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RepelBite: your daily ally so that mosquitoes do not bite you

RepelBite is one of the product lines of Laboratorios Esteve, a company with more than 90 years of experience in the health sector, present in more than 50 countries and with a range of 90 products in its portfolio, one of them is RepelBite , the mosquito bite repellent.

Surely you are excited to spend time outdoors, on the beach, in the mountains, on the terrace with friends, traveling, playing sports, but you have to be realistic and when the heat arrives, mosquitoes and other insects make an appearance. .

If you want to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, bees, and any other bug, you have to be safe rather than sorry.

Keep a good insect repellent like Repel Bite on hand, so you can enjoy life, without worrying about bites.

Repel Bite: a biocide that is easy to apply for the whole family

Repel Bite is a simple-to-use repellent, so you won't be too lazy to apply it and regret it later.

In addition, there are different presentations for adults and children in different formats . Protects you and your entire family from bites anywhere.

In Farma2go you can find:

RepelBite Family 100 ml

RepelBite Children Repellent Spray 100 ml

Repelbite Herbal Spray 100 ml

Take a walk through the Repel Bite section to see all the biocides available to prevent mosquito bites and other insects.

Tricks to avoid mosquito bites

In addition to using Repel Bite as a repellent, it is advisable to be cautious with these guidelines and thus ensure that no insect or mosquito will bite you.

1. Wear clothes that cover almost your entire body. Although it is summer it is complex due to the high temperatures, you can always wear cool cotton clothes that allow you to be safe from mosquitoes, remember that any insect can bite you in the least expected place.

2. Avoid dark, bold or bright colors in areas where mosquitoes tend to be, because they are attracted to them.

3. Limit spending time outdoors when the presence of mosquitoes is greater. During dawn and dusk and in areas where there is more humidity or stagnant water (gardens, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, etc.) they tend to concentrate more easily.

4. Sleep with a mosquito net whenever possible and if you dine outdoors, put candles that smell like lemon or citronella as they find it very unpleasant.

RepelBite Bracelets and Patches: the complement for anti-mosquito protection

These RepelBite items are ideal to accompany any other biocidal product of the brand to protect you from mosquito bites.

Repelbite Natural Bracelet with citronella

An adjustable nylon bracelet with citronella perfect for any outdoor activity and also waterproof. It only contains natural citronella essences to repel bugs.

RepelBite Kids Bracelet

RepelBite children's bracelet with citronella is ideal for the little ones, since fun is guaranteed. It is made of silicone with click clack and is recommended for children from 3 years old.

Repelbite Patches

They are adhesive patches with citronella, the most natural alternative to protect you from insect bites.

Combine your RepelBite mosquito repellent with these patches and bracelets and fight insects!