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Rene Furterer Anti-Hair Loss Products Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils and Plant Extracts

Rene Furterer is a brand specialized, for more than 60 years, in the most essential hair care : hair and scalp treatments.

Its anti-hair loss treatments are formulated based on essential oils and plant extracts . Rene Furterer selects rare and precious essential oils to transform them and take advantage of their therapeutic powers .

What is Rene Furterer?

Rene Furterer is a hair care brand for the scalp and hair with treatments based on essential oils and plant extracts intended to treat various hair pathologies and, in particular, premature hair loss.

What products does the Rene Furterer brand have?

Rene Furterer offers natural essential oils, shampoos, masks, conditioners and food supplements to strengthen and give shine to hair .

What treatments does Rene Furterer have?

Rene Furterer's treatments to prevent hair loss are the most prestigious internationally.

Preventing hair loss , whether emotional or seasonal, is the goal of Rene Furterer 's treatments, which have ampoules, masks, serums and all kinds of products specially formulated to care for your hair.

In addition, René Furterer 's product catalog is even broader, and also includes solutions for other hair problems, such as itching or lack of volume.

Among the treatments that you can find in the Rene Furterer brand are:

Treatments for Hair Loss : Whether progressive hair loss (hormonal, hereditary or thinning hair...) or reactional hair loss (stress, post-partum, fatigue...). Products with anti-hair loss active ingredients that stop hair loss and prolong its life.

Fortifying Hair Treatments : For hair that is vigorous and vibrant with vitality .

Treatments for sensitive or irritated scalp : They provide hydration, with a calming-fresh effect and restore comfort to the sensitive scalp naturally.

Products for frizzy, curly or straightened hair : Provides nutrition for very dry hair , hydrates, repairs and softens afro hair . Oxygenant to purify and cleanse oily scalp.

Dandruff treatments : Eliminates dandruff by purifying and calming the scalp .

Beautifying products : They provide shine, luminosity and repair to your hair, among which it is worth highlighting the Sublimating Oil with 5 oils of 100% natural origin indicated for the hydration of hair and body.

Solar treatment for hair : to protect hair exposed to sun damage, salt and chlorine.

Products for colored hair : to lighten and illuminate all blonde hair. Protect and prolong the shine of colored hair .

Curl care products : anti-frizz curl protector, to redesign and protect curls throughout the day.

Products for fine, flat hair : Achieve visible volume from the root to the tip of the hair.

What different types of Hair Loss exist?

There are different types and reasons why hair falls out and loses its strength: alopecia in men and women , moments of stress or fatigue , postpartum , some hormonal problem or simply hereditary hair loss.

How to distinguish the type of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is reactional : (stress, postpartum, fatigue) You have had a loss of hair density for less than 3 months. The hair has started to fall out in abundance, more than usual and suddenly, and you can find it everywhere: pillows, brushes, between your fingers...

Hair loss is progressive : (hormonal, hereditary or thinning hair) . You have had a loss of hair density for more than 6 months. You have a family history of hair loss, your hair loses its abundance and your capital is reduced.

What Natural Ingredients does Rene Furterer use in his products?

Rene Furterer uses each essential oil to offer a particular sensory experience to help hair regain its natural vigor and beauty . Among these ingredients it is worth highlighting:

- Lavender Essential Oil : with antiseptic and relaxing properties to revive beautiful sleepy hair.
- Pfaffia Extract : Resuscitates the hair fiber. Activates microcirculation for optimal hair growth .
- Guarana Extract : strengthens the hair bulb.
- Orange essential oil : provides a soft and exquisite fragrance and stimulates the hair.
- Rosemary essential oil : effective natural active against dandruff . With toning properties to combat hair loss .
- Lemon Essential Oil : stimulating and antiseptic properties.
- Active ingredient of natural origin Lotus Mineral Complex : preserves the balance of the scalp.
- Curbicia Extract : antiseborrheic efficacy. Treats oily scalp .
- Licorice Extract : reduces microinflammation of the hair bulb.
- Castor : with subtle notes of hazelnut, it offers hair a solar glow .
- Camelina : Nourishes and regenerates hair.
- Okara Pearls : hair repair power.
- Asteraceae : calms the scalp.
- Shea : nourishes deeply.
- Alquequenje : silky softness for untamed hair .
- Acerola Extract : reveals the shine of dull hair.
- Acanthus : to enhance curls.

Rene Furterer Hair Loss Natural Products for Hair Loss

What are Rene Furterer's best-known products?

Among the most recognized products that the Rene Furterer brand offers you, you can find its two rituals for hair loss formulated with a vegetable concentrate with hot lavender and orange oils and the products from the " Triphasic " range (it is one of the treatments most popular hair loss products on the market, thanks to their effectiveness).

These two treatments for hair loss share the application of a stimulating shampoo and you can then choose a formula indicated for progressive loss or another for a more intensive action .

Rene Furterer also offers products to strengthen hair , the Forticea range in which you can find fortifying energizing shampoo that stimulates hair growth or energizing leave-in lotion that strengthens hair while providing immediate shine and freshness.

If what you are looking for is a supplement or food supplement for hair loss , Rene Furterer offers you the Vitalfan Anti-Loss range that prevents hair loss , helps hair growth and restores hair. thin hair density

Rene Furterer helps you fight hair loss with 100% natural treatments.

Rene Furterer Anti-Hair Loss Natural Products