or gain. This SUAVINEX Anti-Stretch Mark Cream combines rosehip extract with centella asiatica, enriched with vitamins E and F. In addition, ivy and horsetail, rich in silicon, reinforce the preventive action, also facilitating massage and absorption of the active ingredients. . It also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen that deeply hydrate. The synergistic action of all these ingredients provides elasticity, facilitating the stretching of the skin, which makes this SUAVINEX Anti-Stretch Mark Cream a great help to prevent the formation of stretch marks. At Farma2Go, you can easily buy it in two formats: Suavinex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 250ml and Suavinex Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 500ml.

What is a SUAVINEX Bag?

For those users of SUAVINEX cosmetic products, or for those who want to try them comprehensively, SUAVINEX has prepared a comfortable and beautiful Suavinex Bag, which includes Suavinex Wipes, Suavinex Shampoo Gel, Suavinex Moisturizing Body Lotion, Suavinex Intensive Diaper Ointment and Suavinex Cologne . A fantastic pack for the complete care of your baby, with products for cleaning, hygiene and changing diapers. Available in two colors, Suavinex Blue Bag and Suavinex Pink Bag , so you can combine it however you like.

SUAVINEX Hygiene and Protection

Babies and children are born explorers. They touch, pick up and manipulate everything within their reach, even putting it in their mouths. To let them continue discovering the world while being protected and safe, SUAVINEX has designed a new line of sanitizing personal and home care products . In addition to ensuring deep cleaning of hands and other utensils, seek continuous hydration of the skin so that the epidermis suffers as little as possible. Don't think twice and buy the new SUAVINEX sanitizing products online at Farma2Go!

What Protection do SUAVINEX Children's Masks provide?

SUAVINEX Children's Masks are reusable children's hygienic fabric masks, certified and approved according to UNE Standard 0065/2020. They are designed to protect children against viruses and bacteria, also preventing the little ones from becoming vectors of contagion. It is recommended not to use Suavinex Children's Masks for more than 4 hours in a row, so as not to alter their bacterial filtration efficiency. Suavinex Children's Masks can be washed up to 25 times, which represents economic savings and environmental value, by avoiding generating more waste than necessary.

In addition, this brand always strives to combine the highest quality with attractive and fun designs, so that the little ones can enjoy these cloth masks. For this reason, you can find the Suavinex Children's Masks in different colors and formats, such as the SUAVINEX Child's Pink Bunny Mask , SUAVINEX Child's Gray Bunny Mask or SUAVINEX Child's Dinosaur Mask.

What is SUAVINEX Hydroalcoholic Gel like?

The SUAVINEX Hydroalcoholic Gel, which denatures the virus proteins, protecting, purifying and sanitizing in depth without drying out the skin, is presented in the format of a comfortable SUAVINEX Sanitizing Spray for hands. It will become the most useful hydroalcoholic solution for the little ones in the house by not dry out the skin and dry instantly. With great versatility of use, this Suavinex hydroalcoholic gel will help your children play and discover the world around them without fear of bacteria, viruses or infections.

What are SUAVINEX Products like?

With the aim of creating healthy, hygienic products that do not cause any discomfort or setbacks to their users, SUAVINEX makes all its pacifiers, bottles and accessories, with BPA-free materials. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of certain plastics and resins. Much research has shown that BPA can leach into foods or drinks from containers made with this element, potentially causing effects on the brain and prostate health of fetuses, babies and children. Therefore, when taking care of our baby, it is highly recommended to look for BPA-free products such as those designed by SUAVINEX, taking into account not only the usefulness of the product, but also that it guarantees maximum care and delicacy so that your baby can grow happy and healthy.

Another of SUAVINEX 's great priorities when manufacturing and developing new products is the preservation of the environment, being aware that taking care of the planet will determine the inheritance that we will leave to the next generations. Its constant commitment to the objective of being more sustainable, efficient and respectful of the environment has been reflected in practices such as the inclusion in mold manufacturing processes that allow savings and precise consumption of materials to reduce the carbon footprint, use of recycled materials in the generation of packaging, or the square-shaped design to optimize the transportation of products, making them more stackable and eliminating overpackaging. Thus, SUAVINEX is committed to a recycling process and selective collection of waste in offices, ensuring that both the cardboard and the paper used in the packaging of the SUAVINEX cosmetic line now come from 100% recycled material.

In addition, SUAVINEX's new pediatric and maternity cosmetic lines are designed to be more natural and sustainable, with packaging coming from renewable raw materials, improved formulas to be more natural with between 86% and 99% of ingredients of natural origin in its composition, giving rise to products with subtle aromas, light textures and suitable for sensitive skin under dermatological and pediatric control. Thus, SUAVINEX's commitment to the environment and sustainability is reinforced year after year with innovation and development , achieving a wide variety of products that are less harmful to our environment, which you can find in our Farma2Go online store.