List of products by brand Goibi

Goibi Repellents and Antilice

Goibi: your pharmaceutical solution against insects and lice

Goibi is the biocides brand of Cinfa , the most present and recognized pharmaceutical laboratory in Spain.

Cinfa is a company based in Navarra that has 50 years of experience in the market, and its catalog covers prescription and over-the-counter medications, self-care products, dermopharmacy treatments, mobility, nutrition and also Goibi insect repellents and anti-lice.

Cinfa's focus is always on prevention and improving people's quality of life.

In addition to managing the entire process of manufacturing its products, from development to marketing, it has the latest pharmaceutical technology.

Goibi is the business line focused on anti-lice treatments and insect repellents.

Goibi anti-lice line

Within this range there are products for:

Goibi Anti-lice Care

Eliminate lice and nits: such as Goibi Antilice Max or Kit Complet in the case of severe infestations or the foam for long, curly or dense hair.

Remove lice and nits: premium nit trap with double micro-grooves.

Protect hair: Goibi strawberry tea tree or apple tea tree.

Goibi Insect Repellent

Here you can find products from:

Goibi Anti-Mosquitoes

Maximum Protection: Goibi Extreme Forte against tiger mosquitoes and ticks, or in wipes format.

Protection for everyone: Goibi Extended Repellent Effect, Pediatric Anti-Mosquito , Citridiol Spray or stick.

Daily Shield: Citronella Bracelets.

And if you have already been stung: Goibipic Roll On to relieve and calm the skin.

Goibi is one of the leading biocide brands in Spain.

So if you need treatments to get rid of lice for the first time, if you are a repeat offender , if you want to combat nits and, above all, opt for prevention , go for Gobi.

But if what you need is protection against mosquito bites and other insects, Gobi helps you protect your entire family , also in case of serious infestations , in high-risk situations and especially, it helps you soothe your skin if you already have They have stung.

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