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Infusions for Babies

The Infusions for Babies are made from soluble plant extracts, with the aim of helping your baby in case of digestive disorders, such as colic or slow digestion, as well as in case of sleeping problems and other discomforts . Its beneficial properties eliminate the small discomforts that complain to your baby, helping him to recover his well-being.

These children's infusions are granulated preparations that, when mixed with water, instantly result in an excellent-tasting infusion that, through ingredients of natural origin, achieve the objective for which they have been designed. For example, the BLEVIT Dream Infusion or the ALMIRÓN Sueño Infusion , help to fall asleep, relaxing and calming the little one so that he can sleep happily and without interruptions, while the BLEVIT Digest Infusion or the ALMIRÓN Digest Infusion , serve to promote digestive processes , relieving colic and facilitating expulsion of gases.

Its formula is usually designed with a composition of plant extracts from plants such as Tila, Melisa, Fennel or Chamomile, all of which are recognized for their great beneficial properties for the body. The infusions for babies are made from natural ingredients and do not contain artificial flavors or sucrose. In addition, it can be taken both hot and cold, with a very convenient instant preparation.

At Farma2Go we offer you the best infusions for babies, made with natural compositions and the best ingredients to alleviate different conditions that children can suffer at an early age. By having a pleasant flavor, these infusions facilitate the intake of liquid and, with it, the rehydration of the child. Take a look at the catalog of our online pharmacy to enjoy the best offers and promotions on your favorite Infusions for Babies.

BLEVIT Baby Infusions

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Infusions for Babies?

Infusions for Babies offer many benefits for your little one. Among its main advantages we can find that they are safer than other treatments for digestive or sleep problems, equally successfully solving difficulties in falling asleep or passing gas. It should also be noted that there are many babies who relax and stop crying when they drink a warm drink, feeling comforted and warm.

Despite all the magnificent properties of an Infusion for Baby, it must be taken into account that they hardly have nutritional values, so we should never replace a bottle feed with an infusion, as we would be giving our little one less nutrients than we needs. Therefore, whatever product you choose, it is important to consult with the pediatrician to help you determine the age and nutrients that are best for the baby.

Is it Important that an Infusion for Babies is Natural?

It must always be kept in mind that not all teas and infusions are suitable for babies, since some plants and properties can cause adverse side effects. Natural ingredients and plant extracts are the best option to get the most out of the beneficial properties, discarding everything harmful. For this reason, it is advisable to always use Infusions for Babies from brands that guarantee their quality and safety, such as BLEVIT or ALMIRÓN , which make all their products with the utmost care and using only the highest quality ingredients. With Farma2Go, you will always have the best products of the highest quality at your fingertips and, as we always try, at the best price.

Natural Baby Infusions

How are Infusions for Babies Used?

Infusions for Babies usually come in a granular format that must be properly dissolved in cold or hot water to prepare them. Likewise, it can be dissolved in the usual drink, be it fruit juice or milk, to obtain preparations that alleviate digestive discomfort or help relaxation and sleep conciliation with the greatest success and ease. In the case of infants, it can be added to baby milk bottles, although its use is always recommended after mid-afternoon, since it has a mild and progressive effect that is not immediate. In no case should we add sugar or any other sweetener to these infusions,