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MULTILIND Care for Atopic and Dry Skin

MULTILIND is a brand of products for the complete care of atopic, dry and very dry skin that has earned a magnificent reputation thanks to its effectiveness and the delicacy of its care. Its MULTILIND creams, gels and lotions nourish, protect and restore the skin so that, even if your skin causes problems and discomfort in your daily life, you can regain well-being and comfort. MULTILIND products can be used for the daily care and hygiene of the dermis affected by skin conditions, as well as shock therapy to calm specific outbreaks of atopic or reactive skin, with eczema or psoriasis.

It is the only brand on the cosmetic market that regularly incorporates pure microsilver into its products, with the aim of protecting and maintaining the natural balance of the skin's bacterial flora. Furthermore, MULTILIND products only use natural active ingredients to treat reactive skin and skin with atopic dermatitis in the most delicate and healthy way. Development and innovation have resulted in a series of dermal care with Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin D and the patented Defensil complex, which act on the skin's barrier function mechanisms to restore its correct functioning, intervening in dryness to reverse it. and mitigating the discomfort and itching they generate.

At Farma2Go you can buy MULTILIND products in the fastest and easiest way possible, so that you can properly attend to your skin problems to improve its condition and be able to forget about annoying itching, unpleasant peeling and other effects such as extreme dryness, dermatitis or the atopic tendency usually cause. In our online pharmacy we have trusted MULTILIND products for their effectiveness and safety, which has been proven to act efficiently even on the most sensitive skin without damaging it in the slightest. Take a look at our catalog to buy MULTILIND at the best price online, which we always try to offer you through MULTILIND offers and incredible discounts.


For what type of skin are MULTILIND Products indicated?

MULTILIND products are designed for delicate and gentle care, which improve the condition of atopic, extra dry and dry skin, providing hydration and reversing extreme dryness, which stops redness and discomfort caused by sensitive and reactive skin, which combat itching and peeling of skin with eczema and psoriasis, as well as for the care and maintenance of diabetic skin in good condition.

MULTILIND, thanks to its innovative formulas, acts on all the symptoms of the vicious circle of atopic dermatitis and other problems that our skin can develop, treating dry skin or xerosis, itching, skin irritation, superinfection and alterations in the barrier function. Furthermore, MULTILIND products ensure that these skin types reduce the possible appearance of allergies with efficacy and tolerability clinically demonstrated through rigorous controls and testing.

What is MULTILIND Skin Care like?

MULTILIND products protect the largest organ of the human body, the skin . Its care guarantees that the dermis can correctly perform its functions as a protective and isolating barrier from the external environment, acting as a communication system with the environment. Sometimes, skin alterations can prevent this barrier from efficiently blocking microorganisms that can worsen its condition, causing alterations that generate a lot of discomfort in our daily lives.

Specifically, MULTILIND acts on dry and extra dry skin, trying to remedy dryness and its symptoms, such as slight peeling, lack of flexibility and elasticity, sensation of tightness and possible itching. In extreme cases, when xerosis occurs, it works as a shock treatment to reduce cracked skin, the formation of calluses and peeling and put an end to frequent itching. Without a doubt, buying MULTILIND at Farma2Go and using its creams, lotions and gels as daily care is a fantastic idea to keep your dermis in good condition.

What Symptoms of Dermatitis Does MULTILIND Combat?

Atopic dermatitis is characterized by drying out of the skin, causing eczema to appear that can cause rashes, redness and peeling. This pathology causes significant itching, so it will be very uncomfortable on a daily basis and, if left untreated, it can lead to a drastic reduction in the quality of life of our skin. It is a chronic skin disorder of hereditary origin that is neither contagious nor infectious.

People who suffer from dermatitis and atopic skin usually have a dermis with a very low concentration of essential fatty acids, which causes failures in skin functionality. Thanks to their micro silver content, MULTILIND products balance these deficiencies, protecting and strengthening the skin's defenses and natural barrier function. Therefore, to reduce and eliminate all the symptoms linked to atopic dermatitis, Farma2Go, your trusted pharmacy, recommends you buy MULTILIND products, a careful and effective solution for your skin.

Buy MULTILIND Products

If you are looking for a suitable treatment for atopic, extra dry and dry skin, at Farma2Go we strongly recommend purchasing MULTILIND products, a range of care with micro silver that improves the hydration and barrier function of your dermis, promoting the well-being of your skin and stopping itching and pruritus, as well as unpleasant peeling, redness and other symptoms of dermatitis that can cause a lot of discomfort and discomfort. As always, in our online pharmacy we strive to offer you the highest quality at the best price, so that you can take care of your skin with the greatest gentleness, effectiveness and safety.

Which MULTILIND Products Take Care of Daily Hygiene?

MULTILIND products for the hygiene of atopic, extra dry and dry skin, are highly moisturizing and extremely gentle, relieving itching are their syndet formulas, based only on ingredients suitable for sensitive skin with atopic tendency, natural, and without soap, or perfumes, dyes, SLES/SLS sulfates and no products of animal origin . Perfect for treating redness and irritation, dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or diabetic skin, MULTILIND daily hygiene products guarantee the best skin care for babies, children and adults. In this range, you can find the MULTILIND Bath Gel , which cleanses the most sensitive skin, mitigating itching, hotness and tingling, or, for example, try the MULTILIND Hair Conditioner , which hydrates and nourishes the hair without irritating the scalp.

MULTILIND Daily Hygiene

How does MULTILIND Micro Silver Help Dry and Atopic Skin?

The MULTILIND Micro Silver range contains extremely small and fine pure silver particles. Thanks to their excellent tolerability, they are optimal for the care of atopic, dry and very dry skin. Its action protects the dermis from possible germs and infections to which we are exposed daily but which, in skin with dermatitis and extremely dry, can cause serious problems by having the barrier function altered. Its antiseptic effect is clinically proven, successfully stopping the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria on the skin without causing any damage to the dermis. Therefore, MULTILIND Micro Plata protects and maintains the natural balance of the skin's bacterial flora, strengthening it and reducing the appearance of atopic outbreaks, itching and peeling. Some of its star products are the MULTILIND Microsilver Cream , for intensive care of dry and sensitive areas of the skin such as hands, elbows and face, or the MULTILIND Microsilver Lotion , which significantly improves your skin's protective barrier. against dehydration and dryness.

MULTILIND Micro Silver

What are the MULTILIND Products for Sensitive Skin?

Likewise, M ULTILIND also has a range of extremely gentle products dedicated to the most sensitive skin in the family, with a combination of hygiene and hydration perfect for the daily facial routine. Formulated only with highly moisturizing natural active ingredients and capable of mitigating the itching of atopic and sensitive skin, you can find these MULTILIND products at Farma2Go with the best prices on the online market. For facial dermatological care, our online pharmacy recommends purchasing the MULTILIND Microsilver Emulsion , while for facial cleansing, the MULTILIND Cleansing Cream Gel is highly recommended.

MULTILIND Sensitive Skin