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Dexeryl: expert care for dry and atopic skin

Dexeryl is a cosmetic brand specially designed for the care of dry, atopic-prone skin of the entire family.

It is 100% recommended to treat the signs and symptoms of dry skin (xerosis), particularly in various skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis... and erythema caused by radiotherapy.

It is a range suitable for the whole family: babies, children and adults.

Thanks to its new optimized formulation without parabens , Dexeryl hydrates, repairs the skin of the face and body, and also provides an instant feeling of relief and well-being.

Dexeryl: Minimalist formula with 3 essential ingredients

Dexeryl cosmetics contain 3 main active ingredients: Glycerol, Filant Vaseline and Liquid Paraffin, components whose quality and purity meet the highest standards in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia.

Glycerol is a hygroscopic molecule that promotes the movement of water towards the epidermis.

It has a powerful moisturizing action , as it captures water molecules to hydrate all layers of the skin.

That is, glycerol helps retain moisture, maintain the elasticity and softness of the skin, as well as calm red, dry or irritated skin.

Dexeryl Main Ingredients

Stringy Vaseline and Liquid Paraffin together create a protective barrier that limits transepidermal water loss.

Steps to take care of your skin with the Dexeryl routine

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Choosing the right cleanser is important , especially for patients with dry or atopic-prone skin.

Dexeryl has designed two non-irritating and hypoallergenic formulas that gently cleanse, soothe and replenish lipids in this type of skin.

DEXERYL Cleansing Oil 200 ml or 500 ml size

This oil is recommended for the daily cleansing of dry, very dry or atopic skin, as it is a gentle hygiene without soap that relieves discomfort, hydrates and nourishes in depth and preserves the skin barrier.

It contains cleaning agents specially selected to not irritate the skin and has an oily, fluid, soft texture, very pleasant to apply and easy to rinse.

DEXERYL Cleansing Shower Cream 200 ml or the large 500 ml format

This soap-free gel formula is designed for gentle daily cleansing of this skin type.

It provides long-lasting hydration , helps reinforce the skin barrier , protects the skin against dryness and soothes tightness.

Its cleansing base is composed of carefully selected cleansing agents to prevent the skin from drying out and has a light foaming texture that rinses off easily.


It is an essential step to take care of dry or atopic-prone skin as it deserves.

Hydration should be part of your daily beauty ritual and Dexeryl has the ideal cream for you to apply after showering on your face and body.

DEXERYL Emollient Cream 500 gr or in its travel format.

It is a paraben-free formula ideal for daily skin care for the whole family.

It is a medical product recommended to treat the symptoms of dryness, which deeply moisturizes , restores the skin's barrier function , reduces itching and the sensation of tightness .

It is effective in reducing skin dryness and atopic eczema.

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Dexeryl is an effective treatment for various skin pathologies

The Dexeryl brand has more than 30 years of experience in the sector, it has demonstrated scientific evidence in many types of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, diabetic foot, radiodermatitis, uremic xerosis, senile xerosis and xerosis on black skin.

Atopic dermatitis : inflammatory skin disease that develops in outbreaks and is characterized by permanent dryness, redness and itching.

Ichthyosis: is a skin condition related to genetic abnormalities that affect the structure and function of the skin. Symptoms are rough, very dry, scaly skin on the trunk and legs.

Diabetic foot : a condition linked to diabetes mellitus. In addition to xerosis, it may present vascular and sensory alterations and other manifestations such as cracks and ulcers.

Radiodermitis: is a skin toxicity resulting from therapeutic radiation and is reflected in an inflammatory reaction of the skin. Lesions can be redness, inflammation and itching.

Uremic xerosis: it is a common chronic dermatological disease in patients with chronic kidney failure, especially those treated with dialysis. The skin in these cases may be dry, cracked, rough and may even be itchy.

Senile xerosis: observed in the elderly as a consequence of the natural aging process, which is reflected in dry, thick skin, with cracks and fissures.

Xerosis in black skin: this pathology is also present in this type of skin, and is characterized by dry skin, with a whitish, peeling appearance, especially on the face and extremities.

DEXERYL is your expert brand to treat and care for dry, atopic-prone skin.

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