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Hablibut Ointment Irritations and Burns

HALIBUT, care for irritated and atopic skin

HALIBUT is a brand of ointments, lotions and gels designed to offer you the best solution to care for your skin against any type of irritation.

If you have atopic skin , you can use Halibut CuidAtopic with specific products for each moment of the outbreak.

If you have irritated skin , Halibut Ointment adapts to your skin and the type of irritation.

If you suffer from itchy skin , Halibut offers you the best solution to soothe and relieve discomfort .

Who can use Halibut?

Halibut and its products are indicated for adults and children with skin problems related to atopic skin, irritated or itchy skin.

Halibut infant formulas are designed to treat the diaper area and skin folds to protect the skin from irritants such as urine and feces.

What types of products does Halibut have?

Halibut has a solution for every type of skin problem, whether it is atopic skin, irritated skin or itchy skin.

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Halibut Atopic Skin

Atopic skin is suffered by many people and is due to the breakdown of the skin barrier, which is represented by intense itching, very dry , easily irritable skin with a tendency to superinfection and the appearance of outbreaks .

The Halibut CuidAtopic range for atopic skin care is a complete range, with the latest technologies and formulated with the highest quality active ingredients, which helps to effectively care for atopic skin from start to finish.

What is atopic skin?

Atopic skin is a chronic skin dysfunction caused by the breakdown of the skin barrier, making it more vulnerable to : dryness, itching (scratching), irritation and inflammation (wounds), risk of superinfection ...

There are many external factors, such as climate changes , environmental pollution, stress , allergens and inadequate hygiene, capable of causing outbreaks of atopy . However, before the outbreak appears, there are some very characteristic symptoms : changes in the skin texture, intensified itching or intensified redness.

If this condition is not controlled, the skin can develop the dreaded outbreak of atopy or eczema that causes: erythema (redness, itching, stinging, inflammation) or risk of superinfection.

Halibut CuidAtopic is a line that improves the signs of atopic skin in 7 days . Soothes the skin and leaves it soft . Helps relieve itching and irritation.

Halibut CuidAtopic Atopic Skin

Halibut Irritated Skin

Irritated skin manifests itself visually with redness , and may sometimes present erosions and even blisters and fluid exudation . It is frequently accompanied by itching.

Due to certain external factors, our skin can suffer some type of alteration that can manifest itself, such as irritation or erythema . The Halibut range of products , indicated for the care of irritated skin , adapts to your skin and the type of irritation.

Skin irritation is a skin reaction that causes redness, burning or itching.

Skin can be easily irritated if it is sensitive skin , but any type of skin can be irritated because it is being attacked from the outside (chemical substances, cosmetics, thermal changes, sun exposure, feces, urine, saliva,...)

Depending on the severity of the irritation , it may be necessary to treat the area with healing and soothing creams or lotions , or the use of corticosteroid creams may be necessary in more serious cases of dermatitis.

Halibut offers you regenerating ointments to care for irritated skin , which act by hydrating , repairing and protecting . They are formulated with high levels of vitamin A , along with lanolin and zinc oxide.

Halibut Ointment for Irritated Skin

Halibut Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is an uncomfortable and irritating sensation that makes you want to scratch . This itching can be caused or worsened by extreme dryness of the skin or by external factors.

Itching is one of the most common symptoms of skin diseases. When this happens it is because our body is telling us that damage is occurring to our skin barrier.

Itchy skin , also called pruritus , is a type of skin anthill that causes an unpleasant sensation that is relieved by scratching the affected area . However, if we scratch excessively we can cause greater irritation and even cause superficial wounds that can worsen the situation.

Halibut Calma Hydrogel helps you relieve that discomfort and protect your skin from the external and internal agents that cause itching.

What can cause itchy skin?

Itching can be caused by external and internal factors:

External factors : temperature changes , polluting agents, bites ... External factors create damage to the skin barrier. As a result of this damage, the inflammatory cascade is activated and the itch signal is sent to the central nervous system, which is when the itching sensation appears.

Internal factors : stress , pathology or pregnancy . There are many internal factors that can cause our skin to itch.

Halibut Calm Hydrogel

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