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GILLETTE Smooth and Close Shave

GILLETTE is the leading brand in shaving and hair removal products. From the classic barbershops, GILLETTE has been promoting technology and innovation to evolve shaving tools, from traditional barber blades to modern razors, without neglecting the careful work and excellence that characterized barbershops. Picking up the baton of skill and experience, GILLETTE has developed razors and shaving products for all skin and beard types.

Get soft, clean and refreshed skin in the shortest time possible thanks to GILLETTE razors, the most comfortable and cheapest method for a man to get a good shave. Since GILLETTE began developing its modern razors, technology has advanced, improving the shape of the razor and the blades, and installing an axle between the blades and the control to better simulate the flick of a professional barber's wrist. As technology advances, GILLETTE uses it to apply and improve its machines, trimmers, gels, foams and other shaving products.

Currently, GILLETTE does not stop innovating and creating Razors with greater effectiveness and comfort, introducing the best innovations to walk, step by step, towards the perfect shave . At Farma2Go we want you to be able to have the best hygiene care and, therefore, the best shave right at home. For this reason, we have included in our catalog a wide variety of GILLETTE Razors and Replacement Parts, so you can enjoy a professional quality shave from the comfort of your home.


How to Get a Perfect GILLETTE Shave?

Buying GILLETTE will help you get the perfect shave. To do this, it is important to follow the GILLETTE daily care routine, achieving an impeccable shave while minimizing irritation, rashes, rashes, scratches, cuts and loose hairs. To begin, wash your face well, trying to remove all sebum, dirt and dead cells, to deeply hydrate your beard hair, making it softer and easier to cut. Next, cover the facial hair with shaving gel or foam to facilitate the correct sliding of the razor, protecting the face and preventing rashes.

This is when the shaving process begins, with a GILLETTE multi-blade razor, with a pivoting handle and good lubrication to achieve the perfect shave. While you are shaving, you should rinse and rinse the blades frequently to remove traces of hair, skin and shaving gel. At the end, clean the razor and your face perfectly , and finish with a good moisturizing GILLETTE aftershave to protect your facial skin and enhance your close and smooth shave.

What GILLETTE Advice Should I Follow?

GILLETTE, as an expert shaving brand, can offer you some very useful tips to get the best shave possible. To begin with, it is essential to pay due attention to prior hydration , as it is the key to making the hair soft and allowing the clipper to slide correctly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to shower immediately after showering or even during it. The step of the GILLETTE shaving gel or foam is also of great importance, since without it, the razor will not function at 100% of its capabilities.

Naturally, we must ensure that our GILLETTE razor is always in good condition. Check the lubricating strips before shaving: if they seem to be somewhat worn or if the blades are visibly not as good as the first day, it may be time to change the replacement and put in another new GILLETTE blade. Therefore, as important as having a quality GILLETTE Razor is also having the right GILLETTE Replacement Parts for every moment and occasion.

For a precise and close shave, GILLETTE recommends carrying out the process calmly and attentively, making soft strokes without pressure , letting the machine do all the work. You can slide it in the same direction as the hair or against the grain, since beard hair grows in multiple directions, so you must move it according to the area to achieve an efficient result with maximum comfort. Another great recommendation is that, for hard-to-reach places like under the nose and to define sideburns, use the precision trimmer included in the reusable GILLETTE Razors.

At Farma2Go we always ensure that you have access to the best information so that you can use the products we sell in our online pharmacy in an ideal way. Therefore, we believe that by following these GILLETTE tips and opinions , you will be able to get the best shave possible. In addition, you can try the GILLETTE razors from our catalog at the best online price, since we make a conscientious effort to offer you the best GILLETTE offers and the most incredible discounts and prices.

GILLETTE Men's Shaving

Is the Number of Blades of GILLETTE Razors Important?

The number of blades in a GILLETTE razor does not have a mere aesthetic function, but rather directly influences the quality of the shave. GILLETTE 5-blade razors offer a comfortable, close shave that cuts hair and lifts it gently, to avoid skin irritations or rashes as much as possible . Thus, GILLETTE razors with multiple blades offer closer shaves by distributing the number of blades at the appropriate distance. In addition, a greater number of blades helps reduce the ripples that occur on the skin during shaving and that cause cuts and scratches. To give you an idea, a 5-blade GILLETTE Clipper or Refill reduces curls by more than 30% compared to a 3-blade one.


How Does GILLETTE Help Shave Difficult Areas of the Face?

Getting a precise and close shave with GILLETTE Razors is quite simple, but getting hard-to-reach areas perfect, such as under the nose or around the lips, is a complicated task. Likewise, precisely defining the lines of the sideburns, mustache or beard are highly complex tasks. For these areas, GILLETTE Clippers incorporate a precision trimmer on the back to help you profile and access the narrowest and most complicated areas . With it, you can shave the areas around the nostrils, lips and perfectly outline your sideburns or beard. Going from the machine to the trimmer is as simple as turning it between your fingers and using that back part. Try GILLETTE precision trimmers and get a clean, immaculate shave.

Is it Necessary to Use GILLETTE Gel and Foam?

When it comes to shaving, buying a GILLETTE Razor is essential, but using a GILLETTE Gel or Foam is also very important. To soften unruly and coarse beard hair and ensure that the razor glides correctly and cuts hair easily, you should use one of these moisturizing and lubricating products. In addition, shaving with a GILLETTE shaving foam or gel will help soothe the skin during the process, making it less irritated and not suffering as much.

No two men have the same skin type, so you should be the one to choose what is best for you: a shaving foam or a shaving gel. The first generates a very light and vaporous instant foam that quickly covers the entire area we want to shave and is also very easy to rinse. For its part, the second option, the shaving gel, generates an abundant foam that lubricates in a particularly intense way to achieve greater glide of the razor, which also provides greater protection for your skin.

How Does GILLETTE Shave Sensitive Skin?

When shaving sensitive skin, you should worry about properly preparing your skin, first using a facial cleanser or scrubber to soften facial hair, and hydrating the skin with warm water for at least three minutes. For shaving, it is advisable to use advanced GILLETTE razors that are specifically designed to prevent nicks and irritation, with multiple blades to reduce pressure and achieve greater comfort. You must also take special care to always use GILLETTE Replacement Parts that are in optimal condition and use correct technique, with soft and light strokes . Likewise, rinsing your razor frequently will prevent the ends of the blades from clogging, making it easier to pass and increasing and optimizing comfort.

GILLETTE Perfect Shave

GILLETTE VENUS, Perfect Female Hair Removal

GILLETTE's range specialized in female hair removal is VENUS , the undisputed leading brand in hair removal, which enjoys the trust of all women users for its magnificent results . Hair removal is a personal choice and, at Farma2Go , we want to help women who decide to have their skin without a trace of hair to be able to do so with the best products and the best tools. With the VENUS Razors that we have in our online pharmacy , you can enjoy perfect hair removal to show off wherever you go. And most importantly: you can be perfect by shaving comfortably at home!


How to Get the Best Hair Removal with GILLETTE?

In order to have perfect hair removal , you must follow a specific and precise method, since hair grows almost everywhere. Before starting hair removal, it is advisable to take a shower or bath to soften the hair and enjoy greater comfort. Next, it is very useful to use a feminine hair removal gel, especially in the most sensitive areas. These products help keep water in the hair and make it easier for the VENUS razors to slide. Once well spread, you have to remove it using long strokes without applying much pressure.

To get smooth legs, the best technique is to make passes from the ankles upwards. To shave your armpits, it is best to do it in all directions: up, down and laterally. Finally, to remove hair from the bikini area, the ideal is to pass the razor in the direction of hair growth first (inwards) and then make strokes against the grain to achieve a close hair removal.

Are VENUS Disposable Razors or Reusable Razors Better?

GILLETTE VENUS reusable razors are perfect for regular use. They consist of a reusable handle and replacement blades that you can replace as they wear out. These replacement parts do not have an exact duration, but you have to replace them when they begin to lose effectiveness. The best thing about these VENUS razors is that you can use any VENUS replacement part in them , so you can exchange heads as you require one or the other, to adapt it to the specific needs of each moment or area.

For their part, GILLETTE VENUS disposable razors have limited use but are very practical, since you do not have to change the blades and just throw them away and grab a new one when necessary. They are perfect for trips or to leave for guests staying at home, as well as to always carry one in your bag to get out of a pinch. VENUS razors have the same features as a reusable one, but have a simpler design.


Buy GILLETTE Products

At Farma2Go we have many GILLETTE products to help you get the best shave possible. For example, the GILLETTE Fusion ProShield Razor , with 5 blades, will help you have maximum comfort during shaving thanks to its system of double lubricating bands to maximize the sliding of the blade. Don't forget to always keep it up to date with GILLETTE Fusion ProShield Refills or try GILLETTE Fusion ProGlide Refills , which can also be attached to that razor. If you have sensitive skin and need a razor that takes special care of your skin to avoid rashes and irritation caused by shaving, your best option is the GILLETTE SkinGuard Sensitive , as well as its GILLETTE SkinGuard Sensitive Refills .

If you prefer to use disposable GILLETTE razors , for comfort and ease of use, at Farma2Go we recommend using the GILLETTE Sensor 3 Comfort , a razor with 3 skin-sensitive blades and a head that pivots adapting to the contours of the face to facilitate shaving, or try the GILLETTE Blue II Plus model, a simpler disposable razor, with 2 very comfortable twin blades and an ergonomic design that is easy to use. Don't hesitate, because as always, in our online pharmacy you can find the highest quality at the best price.



Among the many GILLETTE products in Farma2Go , we have a space dedicated to the GILLETTE VENUS , specialized in female hair removal. For example, you can find in our catalog the GILLETTE VENUS Comfortglide Spa Breeze Women's Hair Removal Razor , with 2 blades and built-in hair removal gel bars that, when wet, release a light foam that favors the perfect sliding of the blade for a soft and close hair removal. When you see that your gel bars are no longer working or that the blades are starting to wear down, remove the head and put in a new GILLETTE VENUS Comfortglide Spa Breeze Refill . If you prefer disposable razors, at Farma2Go we recommend trying the GILLETTE VENUS Simply 3 , which has 3 blades that adapt perfectly to your curves and a pivoting head for greater comfort.