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Korres: The Best Greek Cosmetics

Korres Banner 1 Korres Care and Cosmetics

George Korres, a graduate of the Athens School of Pharmacy, grew up playing with ingredients behind the counter of Greece's first homeopathic pharmacy, owned by his family.

Together with her sister Lena, a chemical engineer by profession, they created Korres Natural Products in 1996.

Inspired by tradition and nature, their commitment was to produce quality natural products backed by rigorous clinical studies.

Greece is the brand's living laboratory. From its 6,500 species of plants, of which 1,600 are found nowhere else in the world, Korres extracts high-quality active ingredients to incorporate into each formulation.

The Korres range offers expert skin, body and hair care. Today, the brand enjoys a global presence and is known for the excellence of its products.

Korres Banner 2 Korres Natural Principles

-Knowledge of nature. Inspired by nature, their origin was the prescription of natural remedies at the Korres pharmacy. Evolution led them to the creation of natural products focused on beauty with proven clinical effectiveness.

-The Greek flora, its treasure. Greece has thousands of native plants. This flora has developed unique defense mechanisms to survive. They are the same ones we use to formulate our facial care line, which protects the skin against any damage.

-Korres says no. We want non-toxic beauty for our skin and our planet. That is why we formulate products free of parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, propylene glycol and aggressive fragrances.

-Ultra pure water: Water is the key ingredient in any cosmetic formula. Hence the importance of its purity. Korres ultra-pure water is produced in its own purification plant and is 250 times purer than standard bottles.

-Harmless perfumes. The Korres Development and Research department selects natural raw materials to create fragrances that respect each person's skin, without phthalates or PCM compounds.

-Absolute responsibility. They control the entire process of manufacturing their products from start to finish. From plant cultivation, harvesting, natural extraction, formulation and in-house production, primary research and clinical efficacy.

Korres Banner 3 Korres says Yes and No

Korres says NO to parabens, mineral oils, ethanolamine, paraffin wax, propylene glycol, phthalates, silicones, or animal testing.

Korres says YES to natural ingredients, ethical cultivation, ultra-pure water, strict quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector, recyclable packaging, ecological sustainability, clinical effectiveness and skin protection.

Korres Product Range

KORRES Greek Yogurt -Greek Yogurt: Destined to promote the balance of the microbiome , the Greek Yogurt ritual is the first and only range based on true Greek yogurt. This natural superfood is known worldwide for being rich in probiotics and vitamins. With its microbiome-friendly technology and its innovative Waterparch complex, this new line protects, strengthens and nourishes the skin while rebalancing its microbiome.

  1. 48 Hours of Hydration.
  2. Comfort.
  3. Balanced Microbiome.
  4. Healthy and Luminous Skin.

High quality and effective products such as the Intensive Moisturizing Cream stand out in this Korres range.

Korres Granada -Pomegranate: Aimed at reducing skin imperfections, the Pomegranate ritual regulates sebum and reduces the appearance of pores thanks to the complementarity of pomegranate extract and salicylic acid.

  1. Seboregula.
  2. Reduces Pores.
  3. Matifies.

High quality and effective products such as the Purifying Tonic stand out in this Korres range.

Korres Wild Rose -Wild Rose: Destined to provide luminosity to the features, the Wild Rose ritual activates luminosity with the power of Super Vitamin C and Wild Rose Oil.

  1. Brightness.
  2. First Wrinkles.
  3. 24 Hour Hydration.

High quality and effective products such as the Night Cream stand out in this Korres range.

Korres Black Pine -Black Pine: Destined to provide firmness to the skin, the 3D Black Pine ritual reverses gravity. With Black Pine polyphenols and its innovative ELASTILIFT-3D complex.

  1. 3D remodeling.
  2. Firmness.
  3. Instant Lifting Effect.

High quality and effective products such as the Eye Contour Serum stand out in this Korres range.

Korres Body Care -Body Care: A complete collection, enriched by active plant extracts, composed of extremely hydrating, softening and nourishing bath gels, milks and body butters. The Korres body line covers a wide range of different perfumes, from fresh, fruity and floral, to citrus and warm. All fragrances have been selected with the criterion of maximum compatibility with the skin.

  1. Aloe vera.
  2. Shea Butter.
  3. Almonds oil.
  4. Wheat Proteins.

This Korres range features high quality and effective products such as the Basil and Lemon Shower Gel or the Bergamot and Jasmine Body Milk.

Korres Hair Care -Hair Care: A complete range of innovative and effective hair products. The Korres hair line offers hydration, elasticity, manageability, detangling capacity and shine. Repairs and protects hair, providing healthy growth against environmental damage and chemical formulas. The Korres formulation creates a healthy, silicone-like protective film with greater effectiveness and without harmful effects. Hair regains even more softness, manageability and shine, without the use of silicones.

  1. Licorice.
  2. Linden.
  3. Sunflower.
  4. Flax.
  5. Aloe vera.

This Korres range features high quality and effective products such as the Licorice and Nettle Shampoo for Oily Hair or the Aloe and Dittany Conditioner for Normal Hair.