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VITAL PROTEINS, the Benefits of Collagen

VITAL PROTEINS dedicates all its effort and research to developing formulations with Collagen that make the most of its multiple benefits. The main one is its restorative power, which improves the elasticity, tone and shine of your skin , achieving a rejuvenated and healthy texture. Likewise, Collagen also stimulates the production and regeneration of the elements that your hair, nails and bones need to stay in good condition. In addition, recover the well-being of your muscles, tendons and joints. VITAL PROTEINS makes your skin look younger thanks to the fact that all its food supplements with Collagen also include Hyaluronic Acid, which helps hydration and elasticity of the epidermis.

VITAL PROTEINS Collagen Supplements are very easy to use, as they have no taste or odor, so they can be comfortably added to any hot or cold drink. With this, you can introduce these food supplements into your daily routine to get an extra supply of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, which act to promote the body's natural production of Collagen, while improving the hydration and texture of the skin.

All VITAL PROTEINS products are made from sustainable Collagen, through formulas that are as clean as possible and working to reduce the adverse effects of its production as much as possible. In addition, their packaging is free of BPA and BPS and is completely recyclable . Regarding the methods to synthesize Collagen, VITAL PROTEINS discards traditional chemical methods to process it, preferring to opt for alternatives such as processing through purified water, pressurized air and enzymes loaded with nutrients and proteins.